Youth centre given cash lifeline

PORTISHEAD Youth Centre will keep its doors open thanks to financial support from Portishead Town Council.

At a meeting on January 18, councillors agreed to provide �25,000 requested by the centre’s management committee, to enable the centre to move forward in 2012.

The future of the newly-refurbished building has been under threat since the announcement last year that North Somerset Council was withdrawing funding from April 1 as part of its budget cuts.

Even though the money from the town council will not pay the wages of youth workers, whose posts are to be axed by the unitary authority at the end of March, it will allow the management committee to apply for grant aid from other bodies in hope of funding the staff salaries.

Speaking at the open council meeting mum of two teenagers, Helen Green, said she thought it was important the people of Portishead, through funds from the town council, supported our young people.

Bishop Roger Sainsbury who heads the youth centre redevelopment committee also spoke. He said: “The youth centre cannot wait for funding.

“We are determined that it will continue to function but we need to get on with fundraising immediately if we are to be successful and avoid interruption of the services provided. This cannot be done without core funding in place to guarantee the building will remain operational.”

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Members of the town council debated the youth centre’s request for more than 30 minutes before voting unanimously in favour of providing the �25,000.

Chairman of Portishead Youth Centre Management Committee Ros Cruse said: “We are very pleased and relieved that the centre and the young people of Portishead have been given this support.”

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