Unemployed to help with research

UNEMPLOYED young people in Portishead are being invited to a free lunch in return for sharing their experiences.

Portishead residents aged 16-24 who are currently unemployed, are needed to take part in research being conducted by Churches Together England, Frontier Youth Trust (FYT) and the Church Urban Fund (CUF).

The project will investigate the impact unemployment has on young people, asking what hopes they have for the future, how they see themselves and how they think they are seen by others.

Those taking part in the research will also be asked to suggest ways of making a positive difference for young people seeking work in the UK.

Bishop Roger Sainsbury, who lives in Portishead and is chairman of Churches Together in England Urban Affairs Group and president of FYT, said: “Youth unemployment is one of the biggest challenges we face in our nation today and unless it is tackled in a positive way the implications are very serious.

“It is vital we listen to the voices of young people and that is why I believe FYT’s youth unemployment research is so important.”

The research event takes place on November 11 at the Harbour Road youth centre between noon and 2pm. To sign up to take part call 01275 842461 and leave your name, age and telephone number..