Streetlight put in garden

A SUDDEN influx of street lights on a Portishead housing estate has left one resident fuming.

Tanya Archer was shocked when she returned to her home in Cheviot Meadow after a shopping trip to find a street light had been installed on the edge of her front garden.

The mum-of-two said: “To say I was a bit annoyed would be an understatement, if this goes live it will light the entire upstairs of my house all night long.”

The area, which includes a number of properties owned by Sovereign Housing Association, has been without streetlights until now and residents say they have gone from one extreme to the other.

Ms Archer added: “We have gone from no street lighting at all to complete overkill, this light is only a few feet away from my windows, I’d like to know who planned this.”

Site bosses have agreed the lamppost on the edge of Ms Archer’s garden is not ideal.

A spokesman for Sovereign Housing said: “Sovereign South+West has looked at the newly-installed lamppost and is in the process of ascertaining whose land it is on. Once this is established we will be able to take steps to help our tenant resolve this issue.”

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