PORTISHEAD High Street came to a standstill on Friday afternoon as the town paid its respects to one of its longest serving taxi drivers.

David Heard who had been a taxi driver in the town for 30 years died suddenly on October 21.

A procession of more than 25 taxis, dressed with ribbons and Welsh flags to reflect the Dave’s Welsh roots, followed a horse and carriage taking him on his final journey through the town. Family members walking behind the carriage dressed in Welsh rugby shirts as a tribute to Dave’s interest in the game, were acknowledged by members of the community who stood on the roadside to bid a final farewell. The procession stopped momentarily outside the Carbrite Taxi office before moving on to St Peter’s Church.

Dave’s eldest daughter Clare said: “The church was full to capacity with people who genuinely loved my dad and I have no doubt he would have been proud of the send off he was given.

“Taxis were a big part of his life and they were a prominent presence at his departure.

“The family would like to thank everyone for their support.”