Calls for new bus shelters

PORTISHEAD residents are calling for new bus shelters in the town centre, after several were demolished by buses.

Earlier in the year, two bus shelters in High Street and one in Combe Road were hit by buses as they pulled into the stops. As a result the shelters had to be removed.

The one in Combe Road has been replaced but residents say they are fed up waiting for the others.

Barbara Davies, a senior citizen who lives in Seville Road, said: “With the onset of winter, shelters at the main stops in High Street are vital for older people like me and it makes those of us who rely on public transport think twice before coming out. This has been going on too long.”

Shirley Barnes of Redcliffe Bay added: “The shelters have been missing for months.

“Many pensioners like me can’t stand for long and now in bad weather we can’t sit on the seat provided, because without the shelter it gets soaking wet in the rain.”

A North Somerset Council spokesman said the shelters will be replaced in the New Year.

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They added: “We are dealing with the matter and are due to replace the damaged shelters, however, we have to deal with insurers first.”

As well as the new shelters, passengers can expect digital timetables to be installed at some of the High Street bus stops in the New Year. Real Time Information (RTI) boards will go live in March but work to install the necessary equipment is expected to begin in the New Year.