Call for dog walk ban around the marina

PEOPLE living at Port Marine in Portishead are calling for a ban on dog walking alongside the town’s marina.

Residents say they are desperate to rid the area of the commonly-used label, ‘Port Marine, a dog’s latrine’ and are calling for action.

The problem of unruly dogs and large amounts of excrement at one of the town’s most popular beauty spots has become so bad that residents say a ban is the only way to stop the problem.

At last week’s Portishead Town Council meeting, chairman of Lockside and Eastcliff Residents Group, Graham Ten Broeke, spoke on behalf of the residents. In his address to the council he raised concerns about a young swan he had seen killed by a dog on the lawns by Parish Wharf and extendable leads acting as a tripwire to cyclists on the cycle path, in addition to the excessive, unacceptable fouling.

As someone who walks or cycles in to town every day from Port Marine, the former chartered surveyor said he is a good witness to the complaints about dog fouling and counts at least 10 deposits left alongside the marina every day. He said he had received complaints from elderly residents whose wheelchairs inescapably fall foul of the mess and return home to find it on their wheels.

He said: “The marina waterfront is the front garden of Port Marine residents, we have a right for it to be protected.”

A North Somerset Council spokesman confirmed they are currently considering a dog control order at Portishead Quays Marina and said a 28-day public consultation period will commence shortly.

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Councillor Reyna Knight, whose ward includes the Port Marine development, said: “It would be a shame to exclude all dog walkers from the marina area but at the same time it is important that pet owners respect the area and clean up properly after their animals.

“I will be discussing the matter with residents and with North Somerset Council during the forthcoming consultation period.”

In the meantime environmental health officers will put up posters at the marina to advise dog owners that fouling will not be tolerated.

Residents willing to display a poster on their property can contact Dee Mawn at North Somerset Council on 01275 884162.