Two town pubs close

CUSTOMERS have been left high and dry after two popular pubs in Portishead closed within days of each other.

Landlords Mike and Angie Rowles closed the doors of the Royal Oak for the last time on June 12 after 15 years behind the bar. Locals say it was a sad and sudden departure, but they hope the West Hill pub will open again soon.

Mike Muscaty, who provided weekly karaoke at the pub for the past eight years, said: “It’s always sad when a pub like this, which is valued by its locals, closes. The windows have now been boarded up, which doesn’t look good in any town, I just hope it re-opens very soon.”

Mike has now moved his Thursday karaoke nights to The Poacher in Portishead High Street.

The White Lion also in High Street shut on the same day as the Royal Oak and has remained closed ever since.

This is the second time the pub has closed in nine months. It was boarded up in October and has since re-opened for short periods of time under temporary landlords.

A spokesperson for Enterprise Inns, which owns both pubs, has said they are working to get the pubs re-open as soon as possible.