Mature mums helping busy families

Jessica Cornes (left) and Julie Evans who provide mature mums to help growing families

Jessica Cornes (left) and Julie Evans who provide mature mums to help growing families - Credit: Archant

OLDER mums and grandmothers are proving a hit with families in North Somerset.

Since Portishead businesswomen Jessica Cornes and Julie Evans launched their introduction agency for families, called Like My Mum, in September, they have successfully placed more than 12 mature women with families in the area.

Jessica said: “These days, busy families are keen to take on the help of a mature person to keep things running smoothly in the home, especially at times like school holidays.

“Like My Mum provides a great employment opportunity for mums returning to work after raising their children and for grandparents too.

“Most of the mums on our books are over 40 so they have plenty of experience of family life.”

The successful placements achieved by Like My Mum include helping families with additional needs and Julie says maturity in these cases has been extremely useful.

She added: “Older people are a resource we should all be taking advantage of and in a society where the cost of childcare is rising, flexible help in the home for hours to suit a family’s specific needs can be the most cost effective solution.”

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Jessica and Julie (pictured) now want to expand their business to help more families in the area.

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