Emma launches Daisy Baby

A PORTISHEAD mum who runs birth preparation classes is launching a follow on class for new parents and their babies.

Mum-of-two, Emma Walters, trained as an antenatal educator after missing out on preparation classes before the birth of her own children, who were both premature.

She said: “I went in to labour feeling scared and unprepared for the birth of my first child because I had not been able to attend antenatal classes. It made me want to help other mums look forward to childbirth and approach it with confidence.”

Emma trained to become a Daisy Birthing teacher and has successfully run classes in Portishead since May this year. Now, the 28-year-old has launched Daisy Baby classes as a follow on from Daisy Birthing.

She added: “At Daisy Baby we understand that in those first few weeks, baby needs to be in your arms a lot. We bring together positive touch, baby yoga inspired movement, movement for mum and relaxation into one complete class with lots of opportunity to have babe in arms.”

Daisy Baby classes start on November 17 at Parish Wharf Leisure Centre at 10am.

To sign up or to find out more call Emma on 01275 399014 or 07951 243454.