Bridge planned for footpath to nowhere

A FOOTPATH that leads to nowhere is causing a stir in Portishead.

Walkers are calling for signposts to be put up at the beginning of a mile-long path that leads to a dead-end near to Port Marine.

A purpose-built path from the marina appears to head for the Portbury Wharf Nature Reserve, but, after following the new surface for about half a mile and on to a gravel pathway, it suddenly ends and walkers can get no further.

Village Quarter resident Hannah Stone regularly walks her dog in the area and said she often sees disgruntled walkers turning back because there is nowhere else to go.

She said: “It’s crazy that you can see the nature reserve and a well-kept path that looks as though it will take you there and then suddenly access stops. People get very frustrated.”

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Tim Roberts, who also lives in the Village Quarter, said: “What’s worse is that there is a fork before the end of the path, so, when people can’t get any further, they come back and take the right fork, but that doesn’t go anywhere either. It stops dead at the rhyne and once again walkers are forced back.”

Mr Roberts suggested a bridge across the rhyne would solve the problem.

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He added: “Bridging the rhyne would open this pathway up to make the nature reserve much more accessible, but in the meantime signposts should be put up to warn people that the footpath goes nowhere.”

Carl Hayley of Persimmon Homes, the company responsible for building the Port Marine development, told the Times the company has agreed to fund the installation of a bridge over the rhyne and the project is now awaiting on approval due to the fact it involes diverting a footpath.

He added: “We are working with all stake-holders to overcome this glitch.”

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