Anger at yellow line refusal

A PORTISHEAD grandmother whose son died in a car accident has been angered after the town council refused to support the painting of more yellow lines on the town’s roads.

Sandra Green has been campaigning for the reduction of road danger for more than 20 years following the death of her son 24 years ago.

She says that irresponsibly parked vehicles reduce visibility for motorists and pedestrians at the Waitrose junction in Harbour Road.

North Somerset Council is proposing a new traffic regulation order to install yellow lines at the junction, but town councillors chose not to back the idea.

Mrs Green, who also wants to see a clamp-down on parking around primary schools, said: “I have witnessed a significant deterioration of traffic safety in the town over the past five years.

“Portishead has two primary schools being forced to take an additional 30 pupils in September and Trinity Primary School has been expanded.

“People collecting their children from school already park irresponsibly, right on the mouth of junctions and on pavements.

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“We need to do something about it as it is putting children’s lives at risk.”

Feelings are also running high among residents in Albert Road after town councillors refused to support the painting of yellow lines on the Albert Road/Victoria Square junction.

Speaking at last Wednesday’s town council meeting, Annette Hennessey, who lives in Albert Road, said residents have been calling for the lines for two years.

She said: “Residents did not make this request lightly, there have been problems with emergency vehicles entering the road, access problems for recycling vehicles and near misses where pedestrians have been unable to see approaching vehicles because of cars parked on the junction.”

Mrs Hennessy said she felt residents views were not being considered and asked if the background to the case had been looked at before decisions were made.

At least seven traffic regulation orders to install yellow lines in Portishead are being proposed by North Somerset Council, none of which have been backed by the town council.

Councillor Barry Walters said: “There are too many people who think there should be a government rule or regulation put in place to solve every problem, however, others believe responsibility needs to be given back to the people who are intelligent enough to use their common sense.”