John-Luke Roberts At Rondo Theatre Bath Review: Absurd nonsense.

PUBLISHED: 16:00 15 April 2019

John-Luke Roberts Picture: Natasha Pszenicki

John-Luke Roberts Picture: Natasha Pszenicki

Natasha Pszenicki

Did you hear the one about the 24 lost Spice Girls?

I did on Friday night at the Rondo Theatre in Bath, and it made no sense at all, which made it all the funnier.

Making his case for absurdism, left-field stand up John-Luke Roberts, latest show All I Wanna Do Is [FX: GUNSHOTS] With a [FX: GUN RELOADING] and a [FX: CASH REGISTER] and Perform Some Comedy! has to be seen to be properly understood.

Actually scratch that, it just needs to be seen.

It's been several days since I saw it, and the more I think about it, the more I pick apart the gags, the more it makes me chuckle.

Roberts bound onto the stage area of the intimate Bath venue in a tight-fitting Spice Girls T-shirt, bright orange shorts, and had dyed his moustache blue so it could 'easily be removed from the edit'.

Cutting an absurd figure, for an absurd notion, he then told his only joke: “I don't know if you've heard but today they've discovered the 24 missing Spice Girls: Mel A and Mels C to Z.”

Robert then played every last one of them, including Woman in a British Sitcom Spice, Facts About The Romans Spice, is it just spice girls spice girls spice - played by Roberts from the stalls, hurling abuse at an empty stage while brandishing a toy gun.

At one point he out the lights and put in some fangs for a hilarious turn as a legitimately scary spice, and another he took the audience through a charming acronym for how to help stroke victims, courtesy of Public Health Announcement Spice.

In between the parade of silly spices Roberts would drop to his knees to have a quick, and increasingly irrate chat with God, about how he felt the show was going and the roots of his absurdest manifesto.

Roberts did admit his show was not for everyone, recanting a time a woman walked out angry and then blogged about it stating 'I like absurbdism but this was nonsense'.

I have to agree with her. It was nonsense, of the hightest order, utterly barking and absolutely brilliant.

A successful case for absurdism, because life is, because the world is, so we might as well laugh at it.

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