DIY Chef George Egg serves up culinary chaos at Clevedon’s Theatre Shop

It’s not every day you see a stand up finish a show by serving the audience a three course meal – but George Egg isn’t your average stand up, and DIY Chef isn’t your average comedy show – it’s something far tastier.

Presiding over a packed Theatre Shop on Saturday night, the anarchist cook took to the stage at the Clevedon venue to unleash one of the most unique hours of comedy I think I have ever seen.

Part stand up, part cooking class, the set up for Egg's DIY Chef sees him banished to the shed by his wife, he tells us for health reasons.

When not wrapped up in a sleeping bag, listening to Desert Island Discs and crying himself to sleep, Egg spends his time in exile coming up with ingenious ways to undermine his wife's attempts to put him on a diet.

The result, breakfast, lunch and dinner cooked to perfection with a selection of power tools.

Need some eggs poaching? Use a wall paper stripper, something toasted? The heat gun should do the trick. Fancy a steak? Let me just heat up the blow torch.

The result is culinary chaos of the highest order, and a comedy show as layered as the microwave lasagne (and accompanying microwave) Egg suggests the audience sneak into Glastonbury Festival, its blink and you'll miss it stuff, but when you do, it just makes it all the funnier.

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Throughout Egg is witty, charming and incredibly engaging, playfully messing with cooking conventions, and offering all manner of practical tips, from the best place to cure salami at work, and how to make homemade butter with double cream and a power sander, to how to quickly peel a bag of spuds with only a power drill and a loo brush, just make sure it's clean first.

Hilarious, informative and entertaining from start to finish DIY Chef is a wondrous exercise in thinking outside the box and one of the best shows I have seen this year.

In short, I will never look at a heat gun the same way again.

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