Get involved to improve the quality of our local rivers

Bristol Avon Rivers Trust is running a Citizen Science event.

Bristol Avon Rivers Trust is running a Citizen Science event. - Credit: BART

A Citizen Science event is being held over this coming weekend to help improve the quality of our local rivers.

Bristol Avon Rivers Trust (BART) is running a Citizen Science event WaterBlitz from tomorrow (Friday) to Monday.

BART is seeking river enthusiasts to take part to collect as many samples from the rivers, streams and lakes of the Bristol Avon catchment to help gain a snapshot of water quality. BART will supply free water testing kits to volunteers which will measure nutrient levels in a water sample taken from a chosen waterbody.

In high concentrations nutrients can impact the local wildlife which depends on a healthy river. The presence of these nutrients may indicate a pollution event nearby or ongoing issues from land management, sewage outfalls or urban pressures.

The results will help BART target their ongoing conservation work.

George Clark, BART project manager, said: “Rivers and streams are the arteries of our planet but they face serious challenges.

"Within the Bristol Avon catchment we often see nutrient pollution entering watercourses and degrading these important ecosystems and impacting the species that inhabit them. Therefore it is increasingly important to carry out monitoring and work together for rivers.

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“The WaterBlitz is a great opportunity to get back outside after months of lockdown and connect with your favourite local river or newly discovered stream. Volunteers can take an active, and socially distant role in scientific monitoring, helping us understand the water quality issues in our communities and help us protect our precious rivers.”

Individuals or groups can get involved in the event and BART would like to encourage schools and community groups to take part too.

Log on to their website to find out more and register for a free, easy-to-use water sampling kit and to take part in BART’s WaterBlitz event!

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