Invitation Ladies Triples Day proves a success at Yatton

Julie Ratcliffe, May Vivian and Jayne Keightley receive the winners cheque from Yatton BC president Chris Lewis

Julie Ratcliffe, May Vivian and Jayne Keightley receive the winners cheque from Yatton BC president Chris Lewis - Credit: Alison Storm

Yatton Bowling Club successfully hosted an Invitation Ladies Triples Day recently.

The competition involved 24 teams from local bowling clubs and was blessed with glorious sunshine throughout.

West Backwell's Julie Ratcliffe, May Vivian and Jayne Keightley came out on top, with competitors saying how much they had enjoyed themselves and the hospitality provided by Yatton BC.


Ladies, DRT, Prom 69 Weston St Andrews 42: M Dyer, S Farnden, S Sharp, A Crees 22-13; J Morris, L Pedder, S Crombie, S Lowman 15-14; T Neal, V Hollier, J Hulin, E Perham 23-15.
Wessex League, Prom 42 Wessex 60: M Gough, J Henderson, C Pratten, S Lowman 9-19; P Riley, H Legge, V Hillier, S Sharp 18-16; L Pedder, L Coombs, B Young, P Soper 15-25.
Men, C&D Over-55s KO Cup, Prom 94 Wedmore 119: A Tinkling, P Bissett, M Davis 13-24; A Alvis, P Fuidge, C Jarrett 13-17; I Harding, P Pearce, A Young 13-19; C Roberts, G Warren, C Crees 28-11; D Higley, D Evans, D Demery 16-16; J Grubb, R Lowman, H Williams 11-32.
County League North 3, Prom 56 Wedmore 48: M Sperring, M Cordell, R Lowman, P Kinsella 20-18; B Harris, M Tudor, N Pedder, P Pearce 15-20; R Dowsing, P Tottle, B Quantrill, D Hampton 21-10.
North 2, Prom 69 Weston Victoria 55: J Grubb, D Perham, D Higley, A Young 22-18; A Elsy, D Hollier, A Pine, H Williams 21-19; D Evans, A Alvis, R Soper,  C Jarrett 26-8.
C&D Evening League, Prom 79 Chew Stoke 79: I Harding, A Alvis, P Fuidge, A Young 14-17; C Roberts, G Warren, K Low, C Jarrett 20-15; R Dowsing, D Higley, A Smith, J Powell10-18; K Hill, D Hollier, D Demery, C Crees 17-14; J Grubb, P Kinsella, M Davis 18-15.
Turnbull Cup, Prom 64 Portishead RBL 85: S Fuidge, P Fuidge, M Davis, A May 10-18; I Harding, A Young, C Jarrett, H Williams 10-31; P Bissett, K Morris, D Demery, C Crees 22-21; K Hill, G Warren, A Smith, J Fuidge 22-15.
Mixed Friendlies, Prom 70 Somerset Patrons 118: M Gough, V Ransome, J Henderson, R Lowman 14-22; K Woodley, B Harris, S Martin, J Gover 4-27; J Baker, K Hucker, V Hollier, K Low 14-16; P Tottle, J Coles, S Lowman, N Pedder 14-14; A Elsy, L Manning, L Pedder, R Soper 16-15; C Roberts, C Drake, G Warren 8-24.
Prom 77 Olveston 115: J Coles, S Martin, D O'Connor, R Soper 13-32; T Schofield, P Tottle, J Hulin, R Lowman 17-17; A Johnstone, L Coombs, N Stuckey, J Gover 18-32; K Woodey, C Drake, S Lowman, K Morris 17-13; J Barrow, S Davis, S Anslow, D Perham 12-21.
C&D Over 55s, Prom 111 Congresbury 90: R Soper, A Alvis, A Young 15-14; J Grubb, D Hampton, G Warren 20-20; K Hill, D Evans, D Demery 22-11; I Harding, N Pedder, M Davis 15-13; J Baker, P Bissett, D Higley 18-19; C Roberts, M Cordwell, H Williams 21-13.
Weston Over 60s, Prom 126 Wedmore 89: T Schofield, D O'Connor, D Higley 24-12; C Roberts, M Cordwell, P Kinsella 27-11; D Hollier, A Alvis, K Low 24-9; R Dowsing, T Derrick, D Hampton 16-12; P Tottle, J Gover, R Lowman 17-16; J Grubb, N Pedder, G Warren 18-19.
Two Fours Area Final, Prom 22 Yeovil 37: S Fuidge, P Fuidge, A May, C Crees 11-23; J Powell, G Warren, A Smith, J Fuidge 11-14.

Clevedon & District Evening League, Nailsea 66 Congresbury 90: R Hassell, R Eyers, D Clark, D Hole 9-25; D Leach, S Harris, R Chappell, R Griffiths 17-17; R Jacob, S Frankling, A Billington, I Blatchford 22-5; D Edler, D Benson, J Hall, D Flower 4-29; P Glanville, L Byford, R Webber, J Whitear 14-14.
Somerset County League, Nailsea 69 Yatton A 51: J Prince, D Leach, R Webber, I Blatchford 17-20; D Hole, D Clark, J Hall, D Flower 25-15; M West, R Chappell, R Griffiths, J Whitear 27-16.
North Somerset Cup semi final, Nailsea 98 Clevedon Prom 88: D Leach, C Winter, J Knight, D Flower 18-17; S Harris, R Chappell, P Gillard, R Griffiths 18-21; M West, K Keates, T Billington, H Whitear 21-11; J Prince, R Jacob, R Webber, I Blatchford 24-15; R Hassell, R Eyers, D Clark, D Hole 17-24. 

SCL League, West Backwell 81 Banwell B 37: T Lovell, R Pike, B Gammon, A Knights 22-10; G Ogden, R Keightley, J Ashmore, D Rycroft 24-15; B Baker, A Robinson, I Kennedy, J Couch 35-12.
West Backwell 51 Banwell A 74: B Baker, P Sims, B Budd, J Couch 19-28; G Brindle, R Bees, R Pike, A Robinson 17-20; T Lovell, K Dodd, A Knights, D Rycroft 15-26.
BRW League, West Backwell 78 Portishead RBL 68: T Lovell, B Baker, K Dodd, B Gammon 20-14; P Baynton, R Spragg, D Rigg, P Tracey 15-14; G Ogden, P Coombs, R Bees, P Sims 15-16; P Davison, I Kennedy, B Budd, J Couch 16-12; G Brindle, A Shaw, R Pike, A Robinson 12-12.
Over-55s League, West Backwell 65 Portishead RBL 97: R Langford, D Rigg, B Gammon 15-21; T Lovell, R Bees, B Baker 17-10; G Brindle, S Henderson, A Robinson 13-15; A Webber, K Dodd, R Pike 11-20; D Morris, A Shaw, B Budd 9-31.
Fear Plate, West Backwell Ladies 57 Long Ashton Ladies 51: J Ratcliffe, K Pugsley, M Vivian, S Claxton 30-9; J Keightley, G Higgins, P Bell, C Burgess 17-15; S Bucknell, J Harvey, H Fryer, R Holloway 10-27.
DRT League, West Backwell Ladies 31 Yatton Ladies 81: D Gage, K Pugsley, M Vivian, H Fryer 12-25; S Matley, S Bucknell, C Pugsley, R Holloway 10-18; J Keightley, S Budd, P Bell, C Burgess 9-38.
WDL League, West Backwell Ladies 79 Clarence Ladies 25: G Higgins, K Pugsley, J Ratcliffe 29-8; E Price, J Harvey, M Vivian 31-8; J Keightley, C Pugsley, H Fryer 19-9.