Trevorrow driven for success ahead of first Ohvale 110 Cup race meeting at Redlodge

Thorley Trevorrow in racing action

Thorley Trevorrow first raced in 2019 during the Minibike Championship in Benidorm. - Credit: Gideon Trevorrow

Thorley Trevorrow will be racing in the Ohvale UK Cup in 2021, riding a 110cc four-stroke powered Ohvale race bike, and is gearing up for a successful season.

The Ohvale Cup is run alongside the OMG racing British Mini Bike Championship, using mainly karting tracks around the country as race venues and is sponsored by Motul.

Lubricant is supplied by Motul, while Evotech Performance will supply crash protectors and brake lever guards, and SBS Brakes have supplied brake pads - all free of charge to the racers.

Thorley Trevorrow's 110cc four stroke powered Ohvale race bike

Thorley Trevorrow's 110cc four stroke powered Ohvale race bike - Credit: Gideon Trevorrow

The Portishead nine-year-old will be moving into the 110 cup on the back of a successful 2020 season riding his minimoto.

There are nine rounds this season and having taken part in his first practice day on April 16, Trevorrow is ready for his set of races this weekend at Redlodge.

Thorley Trevorrow's race card

Thorley Trevorrow will race in a total of nine round between April and October this year, starting with Redlodge this weekend. - Credit: Ovhale UK

“Thorley's bike this this year does look fantastic and he is supported by Richard and Drew at Fixit Motorcycle Mechanics and Scuffbuster cosmetic vehicle repairs,” said dad Gideon.

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“Both are based in Portbury and kindly had Trevorrow’s bike and helmet liveried to look great and very professional.

“They have provided incredible support for him in the run-up to this season. Feel free to come and support Thorley at any of the races and join us for a cup of tea in the paddock!”

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