Long Ashton members begin with yardstick competition

Long Ashton held their yardstick competition to start the new season

Long Ashton held their yardstick competition to start the new season - Credit: LABC

Long Ashton Bowling Club got the new season underway with their yardstick competition.

Enthusiastic members gave great support, with the competition carried out in the usual friendly manner and proving close throughout.

Some competitors felt a little rusty after the long break, while others found playing indoors is a very different proposition to being on grass.

The green had only been open for just over a week, but the eventual winner with 21 points was Clive Hillary, as Karen Gough and Mike Taylor shared second place on 20 points.

A Spider competition was also held on the day and eventually won by Ian Moore, with all proceeds going to the captain's charity, which will be supporting Parkinsons UK this year.

The first Friday Umbrella evening was held on April 29 and events are open to anyone who would like to come along and try.

For more details call Karen on 01275 852243 or 07887 426371.

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Ladies Friendlies, Long Ashton 58 Knowle 40: D Vass, A Pemble, K Gough, L Taylor 29-10; J Osborne, T Rockey, A Moore, S Hall 16-14; P Hodges, L Randall, M Wilmott, C Bennett 13-16.

Long Ashton 57 Congresbury 28: P Hodges, U Eaton, T Rockey, S Hall 19-9; K Ramsden, S Norman, P Adams, M Wilmott 18-8; A Pemble, I Martin, K Gough, C Bennett 20-11.

Long Ashton 28 Yatton 73: D Weekley, S Norman, J Bird, C Bennett 9-23; L Randall, S Taylor, J Bowry, S Hall 7-30; P Hodges, T Rockey, K Gough, P Adams 12-20.

Long Ashton 36 Henleaze 61: J Lambert, S Taylor, P Hodges, A Moore 16-20; D Weekley, A Burke, K Gough, S Hall 14-14; C Searle, J Bird, S Norman, J Osborne 6-27.

Men’s Challenge Shield, 1st leg, Long Aston 48 Yatton 70: P Silva, A Hall, E Russell 13-17; M Wring, K Vass, M Pemble 10-17; C Holloway, C Ramsden, M Givan 16-13; K Bird, B Brice, J Burt 9-23.

Bristol League, Long Ashton 51 (3) Fry’s 55 (7): J Burt, J Peck, A Hall, M Taylor 11-23; I Moore, V Adams, A Bowry, E Russell 24-16; G Thomas, C Ramsden, E Rockey, M Givan 16-16.

Mixed Friendlies, Long Ashton 54 Wrington 42: T Rockey, K Gough, K Bird 17-19; I Martin, J Osborne, C Bennett 16-13; J Gann, P Adams, B Brice 21-10.

Long Ashton 48 Bristol Arrow 29: J Bowry, R Searle, S Norman, M Givan 12-10, P Hodges, A Moore, A Bowry 14-8; C Norman, D Weekley, M Harding, C Bennett 20-11.