Jones instructed Ashton & Backwell United not to leave anything at Wells City

Connor Biggins in action for Asthon & Backwell

Connor Biggins in action for Ashton and Backwell United against Lebeq United in the last match between the two sides back in March. - Credit: Jo Sheperd

Ashton & Backwell United manager Stuart Jones instructed his players to not “leave anything out there” in their latest Toolstation Western League Division One match at Wells City.

The Stags secured a 3-0 win with Paul Uppington, Jordan Scadding and Bradley Skidmore among the goals to stay in fourth place, five points behind leaders Corsham Town.

And given the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Jones called on his side to do everything they could to get the victory and ensure if the season ended prematurely, they would be in a good place going forward.

“We told our players before the game this could be our last game,” he said.

“So, leave anything out there, don’t come with any regrets, don’t come in with 'what ifs', don’t come with any 'should haves' because this might be the last game of the season and that’s going off the government guidelines and the rumours going on.

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“It’s not easy and you try to play week by week and obviously you have got to keep an eye on what is going on with the government in terms of tiers and everybody is finding it difficult and I get that.

“But there is another side to my life - managing a football club - and I’ve got to try and balance everything that comes with that.”

With all of November’s fixtures called off due to the second National lockdown, A&B’s match with Wells was the first time Jones' side had played in the league since a 1-1 draw with Hengrove Athletic on October 24.

“It is frustrating. Is it important in terms of the rest of the world and life? Here and now, what people look forward to, what people need in their life, is important,” Jones added.

“It is difficult and it is difficult for everybody. The chairman, the secretary, the players, myself, the coaches, the assistant manager.

“Nobody knows and hence the reason why we had to get a positive result against Wells just in case if it did go to points per game because they won’t be going null and void again this year, they can’t do that.”

When asked what he would think if the FA made the same decision to null and void the season, Jones said: “I would feel a little injustice because we finished fourth first year, third on points per game, and we are fourth at the minute.

“I would feel an injustice for everybody at the club because we are doing what we can to get up into the next stage. It would be a bit naughty.”

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A&B are scheduled to host Lebeq United at The Lancer Scott Stadium on January 2 and the Toolstation Western League have announced three points ahead of the first games in 2021: 1. Any club can choose whether they want to play or not, but will need to email the fixtures director by December 30 and their matches will be postponed; 2. Once the teams change their mind and want to play again, the final point will be used; 3. Teams cannot choose which matches they want and not to play.

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