Yatton trio represent Somerset

PUBLISHED: 14:32 29 July 2015 | UPDATED: 14:32 29 July 2015

BOWLS: Clevedon (blue) v Purnell

BOWLS: Clevedon (blue) v Purnell


Three junior boys from Yatton Bowling Club were selected to play for Somerset Under-25s at Winscombe.

Three junior boys from Yatton Bowling Club played their first game for Somerset Under-25s at Winscombe.

Dan Rycroft, James Moyes and Tobias Viney all represented the county, the first time the club has had three juniors playing for the SBA since the club began in 1928.

Yatton 73, St Anne’s 60 (Turnbull/Wedmore Plate): M Musgrove, J Moyes, N Aldom, R Bish 26-12; D Rycroft, B Hull, P Osborne, N Edmonds 22-11; J Knight, B Hardwick, J Hook, C Parsons 10-24; L Howe, S Pascoe, T Storm, W Casey 15-13.

Yatton 76, Winscombe 83 (Co-operative Funeralcare C&D Evening League): P Lomas, E Butt, N Aldom, R Bish 26-17; M Musgrove, R Adams, R Lewis, S Pascoe 15-24;L Howe, D Hunt, T Storm, W Casey 23-13; D Rycroft, T Viney, P Osborne, C Parsons 12-29.

Yatton A, 63, Victoria C 56 (Somerset County League): D Rycroft, B Hardwick, P Osborne, J Hook 24-17; L Howe, D Lock, T Storm, W Casey 23-18; B Foster, J Knight, N Edmonds, G Smith 16-21.

Yatton B 43, Mark Moor 72 (Somerset County League): D Hunt, H Williams, J Moyes, C Parsons 15-24; D Goddard, T Vowles, N Aldom, S Pascoe 20-17;

D Baker, M Musgrove, B Hull, R Bish 8-31.

Yatton C 53, Chew Stoke B 75 (Somerset County League): A Richards, T Viney, A George, P Creber 17-27; P Lomas, W Gable, R Adams, D Blundell 18-27; M Laver, D Wesson, E Butt, J Parker 18-21.

Clevedon A 4, Portishead RBL B 1 (National Top Club) – two-wood singles: J Hick 14-12; four-wood singles: N Westlake 21-10; pairs: A Morgan, N Pearce 21-7; triples: A Mace, S Withers, G Jay 15-19; fours: D Harding, R Pitts, M Payne, D Brightman 26-24.

Clevedon 92, West Backwell 60 (Turnbull Cup): A Mace, P Evans, N Westlake, J Hick 22-17; A Bradley, G Aldridge, M Davis, JP Branfield 27-12; D Harding, R Pitts, PJ Branfield, G Jay 27-14; R Withers, A Morgan, M Payne, N Pearce 16-17.

Clevedon Ladies 69, Long Ashton 78 (Southey Trophy): - singles: T Cuff 8-21; pairs: T Nicholson, L Palmer 21-18; triples: S George, J Priddle, J Drewitt 17-13; fours: M Foster, D Brown, J Brown, M Gadd 23-26.

Clevedon A 68, Purnell A 58 (Somerset League Premier Division): S Withers, R Pitts, PJ Branfield, G Jay 19-24; R Withers, A Morgan, M Payne, N Westlake 15-21; D Brightman, C Jarrett, G Aldridge, M Davis 34-13.

Clevedon B 56, Victoria D 55 (Somerset League Division 3 North): B Squire, C Bethune, B Davis, R Williams 21-18; M Hussey, K Frost, B Wrightson, K Bristow 12-22; T Incles, W Smith, D Harding, M Langley 23-15.

Clevedon 78, Portishead RBL 102 (Clevedon & District Co-operative Funeralcare Evening League): R Williams, W Smith, D Greenslade, G Jay 17-19; P Battram, D Wills, J Brommage, P Evans 12-27; D Harding, M Hussey, C Jarrett, A Morgan 24-12; G Woods, R Lord, S Meyrick, A Bradley 9-20; B Wrightson, R Openshaw, K Bristow, M Payne 16-24.

Clevedon 82, West Backwell 114 (Clevedon & District Over 60s Triples League): P Battram, D Priddle, J Brommage 14-33; G Woods, D Greenslade, C Seward 9-14; T Incles, P Cornish, C Jarrett 16-12; K Bristow, K Frost, A Morgan 20-17; D Harding, PA Branfield, M Langley 8-21; B Whittaker, B Palmer, P Evans 15-17.

Clevedon 77, Portishead 120 (Weston Over-60s Triples League): M Archer, B Whittaker, C Seward 10-23; H Austen, K Frost, G Woods 10-16; M Sutton, C Bethune, J Brommage 10-23; J Freeman, PA Branfield, R Williams 19-13; D Wills, B Davis, M Payne 13-30; T Incles, D Harding, M Langley 15-15.

Clevedon 101, Penarth 105 (friendly): L Cox, E White, D Watts, A Morgan 11-22; R Cuff, T Gent, A Ford, R Pitts 23-15; J Drewitt, B Whittaker, L Palmer 16-14; G Drewitt, J Priddle, D Priddle 13-21; M Davis, K Walton, T Cuff, B Palmer 10-19; B Davis, J Brown, D Brightman 28-14.

Portishead 105, Congresbury 104 (C&D Over-60s League): M Berryman, R Wilson, B Staniforth 20-20; G Pears, R Brake, F Allen 15-12; G Norris, J Franklin, T Hounslow 9-23; R Piper, K Gaubert, D Robertson 12-27; J Herring, D Moncrieffe, G Morgan 21-11; C Skinner, G Lerway, S Woodley 28-11.

Portitshead 98, Clevedon 89 (C&D Over-60s League): G Pears, R Brake, K Gaubert 9-15; G Norris, J Franklin, B Staniforth 24-9; C Skinner, G Lerway, P Howard 18-11; B Sexton, J Herring, G Morgan 11-17; L Tassell, R Wilson, M Lockett 26-14; J Holland, M Berryman, D Robertson 10-23.

Portishead 121, Nailsea 87 (C&D Over-60s League): R Piper, D Moncrieffe, K Gaubert 20-9; C Skinner, R Wilson, P Howard 23-21; G Pears, D Taylor, D Robertson 13-15; B Sexton, J Scott, G Morgan 19-10; G Norris, J Franklin, T Hounslow 25-18; M Berryman, R Brake, F Allen 21-14.

West Backwell 60, Clevedon 92 (Turnbull Cup): M Harding, D Sloper, R Hinton, J Couch 14-27; M Chinn, M Windo, P Sims, K Dodd 17-16; G Brindle, I Wilson, C Perry, B Gammon 12-27; R Spragg. B Budd, K Farrier, J Ashmore 17-22.

West Backwell 64, Victoria B 41 (Somerset County League): B Budd, B Gammon, S Henderson, J Couch 27-12; B Baker, M Windo, P Sims, K Dodd 21-11; M Chinn, M Harding, K Farrier, J Ashmore 16-18.

West Backwell 87, Clevedon Prom 110 (C&D Co-operative Funeralcare Evening League): B Budd, G Ellison, R Spragg, P Sims 13-29; T Dyer, D Sloper, R Hinton, J Ashmore 19-29; R Stevens, R Higgins, M Chinn, B Gammon 16-16; M Harding, J Leggett, S Henderson, J Couch 20-20; B Baker, T Bone, M Windo, K Dodd 19-16.

West Backwell 114, Clevedon 82 (C&D Co-operative Funeralcare Over-60s League): B Budd, B Baker, K Dodd 33-14; G Brindle, D Rigg, R Hinton 14-9; T Bone, B Gage, P Sims 12-16; J Leggett, S Henderson, M Harding 17-20; P Lamb, D Sloper, C Perry 21-8; R Shorland, G Horler, B Gammon 17-15.

West Backwell Ladies 45, Isle of Wedmore 48 (Weston & District League): M Vivian, E Lamb, P Kingston 16-15; J Sims, V Peckham, S Griffiths 11-18; S Arnold, S Meekcoms, C Burgess 18-15.

West Backwell Ladies 52, Weston St Andrew’s 51 (friendly): J Sims, M Warfield, E Lamb 14-19; B Ellison, M Vivian, S Stagg 28-10; C Cree, S Gregory, D Gage 10-22.

Julie Ratcliffe lost in the final of the Bowls England ladies’senior singles (Somerset) at Taunton DeaneJoan Jenkins (TD) 15-21.

Portishead Ladies 42, Winscombe 55 (NSTL): D Franklin, S Pile, J White 12-26; C Norris, J Calladine, A Bridgen 13-19; S Ross, S Daisley, R Pears 17-10. Friendly rink: K Grey, D Lockett, B Reed 41-3.

Portishead Ladies 39, Clevedon Prom 58 (NSTL): M Reader, S Pile, A Bridgen 8-25; C Norris, D Lockett, R Pears 20-13; D Franklin, M Skinner, J White 11-20. Friendly rink: K Grey, M Williams, G Berryman 10-18.

Portishead Ladies 79, Clarence 48: C Norris, S Pile, A Bridgen 15-21; D Franklin, J Brown, J White 27-7; M Collins, B Reed, G Berryman 10-15. Friendly rink: M Reader, S Daisley, M Kellett 27-5.

Portishead Ladies 51, Wessex 40 (WDTL): D Franklin, J Brown, J White 24-4; S Tassell, S Daisley, M Cross 11-19; D Lockett, G Berryman, R Pears 16-17.

Portishead Ladies 76, Chew Stoke 64 (Southey Cup): S Tassell 21-20; J Brown, J White 19-13; D Lewis, M Withey, R Pears 16-12; S Dix, B Reed, S Daisley, A Bridgen 21-19.

Clevedon Promenade 30, Clevedon 84 (Somerset County League): J Barrow, G Hancox, M Sperring, H Jeffrey, 8-32; A King, S Roach, B Quantrill, R Jenkins 11-34; P Brown, P Pearce, J Johnstone, D Hampton 11-18.

Clevedon Prom 48, Ashcombe 63 (Somerset County League): D Beasant, D Perham, K Morris, K Chaney 20-20; D Hollier, P Fuidge, D Higley, M Wise 14-25; A Tinkling, J Grubb, A Elsy, K Low 14-18.

Clevedon Prom 56, Yeovil 47 (Somerset County League): R Cranshaw, R Soper, D Knowles, C Crees 16-19; S Fuidge, D Kibbey, P Bissett, J Bartlett 17-13; B Jones, J Fuidge, A Pine, H Williams 23-15.

Clevedon Prom 74, Winscombe 45 (Somerset County League): A King, T Derrick, M Sperring, D Loveridge 25-14; N Arney, R Dowsing, J Grubb, D Hampton 29-16; J Barrow, G Hancox, J Johnstone, B Davis 20-15.

Clevedon Prom 60, Chew Stoke 70 (Somerset County League): D Beasant, D Perham, J Gover, K Low 19-27; D Hollier, P Fuidge, M Wise, A Young 19-25; K Ellis, D Higley, K Morris, R Soper 22-18.

Clevedon Prom 114, Nailsea 102 (Weston Triples League): K Faithfull, A Elsy, K Chaney 20-17; T Derrick, J Gover, P Bissett 12-23; A Tinkling, R Jenkins, R Soper 11-22; D Hollier, M Wise, R Cranshaw 15-22; T Passey, D Hampton, K Low 25-6; M Sperring, H Jeffrey, A Young 31-12

Clevedon Prom 53, Portishead RBL 84 (Turnbull Cup): B Jones, D Kibbey, J Powell, J Bartlett 12-22; E Furze, K Low, A Young, P Bissett 13-22; D Demery, J Fuidge, D Knowles, C Crees 12-19; S Fuidge, K Morris, A Pine, H Williams 16-21.

Clevedon Prom 110, West Backwell 87 (Co-Operative Funeralcare League): R Cranshaw, K Chaney, R Soper, P Bissett 29-13; A Elsy, D Hampton, E Furze, A Young 16-16; D Kibbey, J Fuidge, K Low, J Bartlett 29-19; D Demery, D Higley, D Knowles, C Crees 16-19; S Fuidge, K Morris, A Pine, H Williams 20-20.

Clevedon Prom Ladies 71, Prattens 46 (Fear Cup): A Johnstone, J Hill, S Sharp, A Crees 16-19; P Soper, M Griffiths, J Jeffrey, L Greeves 24-18; E Perham, S Farnden, C Pratten, M Dyer 31-9.

Clevedon Prom, Ladies 43, Clarence 44 (North Somerset Triples): L Hardisty, S Sharp, S Farnden 19-10; A Johnstone, E Perham, L Greeves, 7-21; P Soper, J Williams, J Jeffrey 17-13.

Clevedon Prom Ladies 54, Long Ashton 43 (North Somerset Triples): A Johnstone, J Hill, S Pine 13-15; R Ward, M Griffiths, M Dyer 21-17; S Crombie, E Perham, S Miller 20-11.

Clevedon Prom Ladies 42, Portishead RBL 53 (North Somerset Triples): M Wood, J Hill, J Jeffrey 17-22; J Williams, E Rowley, M Dyer, 9-22; P Soper, M Griffiths, L Greeves 16-9.

Clevedon Prom Ladies 67, Wedmore 52 (Wessex League): D Cranshaw, M Sheppard, B Young, E Rowley 21-13; J Morris, J Sperring, S Crombie, E Perham 22-21; F Rawlings, J Barber, S Farnden, L Jones 25-18.

Clevedon Prom Ladies 63, Long Ashton 40 (Doreen Ralph League): M Wood, S Davis, J Hill, A Crees 16-10; J Morris, B Young, S Farnden, M Dyer 29-15; P Soper, S Crombie, M Griffiths, S Miller 18-15.

Clevedon Prom Ladies 51, GB Britton 41 (friendly): D Cranshaw, M Loveridge, L Fitzpatrick, S Walker 22-12; M Maycock, M Sheppard, F Rawlings, J Sperring 15-16; J Barber, J Allington, R Ward, S Pine 14-13.

Nailsea 109, Ashcombe Templars 77 (Weston Over-60s League): P Miller, B Sheppard, J Hathway 19-9; R Hassell, R Stanford, A Billington 18-8; K Harris, A Young, T Dyer 6-26; M West, A Mansfield, J Prince 30-13; P Harley, J Reed, D Price 21-10; K Westcott, B Willis, D Hole 15-16.

Nailsea 87, Portishead 121 (Clevedon and District Over-60s Co-operative Funeralcare League): D Sage, A Mansfield, M Keates 9-20; R Hill, W Holland, B Holloway 21-23; P North, D Nicholls, J Reed 15-13; K Harris, J Knight, D Price 10-19; H Willis, J Banham, T Dyer 18-25; K Westcott, B Willis, D Hole 14-21.

Nailsea B 50, Isle of Wedmore A 73 (Somerset County League): A Mansfield, B Willis, D Clark, R Chappell 13-25; P Miller, P Gillard, B Stanford, J Hathway 15-32; A Young, S Pigrem, R Webber, R Jefferies 22-16.

Nailsea A 57, St Andrews B 45 (Somerset County League): D Hole, J Whitear, M Rowsell, R Griffiths 21-10; A Billington, R Lloyd, D Flower, I Blatchford 15-19; J Pritchard, N Edwards, J Mash, B Holloway.

Nailsea 76, Congresbury 66 (Turnbull Cup): J Pritchard, N Edwards, J Chivers, B Holloway 12-20; A Billington, D Clark, M Rowsell, R Griffiths 22-15; J Prince, J Whitear, I Blatchford, D Flower 17-14; C Winter, R Webber, R Chappell, J Davis 25-17.

Nailsea 76, Portishead 64 (4 Dimensions): N Edwards, J Whitear, D Flower, I Blatchford 19-17; J Pritchard, M Rowsell, B Holloway 9-16; R Griffiths, J Davis 27-15; D Hole 21-16.

Nailsea 93, Bradley Stoke 91 (mixed friendly): B Steed, D Nicholls, M Keates, D Price 26-10; J Hickmott, S Webber, J Elder, J Banham 8-37; S Hill, B Padfield, I Yuill, B Sheppard 23-15; J Allen, W Sheppard, K Hickmott, P MacLaren 15-20; C Hughes, J Parsons, M Lewis, R Stanford 21-28.

Nailsea Ladies 38, Victoria 47 (Mendip League): M Hole, A Willis, T Billington 11-15; J Wilson, S Avery, R Holloway 17-13; J Reed, J Gibson, J Clarke 10-19.

Congresbury 102, Long Ashton 95 (Over-60s League): I Morton, J Churchward, R Kirkham 21-13; B Link, C Edwards, D Rivers 17-15; G Wilcock, J Freemantle, M Kimmings 17-16; D Folds, A Lewis, F Horton 15-17; A Collins, G Stenner, A Fisher 8-22; K Cole, R Archer, R Stewart 24-12.

Congresbury 66, Nailsea 76 (Turnbull Cup): M Kimmings, M Huggett, M Wear, L Beck 20-12; G Wilcock, R King, A Fisher, B Herbison 15-22; B Baker, P Reay, T Yearsley, C Shipway 17-25; S Pook, D Rivers, R Becker, R Kirkham 14-17.

Congresbury 76, Long Ashton 77 (Cooperative Funeralcare Evening League): B Baker, R King, R Becker, C Shipway 12-22; G Wilcock, P Reay, R Keddy, A Fisher 13-31; R Anniuk, A Lewis, D Rivers, R Kirkham 19-14; M Kimmings, S Pook, M Wear, L Beck 32-10.

Congresbury 63, Burnham A 44 (County League): M Kimmings, R Archer, R Rivers, R Kirkham 18-21; B Baker, P Reay, M Wear, C Shipway 17-14; D Manning, D Byett, A Fisher, B Herbison 28-9.

Congresbury 63, Clarence B 59 (County League): P Dawes, R Jones, G Stenner, T Yearsley 14-27; D Folds, J Churchward, R Stewart, M Huggett 24-15; B Link, A Collins, C Edwards, F Horton 25-17.

Portishead RBL Ladies 53, Clevedon Prom 42 (NSL): C Bird, M Southey, P Crawshaw 22-9; J Saunders, K Strong, L Bridle 9-16; S Dando, A Lewins, C Pearce 22-17.

Portishead RBL Ladies 21, Olveston 35 (BLL A Division): P Groves, D Yeoman, P Spencer, R Hellens 9-25; D Gwynn, J Saunders, J Birth, C Pearce 12-10.

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