Winning start for Clevedon in national two fours event

PUBLISHED: 14:28 22 May 2018 | UPDATED: 14:28 22 May 2018

Steph Branfield.

Steph Branfield.


Clevedon defeated Congresbury in the national two fours competition and will now meet Winscombe in the next round

Clevedon men made a good start to the National Club competitions by overcoming a strong Congresbury side by 44 to 21 shots in the Two Fours. They will now meet Winscombe which has to be played by June 2.

The ladies also made a good start in the county Southey Trophy competition by beating Long Ashton 3.5-0.5. In the next round they play Portishead RBL on Saturday.

Last Sunday was the club’s annual president’s day when a match is played against the chairman’s team. A close match was enjoyed in near perfect weather with the chairman’s team coming home the winners by seven shots. The game was followed by an excellent three course meal.

Clevedon 44, Congresbury 21 (National Two Fours): K Bristow, P J Branfield, N Westlake, N Pearce 22-8; A Mace, A Bradley, M Davis, J Brommage 22-13.

Clevedon 56, Bristol 57 (County League Premier 1): A Mace, A Morgan, R Pitts, N Westlake 14-16; K Bristow, R Lord, M Davis, D Brightman 20-19; D Harding, A Bradley, P J Branfield, N Pearce 22-22.

Clevedon B 60, Clarence B 56 (County League North 2): F Ham, C Bethune, A Yates, M Payne 15-22; B Squires, P Battram, W Smith, M Langley 26-13; D Iles, D Hurst, C Jarrett, J Brommage 19-21.

Clevedon Ladies 3.5, Long Ashton 0.5 (Southey Trophy)-singles: S Branfield 21-15; pairs: J Drewitt, S Short 27-18; triples: S George, J Branfield, L Holden 21-14; fours: T Nicholson, D Brown, M Davis, M Foster 19-19.

Clevedon 98, Chew Stoke 73 (C&D Britannia Windows Evening League): D Watts, G Tripp, W Smith, S Meyrick 10-20; A Mace, C Bethune, D Harding, D Brightman 32-10; P Battram, G Woods, P Evans, J Brommage 17-23; F Ham, M J Cole, D Hurst, A Bradley 17-12; K Bristow, D Lowden, A Morgan, R Pitts 22- 8.

Clevedon Ladies 66, Clevedon Promenade 43 (Wessex League): K Hill, J Helliker, S George, M Foster 25-13; T Nicholson, M Davis, J Drewitt, J Branfield 32-5; D Brown, V Fletcher, S Short, T Cuff 9-25.

Clevedon Promenade A 54, Taunton A 55 (Somerset County League): G Hancox, A Pine, A Smith, K Chaney 15-19; J Powell, M Davis, J Fuidge, D Everett 19-18; S Fuidge, K Morris, D Demery, C Crees 20-18.

Clevedon Promenade B 55, West Backwell 51 (Somerset County League): D Hollier, B Neal, A Elsy, A Young 18-24; J Baker, R Cranshaw, P Fuidge,R Soper 20-11; A Tinkling, D Perham, D Higley, K Low 17-16.

Clevedon Promenade 83, Isle of Wedmore 128 (C&D Over-60s League): D Knowles. A Elsy 6-31; D O’Connor, M Sperring,D Hampton 19-20; R Applegate, B Neal, R Cranshaw 9-24; K Woodey, M Davis, C Crees 13-15; D Higley, N Pedder, D Demery 22-16; A Alvis, P Pearce, A Young 14-22.

Clevedon Promenade 103, Nailsea 61 (C&D Evening League): J Powell, R Soper, K Low, D Everett 24-13; A Elsy, A young, A Smith, J Bartlett 18-12; G Hancox, D Knowles, J Fuidge, K Chaney 25-8; D Higley, M Davis, A Pine, D Demery 19-17; R Cranshaw, B Neal, K Morris, C Crees 17-11.

Clevedon Promenade 115, Yatton 87 (Weston Over-60s Knockout Cup): A Tinkling, D Higley, M Davis 24-9; M Sperring. J Gover, J Powell 21-13; A Elsy, R Soper, D Hampton 21-19; P Brown, R Dowsing, K Low 8-23; R Cranshaw, B Neal, A Pine 26-11; N Pedder, N Cape, A Young 15-12.

Clevedon Promenade Ladies 61, Ashcombe 58 (Wessex League): F Rawlings, L Hardisty, J Jeffrey, S Sharp 18-18; L Welling, S Oliver, E Perham, E Rowley 22-20; L Fitzpatrick, P Soper, L Jones, J Hill 21-20.

Clevedon Promenade Ladies 43, Clevedon 66 (Wessex League): M Gough, J Sperring, L Hardisty, S Crombie 25-9; J Morris, L Pedder, C Pratten, J Hill 5-32; L Fitzpatrick, J Hulin, P Soper, S Pine 13-25.

Clevedon Promenade Ladies 50, West Backwell 52 (Doreen Ralph League): F Rawlings, M Wood, E Rowley, S Pine 9-20; E Perham, P Soper, S Farnden, A Crees 22-14, B Young, C Pratten, J Jeffrey, S Sharp 19-18.

Clevedon Promenade Ladies 70, Portishead 72 (Southey Cup): S Pine (singles) 13-21, E Perham, S Sharp (pairs) 23-16, P Soper, S Farnden, A Crees (triples) 21-12, L Hardisty, S Crombie, M Griffiths, E Rowley (fours) 13-23.

Nailsea 71, Clevedon Prom 103 (C&D Britannia Windows Evening League): D Hole, J Hall, R Lloyd, R Griffiths 13-24; M West, J Knight, D Flower, I Blatchford 12-18; A Billington, I Harvey, B Holloway 8-25; A Mansfield, R Hassell, N Edwards, J Davis 17-19; P Miller, D Nicholls, D Clark, J Whitear 11-17.

Nailsea B 49, Yatton B 59 (Somerset County League): M West, D Edler, M Conway, R Jefferies 12-28; P Miller, J Edler, J Hall, C Winter 17-17; B Powell, M Cordwell 20-14.

Nailsea A 39, Williton 62 (Somerset County League): A Mansfield, I Harvey, D Flower, I Blatchford 17-18; D Hole, P Gillard, J Davis, R Griffiths 10- 20, N Edwards, R Hassell, R Lloyd, J Whitear 12-24.

Nailsea 78, RBL Portishead 118 (C&D Britannia Windows Over-60s Evening League): A Mansfield, J Knight, D Price 11-18; M Cordwell, M Keates, A Avery 6-32; B Willis, P Gillard, D Hole 14-15; M Conway, R Hassell, A Billington 13-21; S Brown, K Westcott, D Flower 18-12; Holloway 16-20.

Nailsea 52, St Annes Park 67 (mixed friendly): M West, S Woodrow, N Dale, S Avery 10-18; L Gaunt, B Willis, J Edler, M Keates 11-19; B Steed, J Chivers, D Edler, D Price 15-11; A Willis, P Woodrow, H Fryer, A Avery 16-19.

Portishead 62, Knowle 40 (friendly): M Leach, E May, G Norris, D Robertson 20-17; D Brewer, G Davies, R Taylor, A Holmes 16-13; C Olivier, D Poulston, D Girling, E Daisley 26-10.

Portishead 83, Isle of Wedmore 115 (Weston Over-60s KO Cup): J Haberfield, A Reader, M Berryman 18-22; D Brewer, G Norris, D Robertson 16-19; D Day, D Clayton, J Franklin 8-23; L Tassell, L Byford, B Sexton 17-14; C Olivier, D Girling, D Taylor 10-15; E May, E Daisley, T Hounslow 14-22.

Portishead B 40, Isle of Wedmore B 71: M Leach, D Poulston, G Pinder, D Taylor 15-12; C Olivier, N Morrisey, M H-Matthews, A Reader 15-21; P Robson, G Davies, D Girling, A Holmes 10-38.

West Backwell 103, Nailsea 102 (C&D Britannia Windows Over-60s Knockout Cup): I Pugsley, P Tracey, A Robinson 19-18; D Morris, B Gage, R Langford 22-13; J Cafferty, I Wilson, K Dodd 17-19; G Brindle, R Webber, J Hathway 13-19; T Bone, R Hinton, P Sims 24-14; A Lovell, D Rigg, B Budd 8-19.

West Backwell (2) 51, Clevedon Promenade B (10) 55 (Somerset County League): B Gammon , D, Rigg, R Webber, J Couch 11-20; B Budd, M Windo, P Sims, J Ashmore 16-17; D Rycroft A Robinson, K Dodd, A Knights 24-18.

West Backwell 78, Portishead RBL 95 (C&D Britannia Windows Evening League): I Pugsley, I Wilson, B Budd, J Couch 17-14; T Bone, M Windo, P Tracey, J Hathway 13-27; A Lovell, D Chadwick, P Sims, A Robinson 13-16; M Naylor, J Ashmore, D Rycroft, A Knights 21-12; J Pope, D Rigg, B Gammon, K Dodd 14-26.

West Backwell 92, Congresbury 112 (C&D Britannia Windows Over-60s League): G Brindle, B Budd, A Robinson 19-10; T Bone, R Price, C Perry 12-24; D Morris, B Gage, R Langford 14-23; M Boulton, R Webber, J Hathway 12-18; A Lovell, I Wilson, K Dodd 22-19; R Keightley, R Hinton, P Sims 13-18.

West Backwell Ladies 70, Portishead RBL 78 (Southey Cup) - singles: J Ratcliffe 21-17; pairs: J Keightley, M Vivian 19-19; triples: V Ray, M Warfield, P Kingston 15-16; fours: C Pugsley, J Sims, V Webley, C Burgess 15-26.

West Backwell Ladies 52, Clevedon Prom 50 (Doreen Ralph Trophy): K Pugsley, V Peckham, M Vivian, P Kingston 20-9; V Ray, S Budd, J Ratcliffe, J Sims 18-19; L Bloom, C Lawrence, J Keightley, C Burgess 14-22.

West Backwell 61, Greenbank 68 (mixed friendly): C Cree, G Ellison, G Brindle, B Gage 19-14; M Boulton, C Langford, R Keightley, R Langford 16-19; D Gage, S Townsend, B Baker, A Robinson 15-19; J Sims, D Ratcliffe, M Warfield, R Webber 11-16.

Long Ashton 104, Somerset Patrons 113 (friendly): C Hollaway, L Randall, E Russell, P Adams, 12-25; T Rockey, D Weekley, V Adams, M Taylor 15-25; K Ramsden, C Randall, E Hockey, L Taylor 22-18; D Vass, G Thomas, C Ramsden, S Hall 20-13; D Brookes, D Anderson, M Wilmott, A Hall 17-21; J Osborne, M Wilmott, I Taylor, K Vass 18-11.

Long Ashton 141, Chew Stoke 75 (C&D Over-60s): J Eaton, C Randall, E Russell 15-15; R Thomas, K Bird, A Hall 27-9; A Lewis, C Ramsden, E Rockey 14-26; C Hollaway, P Silva, M Pemble 30-9; M Wring, V Adams, I Taylor 35-6; C Norman, I Webb, J Burt 20-10.

Long Ashton 87 (6), Congresbury 85 (3) (C&D League): TM Lynch, P Silva, P Smith, E Russell 21-14; M Wring, C Randall, K Bird, K Vass 8-19; C Hollaway, D Anderson, C Ramsden, A Hall 14-18; C Norman, V Adams, J Burt, M Taylor 16-24; J Eaton, J Williams, D Moore, D Harper 28-10.

Long Ashton 38 (0), Yate A 50 (10) (Bristol League): M Harding, V Adams, A Hall, M Taylor 11-16; K Vass, C Ramsden, E Russell, E Rockey 12-14; C Norman, D Moore, P Smith, M Givan 15-20.

Long Ashton 47, Chew Stoke 41 (DRT League): D Vass, D Weekley, T Rockey, S Hall 23-10; T Ricketts, K Ramsden, M Wilmott, C Bennett 15-25; L Taylor, J Osborne, S Taylor, P Adams 9-16.

Long Ashton 43, Winscombe 29 (ladies’ friendly): K Ramsden, I Martin, M Wilmott 15-11; M McGregor, J Eaton, S Hall 17-9; B Smith, D Weekley, C Bennett 11-9.

Long Ashton Ladies 0.5, Clevedon 3.5 (Southey Trophy)-singles: C Bennett 15-21; pairs: T Hilton, T Rockey 18-27; triples: D Vass, C Marshall, P Adams 14-21; fours: T Ricketts, K Gough, M Wilmott, S Norman 19-19.

Portishead RBL 47, Clevedon Prom B 26 (National Two-rink Fours): A Spencer, I Gough, D Groves, D Gregory 28-11; T Birth, J Bridle, B Daly, T Winmill 19-15.

Portishead RBL 60, GB Britton 74 (Clarence Davey Cup): T Birth, T Barnes, J Bridle, S Secker 12-22; A Wellings, J Nichols, D Groves, D Gregory 13-20; A Spencer, K Martin, R Withey, F Allen 21-16; P Davies, I Gough, N Rogers, B Daly 14-16.

Portishead RBL 65, Bristol B 50 (Somerset Division 2 North): D Vowles, D Crawshaw, J Nichols, R Withey 28-16; D Welsh, T Barnes, A Gray, N Rogers 16-18; J McCarthy, L Slatter, K Martin, B Daly 21-16.

Portishead RBL C 70, Wrington 48 (Somerset Division 2 North): B Major, B Excell, J Scott, B Norman 17-21; T Eden, B Scruby, J Dumble, A Strong 26-17; M Roberts, P Kelly, A Gwynn, R Wilkinson 27-13.

Portishead RBL 94, Congresbury 81 (Britannia Windows C&D League): A Wellings, J Scott, J Nichols, D Gregory 18-11; B Major, A Strong, K Martin, R Withey 30-12; M Roberts, T Barnes, P Davies, D Groves 19-21; T Birth, A Gray, N Rogers, J B Ridle 15-18; B Norman, N Castleton, A Spencer, B Daly 12-19.

Portishead RBL 30, Isle of Wedmore 38 (Tony Alcock National 2-rink Mixed Fours): K Lane, A Strong, M Southey, M Gozna 18-19; P Groves, J Nichols, S Davies, D Groves 12-19.

Portishead RBL 95, West Backwell 78 (Britannia Windows C&D League): I Gough, T Eden, P Davies, D Groves 12-21; A Wellings, D Crawshaw, J Nichols, D Gregory 16-13; T Birth, D Perry, J Bridle, S Secker 26-14; B Major, A Spencer, K Martin, R Withey 14-17; M Roberts, N Rogers, B Daly, T Winmill 27-13.

Portishead RBL 88, Weston St Andrews 122 (Weston Over-60s League): D Vowles, A Gwynn, J Bridle 9-20; D Welsh, G Chidzey, R Withey 14-22; T Smith, N Castleton, I Gough 19-15; M Roberts, T Barnes, D Groves 14-21; J McCarthy, K Lane, D Gregory 22-17; B Norman, A Spencer, B Daly 10-27.

Portishead RBL 118, Nailsea 78 (Britannia Windows C&D Over-60s League): M Roberts, J Scott, B Daly 20-16; P Kelly, M Bryant, D Crawshaw 32-6; D Vowles, R Wilkinson, I Gough 15-14; B Scruby, T Smith, J Bridle 12-18; A Wellings, G Chidzey, D Gregory 18-11; J McCarthy, K Martin, R Withey 21-13.

Congresbury 85, Long Ashton 87 (Britannia Windows Evening League): A Fisher, D Norman, M Wear, L Beck 19-8; R Stewart, G Wilcock, G Stenner, R Archer 10-28; J Freemantle, R King, P Reay, B Herbison 24-16; B Baker, R Anniuk, R Becker, R Birmingham 18-14; A Collins, D Manning, T Lewis, C Shipway 14-21.

Congresbury A 62, Nailsea A 44 (SBA Premiership 2): B Baker, P Reay, D Byett, R Birmingham 12-18; M Kimmings, T Lewis, M Wear, C Shipway 29-9; I Morton, R King, R Becker, B Herbison 21-17.

Congresbury B 57, Chew Stoke A 57 (SBA Division 1 North): R Stewart, D Norman, M Huggett, R Archer 21-19; J Freemantle, R Jones, F Horton, T Yearsley 19-18; A Fisher, R Anniuk, G Stenner, L Beck 17-20.

Congresbury Ladies 59, Wessex 43 (Weston & District Ladies League): D Harrison P Baker, A Jones 15-21; C Wilcock, R Horton, B Huggett17-11; H Tranmer, C Lewis, K Herbison 27-11.

Congresbury Ladies 44, Victoria Whites 42 (Mendip League): C Wilcock, R Horton, D Harrison 8-15; C Lewis, J. Byett; B Huggett 15-17; J Craig, C Andrews, A King 21-10.

Congresbury Ladies 3, Isle of Wedmore 1 (Southey Trophy): D Harrison 21-12; J Byett, A King, K Herbison 20-12; C Wilcock, A Jones 21-20; C Lewis, C Andrews, R Horton, P Baker 15-16.

Yatton 75, Victoria Park 66 (mixed friendly): J Hull, M Mills, A Richards, P Allen 13-27; A Mackay, A Wesson, D Hunt, B Hull 20-11; A Storm, J Richards, T Passingham, S Pascoe 20-14; B King, D Wesson, P Welham, T Storm 22-14.

Yatton 100, Victoria Vikings 89 (Weston Triples League): A Richards, T Passingham, M Withyman 14-24; E Reynolds, C Parsons, D Blundell 15-21; M Musgrove, N Jones, R Bish 15-19; A Mackay, J Knight, T Storm 22-15; D Hunt, B Hardwick, S Pascoe 34-10.

Yatton Ladies 3, Nailsea 1 (Southey Trophy – singles: P Goddard 6-22; pairs: A Storm, M Spalding 29-16; triples: P Welham, C Lewis, B Parker 14-13; fours: R Passingham, J Hull, P Allen, S Parsons 29-5.

Portishead RBL Ladies 44, Olveston 23 (BLLA): D Gwynn, I Hussey, P Spencer, R Hellens 24-14; J Saunders, P Groves, S Davies, M Gozna 20-9.

Portishead RBL Ladies 31, City & Port of Bristol 35 (BLLB): P Wilkinson, S Rogers, H Naunton, L Bridle 22-17; S Dando, T Gentle, M Southey, N Wells 9-18.

Portishead RBL Ladies 54, Bristol Ladies 43 (friendly): J Sandell, A Lewins, H Naunton, M Southey 11-14; B Vowles, T Gentle, J Saunders, K Strong 23-16; C Roberts, P Smith, P Wikinson, N Wells 20-13.

Portishead RBL Ladies 68, Ashcombe 37 (NSL): M Excell, K Strong, R Hellens 16-19, D Gwynn, J Calladine, I Hussey 26-8, S Dando, H Naunton, L Bridle 16-10.

Portishead RBL Ladies 78, West Backwell 70 (Southey Cup): S Davies 17-21; J Birth, R Hellens 19-19; H Naunton, P Groves, M Gozna 16-15; D Gwynn, S Rogers, L Bridle, P Spencer 26-15.

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