Triumphant day for Clevedon ladies

PUBLISHED: 12:36 05 September 2012

Stuart Henderson bowling for West Backwell BC.

Stuart Henderson bowling for West Backwell BC.


Clevedon Bowls Club ladies enjoyed a successful day in the finals of the Somerset County Championships.

CLEVEDON Bowls Club ladies had a triumphant day in the finals of the Somerset County Championships at Yeovil, with four victories, and two runners-up.

As the other club involved in these finals was Clevedon Promenade, it was a good day for the town’s two bowling clubs.

Under-25 singles: Stefanie Branfield beat Laura Holden (Clevedon) 21-10. Singles: Stefanie Branfield bt Lyn Palmer (Clevedon) 21-9. Triples: L Holden, JM Branfield, S Branfield bt A Johnstone, S Walker, M Dyer (Promenade) 24-13. Fours: P Hussey, A Ford, S Bird, L Palmer bt A Johnstone, C Pratten, S Farnden, M Dyer (Promenade) 20-8.

Clevedon A finished the season in second place in the Somerset County Premier league. Ilminster A were the champions by a three point margin, having beaten Portishead RBL by one shot in their final game.

Clevedon A 53, Watchet A 59: D Harding, B Wrightson, M Short, PJ Branfield 21-22; G Fletcher, R Withers, D Brightman, JP Branfield 16-15; K Bristow, A Morgan, A Bradley, M Davis 16-22.

Clevedon A 55, Bristol A 48: D Harding, A Bradley, M Davis, J Hick 21-14; G Fletcher, D Brightman, N Westlake, JP Branfield 23-9; K Bristow, A Morgan, G Jay, PJ Branfield 11-25.

Clevedon B 47, Burnham A 65 (Somerset League): G Woods, J Weeks, B Squire, J Brommage 10-22; D Watts, J Manning, A Miller, R Sweet 14-26; R Openshaw, M Cordwell, B Wrightson, R Williams 23-17.

Clevedon 105, Nailsea 101 (Clevedon & District Over-60s League): M Archer, P Stevens, M Langley 18-6; J Fowler, M Say, N Neath 11-22; A Crow, B Wrightson, R Williams 21-12; M Cordwell, J Weeks, P Evans 19-14; B Davis, A Miller, K Bristow 23-14; R Openshaw, B Squire, H Hayter 13-33.

Clevedon 106, Clarence Blues 84 (Weston Over-60s League): F Leonard, G Woods, P Evans 21-8; P Cornish, D Priddle, N Cape 27-14; R Brown, V Perry, A Morgan 19-14; G Drewitt, B Wrightson, C Seward 16-11; A Crow, J Manning, M Langley 9-24; M Sutton, J Weeks, M Payne 14-13.

Clevedon Ladies 14, Yate 62 (friendly): S Savage, A Scott, M Davis, J Monaghan 4-23; J Henderson, E Dawson, V Fletcher, M Foster 5-18; M Cordwell, P Hayter, T Cuff, M Gadd 5-21.

NAILSEA 105, Clarence Golds 103 (Weston Over-60s League): S Brown, D Hole, B Padfield 23-16; J Gardner, R Webber, D Price 14-15; A Mansfield, B Willis, J Chivers 21-11; W Holland, R Cook, J Reed 12-21; M Church, C Winter, A Billington 19-27; A Young, R MacLaren, R Lloyd 16-13.

Nailsea 100, Portishead 97 (Clevedon and District Co-operative Funeralcare Over-60s League): M Keates, R Webber, J Chivers 13-13; W Holland, R Cook, C Winter 19-15; R Hill, B Padfield, D Price 13-24; J Knight, D Nicholls, R Lloyd 24-12; K Gottschling, A Avery, A Billington 15-19; S Brown, B Willis, J Reed 16-14.

Nailsea 100, Clevedon 105 (Clevedon and District Co-operative Funeralcare Over-60s League): T Dyer, C Winter, R Lloyd 6-18; M West, J Nash, D Price 22-11; R Hill, M Keates, J Edmunds 12-21; M Church, A Avery, J Davis 13-19; W Holland, R MacLaren, J Reed 14-23; I Lewis, B Padfield, T Billington 33-13.

Nailsea Ladies 49, Congresbury 51 (Mendip League): J Wilson, S Avery, P MacLaren 24-15; A Willis, .Hill, T Billington 14-21; H Nicoll, J Gibson, B Dyer 11-15.

Nailsea Ladies 65, Isle of Wedmore 37 (Mendip League): A Willis, S Avery, T Billington 26-10; C Dyer, P Hill, P MacLaren 18-13; J Wilson, R Holloway, B Dyer 21-14.

SHEILA Claxton and Chris Perry are this year’s ladies’ and men’s singles champions at West Backwell Bowling Club.

Results - ladies’ champion: Sheila Claxton; runner-up: Jayne Keightley. Two-wood singles: Shirley Logan; Sheila Stagg. Myf Davies: Julie Ratcliffe; Val Ray. Fixed Jack: Jayne Keightley; Julie Ratcliffe. Pairs: Joan Jackson and Pam Topley; Diane Gage and Val Ray. Frank Harvey Fours: Jean Webb, Bob Keightley, Joan Jackson and Jim Wherlock; Tim Eden, Diane Gage, Julie Ratcliffe and Geoff Arnold.

Men’s singles champion: Chris Perry; Brian Gage. Two-wood singles: John Couch; Jim Wherlock. Handicap: John Couch; Geoff Arnold. Len Lingard: Geoff Arnold; David Morris. Veterans: Geoff Arnold; David Morris. Pairs: Denis Chadwick and Geoff Arnold; Bob Keightley and John Couch. Triples: Reg Baldry, Denis Sloper and Jim Wherlock; Terry Dyer, Brian Gage and Stuart Henderson.

West Backwell 96, Chew Stoke 98 (C & D Over-60s League): T Dyer, M Chinn, P Tracey 25-7; M Naylor, R Keightley, D Sloper 14-13; P Lamb, R Stevens, D Rigg 13-13; G Williams, I Wilson, B Gage 17-21; T Bone, S Henderson, R Hinton 16-21; D Ratcliffe, M Topley, G Horler 11-23.

PORTISHEAD RBL played Ilminster in the final game of the Somerset Premiership to decide the championship.

In an exciting finale they went down by just one shot.

Portishead RBL A 52, Ilminster 53 (Somerset Premier Division 1): P Davies, A Spencer, J Bridle, T Barnes 24-17; T Birth, K Martin, B Daly, D Yeates 17-17; D Groves, D Crawshaw, S Secker, D Gregory 11-19.

Portishead RBL B 53, Congresbury 61 (Somerset Division 1 North): D Vowles, D Iles, A Hoyles, R Withey 13-16; M Hook, T Winmill, L Slatter, J Nichols 19-19; M Chivers, K Hoyles, I Gough, J Ashwin 21-26.

Portishead RBL C 56, Chew Stoke B 57 (Somerset Division 2 North): R Lee, G Howell, A Gwynn, N Rogers 18-23; C Hill, D Haigh, A Strong, R Wilkinson 16-16; C Cant, B Norman, G Chidzey, N Castleton 22-18.

Portishead RBL C 64, Portishead 44 (Somerset Division 2 North): K Excell, P Bradshaw, A Gwynn, N Castleton 19-16; A Wright, K Hoyles, A Strong, R Wilkinson 22-18; D Iles, B Norman, D Haigh, N Rogers 23-7.

Portishead RBL 117, Congresbury 65 (C & D Over-60s): M Chivers, N Rogers, J Bridle 24-11; D Vowles, A Gwynn, D Groves 13-14; B Palphramand, D Crawshaw, D Gregory 32-9; R Lee, G Chidzey, K Martin 18-10; G Howell, R Withey, P Hussey 18-8; I Gough, J Nichols, B Daly 12-13.

YATTON Bowling Club competition winners-championship: Gary Smith, runner-up: Bill Casey. Men’s pairs: Nigel Robinson and Bill Casey; Barry Hull and Dave Bessant. Men’s two-wood: Neil Edmonds; Barry Hull. Fixed Jack: Gary Smith; Derrick Sweet. Handicap: Dave Bessant; Ron Bish. Hazard: Trevor Storm; John Knight. Veterans: Dave Bessant; Ron Bish. Hibbs: Simon Pascoe; Ricky Mills. Mixed pairs: Mo Millard and Bill Casey; Pat Goddard and Dave Goddard. Club open singles: Trevor Storm; Bill Casey.

Yatton 42, Congresbury 55 (friendly triples): N Allen, E Reynolds, D Blundell 12-23; G Dodd, S Pascoe, T Storm 17-15; A George, P Creber, J Parker 13-17.

Yatton 60, Wedmore 110 (Weston Triples League): G Walford, B Foster, M Withyman 12-16; A George, E Reynolds, J Parker 14-21; K Lawrence, D Goddard, D Blundell 10-28; J Knight, B Hardwick, R Bish 13-22; S Pascoe, G Price, B Topham 11-23.

Yatton A 54, Mark Moor 41 (County League): D Goddard, S Pascoe, P Osborne, D Bessant 20-11; B Foster, J Knight, M Withyman, T Robinson 17-19; L Howe, R Lewis, T Storm, W Casey 17-11.

Yatton 48, Long Ashton 59 (friendly triples): W Barritt, J Parker, T Storm 16-14; E Reynolds, D Blundell, C Parsons 24-15; K Lawrence, S Pascoe, B Foster 8-30.

Yatton Ladies 86, Winscombe 52 (friendly): L Manning, P Laver, S Crombie, P Allen 14-26; S Carr, M Williams, F McCormack, M Hubbard 28-14; A Storm, P Welham, B Topham, B Parker 44-12.

CLEVEDON Prom Ladies 56, Winscombe 38 (North Somerset Triples): S Farnden, L Jones, C Pratten 21-12; E Perham, M Griffiths, J Jeffrey 13-14; B Young, E Rowley, S Sharp 22-12.

Clevedon Prom Ladies 63, Long Ashton 42 (North Somerset Triples): F Rawlings, E Rowley, M Dyer 24-18; B Young, J Hill, J Jeffrey 18-12; E Perham, S Sharp, A Crees 21-12.

Clevedon Prom 72, Bridgwater 75: A Tinkling, T Derrick A Symes 23-12; J Fuidge, B Quantrill, B Davis 12-20; B Carpenter, K Bartlett, A Elsy 16-11; A Coombes, R Todd, R Jenkins 10-18; S Fuidge, D Loveridge, D Hampton 11-14.

Clevedon Prom 119, Long Ashton 89 (Co-operative Funeralcare Triples League): A Elsy, B Rogers, J Bartlett 31-6; N Arney, M Leigh, P Bissett 20-18; T Green, E Nash-Clark, D Everett 16-16; A Tinkling, N Brooks, D Knowles 8-21; R Cranshaw, H Jeffrey, H Williams 20-13; C Bethune, J Parish, S Harvey 24-15.

Clevedon Prom Ladies 38, St Andrews 85: M Loveridge, E Perham, D Symes 3-28; J Barber, V Say, F Rawlings 12-10; S Davis, D Cranshaw, B Hollier 10-15; J Alvis, J Sperring, M Griffiths 13-32.

Clevedon Prom 99, Sunningdale 92: L Hardisty, D Symes, N Brooks, D Demery 22-18; P Soper, D Kibby, J Powell, S Harvey 15-16; F Rawlings, Be Quantrill, A Symes, B Jones 14-17; A Johnstone, R Jenkins, E Rowley, E Furze 20-18; J Barber, S Turner, B Quantrill, R Soper 28-23.

Clevedon Prom 111, Long Ashton 88: B Young, S Roach, D Perham, D Loveridge 26-14; J Barber, B Hollier, P Bissett, D Hampton 29-19; M Loveridge, A Coombes, B Davis, A Elsy 18-22; M Wood, J Morris, D Hollier, G Giles 18-17; E Perham, S Davis, K Morris, A Young 20-16.

PORTISHEAD RBL Ladies 48, Winscombe 49 (NSL League): P Smith, S Castleton, P Gregory 10-24; S Dando, B Vowles, K Strong 22-9; A Lewins, S Phipps, R Hellens 16-16.

Portishead RBL Ladies 66, Long Ashton 45 (DRT League): J Birth, P Groves, R Broad, M Gozna 32-10; B Vowles, V Brett, P Spencer, M Southey 16-18; D Gwynn, P Gregory, N Wells, R Hellens 18-17.

CONGRESBURY Ladies 51, Nailsea 49 (Mendip League): C Lewis, W Manning, D Harrison 15-11; C Wilcock, S Wright, C Andrews 15-24; D Davis, E Stenner, V Harding 21-14.

Congresbury 63, Bristol Arrow 54 (friendly): D Manning, A Harding, M Huggett, L Beck 20-14; J Freemantle, D Bath-Taylor, D Rivers, J Stone 15-14; C Everett, I Morton, M Wear 10-14; A Edwards, C Edwards, G Stenner 18-12.

Congresbury 65, Portishead RBL 118 (Co-operative Funeralcare Over-60s League): R Jones, D Byett, R Kirkham 14-13; A Harding, M Kimmings, D Rivers 11-25; J Churchward, M Huggett, D Manning 13-12; G Wilcox, D Gosling, T Yearsley 10-18; A Edwards, J Freemantle, G Stenner 9-32; P Dawes, R Joseph, C Blagden 8-18.

Congresbury 61, Portishead RBL 53 (Somerset League): R Baker, M Huggett, G Stenner, R Kirkham 26-21; P Reay, I Morton, D Rivers, M Wear 19-19; R Anniuk, D Byett, R Stewart, R Becker 16-13.

PORTISHEAD Ladies 48, Redland 66: P Aldren, S Collier, S Pile, M Withey 13-20; M Collins, S Ross, J Allen, P Stanniforth 23-25; G Read, C Mount, G Calladine, N Ward 12-21.

Portishead Ladies 34, North Petherton 57 (WDL): S Dix, B Thompson, M Withey 17-15; J Allen, M Cross, D Lockett 10-18; C Norris, N Ward, A Bridgen 7-24.

Portishead Ladies 49, Long Ashton 55 (NSTL): G Berryman, N Ward, D .Lockett 20-11; H Luffman, S Collier, P Stanniforth 14-18; J Allen, V Hounslow, M Cross 15-26.

PORTISHEAD 97, Nailsea 100 (Over-60s League): R Piper, B Staniforth, F Allen 13-13; R Price, K Gaubert, R Fox 19-15; G Lerway, T Hounslow, P Howard 12-24; R Brake, B Sexton, M Lockett 15-19; J Holland, G Morgan, M Gardner 24-13; G Norris, D Clayton, D Robertson 14-16.

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