Triples cup final success for Clevedon Prom

PUBLISHED: 12:36 12 September 2012

Clevedom Promenade.

Clevedom Promenade.


Clevedon Promenade defeated Congresbury in the final of the Clevedon & District Triples Cup final

CLEVEDON Promenade defeated Congresbury in the final of the Clevedon & District Triples Cup final, sponsored by Co-operative Funeralcare.

The game was played at Portishead and after a hard-fought game, the Prom ran out 110-96 winners.

Clevedon Prom 110, Congresbury 96 (Co-operative Funeralcare Triples Cup final): J Powell, P Bissett, J Bartlett 20-14; N Brooks, D Knowles, H Williams 16-16; B Rogers, B Jones, C Crees 24-17; A Passey, M Leigh, A Pine 19-12; C Bethune, A Young, R Soper 18-16; R Cranshaw, H Jeffrey, D Demery 13-21.

Clevedon Prom 104, Portishead RBL 130 (Co-operative Funeralcare Triples League): K Faithfull, N Brooks, D Knowles 21-15; B Quantrill, K Low, D Demery 22-15; R Cranshaw, A Elsy, D Everett 20-16; P Packer, D Hampton, J Bartlett 9-29; T Green, P Bissett, H Williams 26-18; K Bartlett, A Young, S Harvey 6-37.

Clevedon Prom Ladies 55, West Backwell 44 (Weston Triples League): P Soper, S Sharp, L Greeves 23-19; D Symes, F Rawlings, M Dyer 16-13; J Sperring, L Jones, C Pratten 16-12.

Clevedon Prom Ladies 53, Winscombe 60 (Doreen Ralph League): B Young, Be Quantrill, M Sheppard, E Rowley 22-18; M Wood, B Hollier, L Jones, A Crees 16-23; E Perham, V Say, S Farnden, S Pine 15-19.

Clevedon Prom 90, Winscombe 88: D Perham, K Bartlett, A Elsy 10-17; M Whitehead, M Wise, A Symes 27-14; B Baldwin, R Cranshaw, D Demery 23-17; A Tinkling, G Giles, J Bartlett 17-14; C Bethune, J Gover, S Harvey 13-26.

Clevedon Prom Ladies 39, Wrington 52: L Baker, D Symes, M Griffiths 8-20; M Loveridge, M Wood, C Neal 13-18; A Gibbins, L Hardisty, S Walker 18-14.

Clevedon Prom Ladies 42, Victoria 73 (Weston Triples League): M Wood, A Jackson, S Pine 16-22; F Rawlings, M Griffiths, E Rowley 9-28; A Johnstone, J Hill, C Pratten 17-23.

Clevedon Prom 78, GB Britton 104: B Neal, T Green, R Jenkins 5-32; D Kibby, T Derrick, J Powell 22-10; S Roach, K Morris, A Young 29-7; A Tinkling, S Fuidge, D Loveridge 12-34; B Carpenter, J Fuidge, A Elsy 10-21.

AFTER a highly successful season, Clevedon lLadies had high hopes of winning the Southey Trophy, in which nearly all the county’s clubs had competed.

It was not to be in the final against Ilminster, they lost by the narrowest of margins, by one shot. The match was heading for a 2-2 points tie and with just one end remaining in the fours match, Clevedon were two shots ahead, but Ilminster triumphed with a decisive three shots.

Earlier in the day, Clevedon and Ilminster had won their semi-finals against Clevedon Promenade and Watchet respectively.

Clevedon (4) 76, Promenade (0) 45 (semi-final) - Singles: Laura Holden 21-14; pairs: Sheila Short & Stef Branfield 23-14; triples: P Hussey, S Bird, JM Branfield 13-10; fours: A Ford, M Foster, J Drewitt, L Palmer 19-7.

Clevedon (2) 70, Ilminster (2) 71 (final) - singles: Laura Holden 13-21; pairs: Sheila Short & Stef Branfield 24-14; triples: P Hussey, S Bird, JM Branfield 19-10; fours: A Ford, M Foster, J Drewitt, L Palmer 14-26.

Clevedon Ladies 66, Portishead RBL 48 (North Somerset League): M Gadd, A Ford, S Branfield 19-14; M Cordwell, J Drewitt, JM Branfield 22-16; T Cuff, M Foster, P Hussey 15-18.

Clevedon 99, Long Ashton 87 (Clevedon & District Over 60s Triples League): M Sutton, K Bird, J Brommage 9-21; D Richards, G Woods, E Kitchen 27-13; A Crow, D Priddle, C Seward 4-21; M Hussey, J Weeks, R Williams 23-8; A Bisp, J Manning, M Payne 16-11; M Cole, A Miller, N Cape 20-13.

Clevedon 139, The Den, Teignmouth 96 (friendly): A Scott, M Rothwell, M Cordwell, D Priddle 22-16; L Sawyer, D Watts, V Fletcher, A Morgan 17-19; A Mace, J Priddle, T Cuff, D Harding 36-8; M Cordwell, J Monaghan, M Say, N Neath 17-16; M Archer, J Drewitt, G Drewitt, D Brightman 22-20; J Jenkyn, B Whittaker, J Brown, G Fletcher 25-17.

Clevedon 90, Ashcombe 102 (friendly): G Drewitt, M Sutton, B Wrightson, G Fletcher 19-20; R Openshaw, M Cordwell, M Say, G Woods 22-17; M Cole, R Brown, K Bird, D Harding 18-16; D Watts, J Fowler, J Weeks, A Morgan 10-32; M Archer, J Manning, A Miller, E Kitchen 21-17.

NAILSEA 75, Sunningdale 119 (mixed friendly): C Dyer, K Gottschling, S Avery, J Edmunds 8-26; J Wilson, R Webber, D Hole, A Avery 14-27; K Gottschling, T Billington, T Dyer, P MacLaren 26-15; M Hole, A Mansfield, I Lamb, T Billington 14-25; A Willis, R MacLaren, J Mash, B Dyer 13-26.

Nailsea Ladies 42, Arrow 70 (friendly): A Willis, K Gottschling, C Chambers, D Jobling 20-25; C Dyer, M Hole, B Shepheard, R Holloway 16-17; B Steed, C Marshall, E Waddell, S Hill 6-28.

Nailsea Ladies 60, Clevedon Promenade 53 (DRT League): J Reed, S Avery, M Lewis, D Jobling 19-15; B Steed, S Hill, P MacLaren, B Dyer 23-16; C Dyer, R Holloway, P Hill, T Billington 18-22.

Nailsea Ladies 62, Fosseway 45 (Mendip League): J Wilson, S Hill, B Dyer 22-11; J Reed, P MacLaren, T Billington 13-20; A Willis, P Hill, M Lewis 27-14.

PORTISHEAD RBL 130, Clevedon Prom 104 (Clevedon & District Over-60s): D Vowles, R Wilkinson, D Groves 18-26; A Wellings, N Rogers, J Bridle 15-21; K Excell, K Lane, D Gregory 37-6; I Gough, J Nichols, B Daly15-22; R Lee, T Smith, K Martin16-20; G Howell, B Norman, R Withey 29-9.

CONGRESBURY Ladies 60, Victoria 55 (Mendip League): C Wilcock, W Manning, A Jones 32-13; A Mew, E Stenner, B Huggett 11-23; D Davis, M Hill, C Andrews 17-19.

Congresbury 96, Ashcombe 60 (friendly): G Wilcock, D Folds, D Manning, R Archer 16-28; D Byett, R Tasker, C Edwards, R Becker 21-13; P Reay, A Edwards, D Gosling, L Beck 33-3; J Churchward, C Everett, J Freemantle, D Rivers 26-16.

Congresbury 94, Henleaze 90 (friendly): P Reay, N Jarvis, I Morton, L Beck 23-18 K Cole, C Everett, J Freemantle, J Stone 22-18; D Byett, A Edwards, M Huggett, G Stenner 14-23; S Pook, R Joseph, D Rivers, M Wear 16-12; P Dawes, D Manning, R Archer, R Becker 19-19.

Congresbury 96, Clevedon Prom 110 (C&D Over-60s KO Cup final) P Reay, T Yearsley, L Beck 16-18; D Manning, C Blagden, G Stenner 14-20; J Freemantle, M Huggett, M Wear 17-24; D Byett, D Gosling, R Becker 16-16; R Archer, D Rivers, B Herbison 12-19; S Pook, R Stewart, R Kirkham 21-13.

Congresbury 94, Portishead 95 (Over-60s League): M Kimmings, M Huggett, T Yearsley 19-12; D Folds, S Pook, J Stone 20-18; J Freemantle, D Gosling, D Rivers 15-17; R Jones, G Wilcock, R Kirkham 14- 15; K Cole, C Blagden, L Beck 17-12; A Edwards, J Churchward, D Manning 9-21.

YATTON Bowls Club men’s championship: P Allen; runner-up; S Crombie. Handicap: P Goddard; S Crombie. Pairs: A Storm and M Millard; S Carson and P Goddard. Betty Gilmour: S Crombis; P Goddard. Fixed Jack: C Lewis; P Goddard. Two-wood: E Topham; F McCormack.

Ladies’ championship: Pat Allen; Sandra Crombie. Pairs: Alison Storm & Mo Millard; Shelly Carson & Pat Goddard. Two-wood: Betty Topham; Francis McCormack. Fixed Jack: Chris Lewis; Pat Goddard. Handicap: Pat Goddard; Sandra Crombie. Betty Gilmour: Sandra Crombie; Pat Goddard. Wakefield Cup: Chris Lewis; Shelly Carson.

Yatton Ladies 85, St Andrews 45: M Millard, A Storm, B Parker, P Allen 37-9; P Laver, M William, A Keating, M Hubbard 13-24; L Manning, C Lewis, B Topham, M Spalding 35-12.

Yatton Ladies 68, West Backwell 60: L Manning, F McCormack, A Keating, S Parsons 20-20; P Laver, M Williams, M Hubbard, M Spalding 25-16; A Storm, M Millard, P Goddard, P Allen 23-24.

PORTISHEAD RBL Ladies 74, Victoria 45 (friendly): P Smith, T Gentle, R Broad, J Gardner 15-20; C Bird, A Lewins, D Gwynn, S Davies 29-16; M Babbington, C Booth, P Groves, J Ferguson 30-9.

Portishead RBL Ladies 56, Long Ashton 36 (NSL League): L Bridle, S Rogers, R .Hellens 18-13; S Davies, J Saunders, P Gregory 23-12; J Birth, V Brett, D Yeoman 15-11.

Portishead RBl Ladies 48, Clevedon 56 (NSL League): P Groves, S.Castleton, M Gozna 18-15; S Rogers, N Wells, R Hellens 14-19; P Smith, S Davies, D Yeoman 16-22.

PORTISHEAD Ladies 47, CLARENCE 55 (NSTL): S Tassell, N Ward, R Pears 19-18; C Norris, M Cross, A Bridgen 21-14; S Pile, J Allen, B Tompson 7-23. Friendly rink: B Mullen, G Berryman, S Collier 15-22.

CLEVEDON Bowls Club is holding a coffee morning on September 21 at their headquarters in Knoll Paddock, Chapel Hill, Clevedon.

This event is open between 10.30am-1.30 pm and will include a cake stall, bring and buy bowls table, cards and wrapping paper, jewellery and a raffle.

All proceeds go to the captain’s charity: JDR F (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation).

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