Successful open fours tournament held at Nailsea

PUBLISHED: 15:45 08 July 2015

Nailsea Bowls Club winners.

Nailsea Bowls Club winners.


Nailsea Bowls Club open fours tournament was won by a team from the Rhymney Valley in South Wales.

The Nailsea Open Fours Bowls Tournament was once again support by teams from Avonmouth, Bristol, Somerset and three teams from South Wales.

After 20 years of trying to win the trophy, the team from Ystrad Mynach in the Rhymney Valley were successful.

The photograph shows the winners (left to right): T Arthur, K Godsall, D Hurley and L Davies.

Nailsea B 52, Burnham 69 (Somerset County League): A Young, T Dyer, D Clark, J Davis 17-22; P Miller, A Mansfield, R Hill, J Hathway 23-21; G White, B Willis, R Stanford, R Jefferies 12-26.

Nailsea 86, Chew Stoke 123 (Clevedon & District Over-60s Co-operative Funeralcare League): W Shepheard, C Hughes, R Webber 10-24; D Nicholls, A Young, A Billington 30-16; R Cook, P Miller, A Dyer 12-14; H Willis, B Willis, C Winter 15- 13; S Brown, R Hill, D Flower 7-37; K Harris, A Mansfield, J Whitear 12-19.

Nailsea 77, Portishead RBL 115: A Mansfield, J Cafferty, J Chivers 10-17; W Shepheard, R Stanford, A Billington 8-25; I Yuill, J Mash, D Price 9-30; R Cook, M Keates, D Hole 16-21; M West, B Willis, D Flower 16-8; P North, A Young, J Hathway 18-14.

Nailsea 103, Clarence Golds 89 (Weston & District Over-60s League): D Nicholls, A Mansfield, J Prince 15-20; C Hughes, R Hill, M Keates 19-13; H Willis, R Stanford, C Winter 16-15; S Pigrem, P Miller, A Dyer 21-13; P Harley, A Young, D Price 15-16; S Brown, A Billington, D Hole 17-12.

Nailsea Ladies 32, Clevedon Promenade 42 (DRT League): J Gibson, J Willis, S Avery, T Billington 14-8; A Willis, M Hole, B Shepheard, R Holloway 13-18; C Dyer, J Chivers, P Hill, P MacLaren 5-16.

Nailsea Ladies 27, Victoria 76 (Mendip League): J Chivers, S Avery, P Hill 10-21; M Hole, M Lewis, T Billington 8-30; A Willis, J Gibson, B Shepheard 9-25.

Nailsea Ladies 66, Congresbury 72 (Southey Cup) – singles: M Lewis 10-21; pairs J Gibson, R Holloway 18-16; triples: A Willis, S Avery, T Billington 21-12; fours: M Hole, J Willis, B Shepheard, P Hill 17-23.

Portishead Ladies 94, Redland Green 74 (M/F) D Howells, S Ross, G White, S Daisley 29-22; J Clark, P Williams, S. Tassell, D Robertson 21-19; R Piper, P Rennie, L Tassell, J Brown 23-16; M Stephens, P Kemp, E Daisley, J Calladine 21-17.

Portishead Ladies 39, Congresbury 67 (WDTL): D Lewis, M Cross, R Pears 19-22; S Tassell, J Brown, J White 16-16; D Franklin, M Withey, G Berryman 5-29.

Portishead Ladies 60, Long Ashton 49 (NTL): S Dix, J Calladine, M Cross 24-11; H Luffman, M Withey, J White 19-20; D Franklin, S Pile, R Pears 17-18.

Portishead Ladies 13, St Andrews 24 (F-9 ends): M Reader, P Taylor, D Lewis, A Bridgen 5-6; S Tassell, J Clark, M Kellett, B Reed 2-13; C Norris, S Sealy, J Calladine, S Daisley 6-5.

Portishead Ladies 59, Ardagh 67 (M/F): G Davies, K Grey, A Reader, S Daisley 18-11; M Collins, R Taylor, S Tassell, R Price/P Howells 20-19; J Holland, P Kemp, E Daisley, J White 10-19; M Reader, P Taylor, J Collins, L Tassel 11-18.

Clevedon Prom 93, Clevedon 85 (Co-operative Funeralcare League): J Baker, E Furze, K Chaney, A Young 23-18; A Elsy, R Soper, A Pine, P Bissett 19-15; B Jones, K Low, D Knowles, C Crees 20-16; S Fuidge, D Kibbey, J Powell, J Bartlett 16-15; R Cranshaw, K Morris, J Fuidge, H Williams 15-21.

Clevedon Prom 0, Victoria 4 (4 Dimensions): P Bissett 14-21; A Young, H Williams 7-25; B Jones, D Knowles, C Crees 18-26; S Fuidge, D Kibbey, J Powell, J Bartlett 15-18.

Clevedon Prom 101, Scribo 77: S Roach, B Young, R Soper 10-24; L Fitzpatrick, S Fuidge, A Young 24-6; R Dowsing, J Grubb, B Jones 20-11; V Say, B Neal, C Pratten 13-16; S Davis, M Wise, C Crees 15-13; P Brown, E Rowley, K Morris 19-7.

Clevedon Prom Ladies 43, Nailsea 22 (Doreen Ralph League): E Rowley, P Soper, E Perham, L Greeves 17-5; L Hardisty, S Pine, S Sharp, C Pratten 18-13; M Wood, J Williams, J Jeffrey, A Crees 8-14.

Clevedon Prom, Ladies 54, Winscombe 42 (Wessex League): E Rowley, S Davis, J Hill, E Perham 28-7; J Barber, J Sperring, B Young, S Farnden 14-23; J Morris, V Say, S Sharp, L Jones 22-12.

Clevedon Prom 69, Bloomfield 45 (Fear Cup): E Perham, S Farnden, C Pratten, M Dyer 17-12; P Soper, L Jones, J Jeffrey, L Greeves 21-23; E Rowley, J Hill, S Sharp, A Crees 31-10.

Clevedon Ladies 65 (2), Ilminster 64 (2) (National Top Club)-singles: L Palmer 12-21; pairs: S Short, S Branfield 17-15; triples: J Drewitt, L Holden, JM Branfield 20-7; fours: T Cuff, M Foster, J Priddle, A Ford 16-21.

Clevedon Ladies 55 (1), Congresbury 83 (3)-singles: L Palmer 9-21; pairs: T Cuff, S Branfield 21-15; triples: D Brown, J Drewitt, JM Branfield 18-19; fours: M Foster, J Brown, J Priddle, A Ford 7-28.

Clevedon 102, Winscombe 45 (Turnbull Cup): R Withers, A Morgan, M Payne, N Pearce 19-10; A Bradley, R Pitts, M Davis, JP Branfield 25-11; D Harding, P Evans, PJ Branfield, G Jay 23-13; A Mace, D Brightman, N Westlake, J Hick 35-11.

Clevedon B 81, Portishead RBL C 54 (Somerset League Division 3 North): N Neath, B Squire, R Pitts, A Bradley 34-16; R Williams, B Wrightson, C Jarrett, M Langley 28-13; A Mace, B Davis, D Harding, J Brommage 19-25.

Clevedon 85, Clevedon Promenade 93 (Clevedon & District Co-operative Funeralcare Evening League): B Whittaker, C Jarrett, A Morgan, PJ Branfield 21-15; D Harding, C Bethune, R Pitts, A Bradley 15-16; B Wrightson, W Smith, J Brommage, G Jay 16-20; B Squire, D Greenslade, S Meyrick, M Davis 15-19; A Mace, PA Branfield, P Evans, M Payne 18-23.

Clevedon 114, Long Ashton 101 (Clevedon & District Over-60s KO Cup): M Sutton, A Brooks, M Payne 28-16; N Neath, D Greenslade, P Evans 24-8; D Wills, R Cuff, C Cooper 23-15; C Bethune, D Harding, A Morgan 13-22; P Battram, PA Branfield, N Cape 10-19; M Archer, B Whittaker, B Palmer 16-21.

Clevedon 94, Burnham 105 (Weston Over-60s Triples League): M Sutton, D Greenslade, B Wrightson 21-18; T Incles, G Tripp, C Jarrett 19-17; C Bethune, B Davis, PA Branfield 21-16; R Cuff, P Cornish, J Brommage 9-18; M Archer, B Whittaker, A Morgan 15-9; A Brooks, J Freeman, C Seward 9-27.

Clevedon Ladies 39, Yatton 46 (friendly): S George, M Gadd, J Priddle, JM Branfield 19-10; P Hayter, K Hill, M Davis, M Foster 7-24; T Nicholson, L Cox, J Brown, L Palmer 13-12.

Clevedon 72, Shropshire Tourists 148: G Drewitt, D Priddle, P Stevens 13-23; M Archer, T Nicholson, J Drewitt 15-33; M Cole, J Priddle, L Palmer 13-18; S George, D Brown, D Harding 7-25; E White, M Say, B Davis 13-24; D Wills, M Gadd, M Davis, B Whittaker 11-25.

Portishead RBL Ladies 72, Bristol 31 (Fear Cup): P Groves, D Yeoman, P Spencer, R Hellens 21-9; D Gwynn, S Rogers, P Crawshaw, C Pearce 24-11; J Birth, L Bridle, I Hussey, M Gozna 27-11.

Portishead RBL Ladies 35, Severn Vale 19 (BLL C Division): S Dando, A Lewins, K Strong, M Southey 16-12; H Naunton, S Rogers, J Gardner, D Yeoman 19-7.

Portishead RBL Ladies 33, Kingswood and Hanham 31 (BLL A Division): J Birth, D Gwynn, I Hussey, M Gozna 13-18; J Saunders, S Davies, C Pearce, R Hellens 20-13.

Yatton 93, Nailsea 105 (Co-operative Funeralcare C&D Evening League): M Musgrove, E Butt, J Hook, R Bish 20-19; L Howe, D Hunt, T Storm, W Casey 20-21; J Knight, P Lomas, R Lewis, S Pascoe 15-24; N Jones, D Baker, N Aldom, C Parsons 18-23; D Rycroft, R Adams, P Osborne, N Edmonds 20-18.

Yatton A 60, Ashcombe A 50 (Somerset County League): B Topham, D Rycroft, P Osborne, J Hook 11-20; B Foster, J Knight, N Edmonds, G Smith 27-18; L Howe, N Jones, T Storm, W Casey 22-12.

Yatton B 51, Chew Stoke A 58 (Somerset County League): D Goddard, T Vowles, R Lewis, S Pascoe 20-10; M Musgrove, D Lock, B Hull, N Aldom 16-20; D Hunt, H Williams, B Hardwick, C Parsons 15-28;

Yatton C 49, Bristol C 66 (Somerset County League): A Richards, T Viney, A George, N Pedder 13-28; D Baker, P Hodgskin, E Butt, P Creber 12-21; M Laver, R Gaunt, R Adams, J Parker 24-17.

West Backwell 86, Bloomfield 80 (Turnbull Cup): M Chinn, A Robinson, S Henderson, J Couch 28-11; B Baker, M Windo, P Sims, K Dodd 20-24; R Stevens, P Tracey, R Spragg, B Gammon 14-31; M Naylor, B Budd, D Rigg, J Ashmore 24-14.

West Backwell 61, Portishead RBL B 59 (Somerset County League): M Chinn, A Robinson, G Arnold, J Couch 28-12; B Baker, K Farrier, P Sims, K Dodd 18-23; R Spragg, D Rigg, B Gammon, J Ashmore 15-24.

West Backwell Ladies (2) 59 Long Ashton Ladies (2) 67 (Southey Trophy) - singles: J Ratcliffe 21-15; pairs: S Meekcoms, P Kingston 14-16; triples: M Vivian, E Lamb, S Griffiths 4-27; fours: V Ray, S Arnold, V Peckham, C Burgess 20-9.

West Backwell Ladies 35, Weston St Andrews 49 (Doreen Ralph Trophy): J Keightley, J Ratcliffe, V Peckham, C Burgess 18-11; M Vivian, J Sims, S Meekcoms, P Kingston 9-21; V Ray, S Arnold, S Griffiths, E Lamb 8-17.

West Backwell Ladies 42, Burnham 40 (Weston & District League): V Ray, S Arnold, J Ratcliffe 17-11; J Sims, S Stagg, P Kingston 10-12; M Vivian, M Page, S Griffiths 15-17.

West Backwell Ladies 46 Congresbury 45: B Ellison, V Peckham, C Burgess 17-11; J Sims, M Page, E Lamb 17-18; M Vivian, S Arnold, S Griffiths 12-16.

Congratulations go to Sally Meekcoms, Val Peckham and Pat Kingston, who were the winners at the Isle of Wedmore Ladies’ triples day.

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