South West Under-15s event held at Portishead

PUBLISHED: 14:36 26 September 2012 | UPDATED: 14:36 26 September 2012

Portishead RBL bowlers.

Portishead RBL bowlers.


The Bowls England, West of England, unified Under-25 singles Bowls Championships, were held at the Portishead Royal British Legion Bowling Club’s premises at the Lake Grounds, Portishead.

THE Bowls England, West of England, unified Under-25 singles Bowls Championships, sponsored by Avon Sportsground Maintenance Ltd, were held at the Portishead Royal British Legion Bowling Club’s premises at the Lake Grounds, Portishead.

This was the inaugural competition, which was blessed with good weather and bowling of high quality. County president of Somerset, David Bendall, who marked the final, was there along with some of the other county presidents.

The players came from Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, and should have included Gloucestershire, Warwickshire and Wiltshire and Mr Terry Phillips of Avon Sportsground was disappointed these latter counties were not represented.

The winner was Andrew Walters from Broadway in Worcestershire, a junior international skip, who beat Matt Hamilton from Ilminster 21-7.

Paul Davies, secretary of the RBL BC, was pleased with the event, which was run by its own members. He hoped that the sponsor would help to arrange this competition next year.

PORTISHEAD RBL 78, Victoria Park 54 (mixed friendly): M Balsigure, B Norman, A Gwynn, R Broad 18-15; A Wellings, B Palphramand, P Wilkinson, T Barnes 25-12; P Bradshaw, A Lewins, N Rogers, A Spencer 23-12; B White, B Footman, C Hill, P Wilkinson 12-15.

Portishead RBL 170, Fareham 98 (mixed friendly): N Ward, B Footman, K Lane, R Hellens 14-18; C Skinner, K Norris, P Bradshaw, L Bridle 26-15; P Davies, A Lewins, G Chidzey, S Davies 17-17; P Smith, M Skinner, T Smith, A Gray 28-15; J Saunders, B Norman, M Cross, T Barnes 31-9; S Tassel, L Tassel, P Staniforth, N Castleton 29-8; A Wellings, G Pears, J Lerway, R Pears 25-17.

Portishead RBL 80, Bristol 72 (floodlit friendly): B Palphramand, B Footman, N Castleton, D Groves 27-12; M Chivers, A Gwynn, A Wellings 13-23; P Bradshaw, B White, B Norman, A Strong 23-19; A Longdon, D Vowles, A Hoyles, N Rogers 17-18.

CLEVEDON 119, Burnham 91 (Weston Over 60s Triples League): M Archer, R Williams, M Langley 17-12; B Davis, A Miller, P Evans 26-12; J Manning, K Bird, M Payne 19-12; G Drewitt, H Hayter, PJ Branfield 26-11; V Perry, P Stevens, A Morgan 20-22; G Woods, D Priddle, N Neath 11-22.

Clevedon Ladies 56, Mark Moor 43 (Wessex League): P Hayter, D Brown, T Cuff, S Bird 16-17; M Cordwell, A Scott, J Drewitt, A Ford 20-10; J Henderson, S Savage, M Foster, L Palmer 20-16.

Clevedon Ladies 53, Wessex 53: S Savage, A Scott, M Rothwell, JM Branfield 14-23; M Cordwell, J Brown, T Cuff, S Bird 12-19; J Henderson, J Priddle, P Hussey, S Branfield 27-11.

Clevedon 115, Severn Vale 112 (friendly): P Hayter, S Savage, G Drewitt, A Morgan 21-14; D Richards, J Henderson, R Brown, S Bird 19-20; Marlene Cordwell, T Riding, J Drewitt, C Seward 19-26; A Scott, M Foster, D Priddle, D Harding 25-19; T Cuff, J Priddle, Mike Cordwell, B Wrightson 20-22; M Sutton, J Fowler, M Gadd, JM Branfield 21-11.

Clevedon Ladies 47, Victoria 67 (friendly): J Hendersonn, P Hayter, M Foster, J Helliker 11-22; T Cuff, A Scott, J Drewitt, J Monaghan 13-27; M Cordwell, S Savage, M Rothwell, S Bird 23-18.

Clevedon 99, Henleaze 70 (friendly): Marlene Cordwell, M Archer, Mike Cordwell, J Drewitt 19-13; A Scott, B Whittaker, T Cuff, G Drewitt 23-13; D Brown, R Brown, J Helliker, K Bird 25-13; M Sutton, S Savage, M Davis, B Davis 16-15; R Openshaw, M Say, M Foster (triple) 13-16.

Clevedon 123, Fareham Tourists 150: R Openshaw, S Savage, V Perry, S Bird 22-14; M Davis, T Riding, Mike Cordwell, P Stevens 22-17; M Archer, J Priddle, R Brown, M Foster 14-25; A Bisp, Marlene Cordwell, J Helliker, K Bristow 13-25; A Scott, B Whittaker, J Frewitt, D Harding 20-21; P Hayter, J Fowler, M Gadd, G Drewitt 18-19; M Sutton, P Cornish, B Davis, D Priddle 14-29.

Clevedon 84, Notts County Tourists 129: M Archer, M Cordwell, B Wrightson, R Williams 18-23; M Durbin, T Riding, P Stevens, K Bird 12-27; M Sutton, B Whittaker, G Drewitt, G Fletcher 12-21; A Bisp, M Hussey, D Harding 14-17; P Cornish, G Woods, A Morgan, M Langley 16-23; R Openshaw, R Brown, H Hayter, C Seward 12-18.

CLEVEDON Promenade Ladies 62, Congresbury 53: E Perham, M Loveridge, B Young, L Greeves 18-15; P Soper, L Baker, S Farnden, S Sharp 27-20; D Cranshaw, A Gibbins, M Sheppard, S Walker 17-18.

Clevedon Prom Ladies 50, Burnham 61: D Cranshaw, Be Quantrill, F Rawlings, S Walker 14-13; J Sperring, M Maycock, M Griffiths, S Farnden 16-27; P Powney, V Say, J Hill, L Greeves 20-21.

Clevedon Prom 70, North Petherton 108: J Morris, T Derrick, S Farnden, B Davis 10-23; D Cranshaw, M Loveridge, D Perham, R Jenkins 14-28; A Tinkling, A Gibbins, S Walker, D Loveridge 17-15; D Higley, S Davis, K Morris, E Rowley 8-27; B Hillier, D Symes, S Sharp, A Elsy 21-15.

Clevedon Prom 70, Wootton-under-Edge 107: M Wood, D Symes, K Morris, D Demery 14-13; P Soper, T Green, F Rawlings, A Elsy 2-30; B Carpenter, D Higley, E Rowley, A Young 13-18; P Powney, Be Quantrill, D Perham, D Loveridge 8-18; E Perham, S Davis, B Quantrill, R Soper 17-14; N Arney, M Loveridge, J Gover, L Greeves 16-14.

Clevedon Prom 90, Henleaze 105: S Fuidge, B Young, D Demery, B Quantrill 26-14; S Roach, S Davis, S Walker, D Loveridge 23-21; J Morris, Be Quantrill, J Fuidge, B Davis 10-30; B Hillier, M Loveridge, S Sharp, A Symes 12-21; D Symes, K Morris, J Powell, A Young 19-19.

Clevedon Prom 96, Avon & Somerset Police 87: M Whitehead, B Baldwin, G Giles, S Harvey 25-9; B Carpenter, D Perham, J Gover, A Elsy 16-22; T Green, T Derrick, B Davis, J Parish 18-26; A Tinkling, D Higley, D Hampton, A Symes 23-15; N Arney, J Grubb, B Quantrill, D Demery 14-16.

NAILSEA 47, Bristol 60 (friendly): W Holland, I Lewis, T Dyer, B Padfield 17-20; K Gottschling, B Shepheard, M Keates, A Avery 13-18; M Church, R Webber, K Hickmott, J Edmunds 17-22.

Nailsea 80, BAC 99 (mixed friendly): T Billington, K Gottschling, B Shepheard, A Avery 22-17; S Brown, K Gottschling, B Steed, D Jobling 15-14; S Hill, B Shepheard, B Padfield, M Lewis 13-16; M Church, B Shannon, S Avery, I Lewis 11-33; A Willis, B Jamyson, B Willis, T Billington 19-19.

Nailsea 109, Clevedon Prom 101 (Clevedon Over 60’s League): M West, J Banham, J Davis 18-18; A Mansfield, D Hole, D Price 22-17; T Dyer, C Winter, R Lloyd 19-12; M Church, B Willis, T Billington 19-16; K Gottschling, B Padfield, J Chivers 10-20; S Brown, K Hickmott, J Edmunds 21-18.

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