Portishead RBL celebrate 50th anniversary with special match

PUBLISHED: 17:38 18 July 2017 | UPDATED: 17:38 18 July 2017

Portishead RBL Bowls Club and Bowls England.

Portishead RBL Bowls Club and Bowls England.


Portishead RBL Bowls Club celebrated its 50th anniversary with a visit from Bowls England for a special match.

Portishead RBL Bowls Club celebrated its 50th anniversary celebrations with a match against Bowls England.

Portishead RBL 130, Bowls England 113: D Vowles, M Roberts, T Barnes, C Pearce 30-15; L Slatter, D Iles, T Birth, D Groves 12-23; P Bradshaw, R Wilkinson, N Rogers, A Strong 29-14; T Smith, G Chidzey, I Gough, R Withey 21-21; N Castleton, B Scruby, P Davies, J Bridle 19-19; A Longdon, T Eden, A Gray, S Secker 19-21.

Portishead RBL 69, West Backwell 97 (C&D Evening League): T Birth, A Britton, I Gough, S Secker 16-15; J Nichols, A Gray, N Rogers, J Bridle 16-14; N Castleton, J Shaddick, B Daly, T Winmill 12-23; P Davies, T Eden, D Crawshaw, C Pearce 18-22; A Wellings, P Bradshaw, K Martin, D Groves 7-23.

Portishead RBL 68, Yate 73 (Clarence Davey): P Davies, T Barnes, D Crawshaw, C Pearce 18-19, J Nichols, N Rogers, B Daly, T Winmill 20-13; T Birth, I Gough, J Bridle, S Secker 12-23; A Wellings, R Withey, D Groves, D Gregory 18-18.

Portishead RBL 2 (68), Clevedon Prom (76) (4 Dimension) - singles: S Secker 15-21; pairs: D Groves, D Gregory 23-11; triples T Birth, J Bridle, C Pearce 8-25; fours: P Davies, I Gough, T Pearce, T Winmill 22-19.

Congratulations go to Congresbury Ladies in winning four rounds to qualify to represent Somerset County in the Top Club competition against Box from Wiltshire.

Congresbury 100, Long Ashton 64 (Co-operative Funeralcare Evening League): D Manning, P Reay, T Lewis, S Eastment 19-10; M Kimmings, A Fisher, M Wear, L Beck 13-15; J Freemantle, M Hopkins, R King, B Herbison 22-13; G Wilcock, G Stenner, R Becker, C Shipway 19-16; B Baker, R Anniuk, D Byett, R Birmingham 27-10.

Congresbury 73, Clevedon Prom 93 (C&D Over-60s League): D Folds, R Anniuk, A Fisher 11-15; P Dawes, J Freemantle, T Yearsley 8-16; R Jones, G Stenner, B Herbison 17-9; K Cole, A Harding, R Archer 16-12; R Stewart, G Andrews, D Byett 8-25; D Manning, M Hopkins, T Lewis 13-16.

Congresbury Ladies 47, Wrington 56 (Mendip League): C Lewis, E Stenner, A Jones 13-20; J Craig, P Baker, C Andrews 15-19; J Byett, R Horton, B Hugget t19-17.

Congresbury Ladies 2.5, Bath 1.5 (Top Club): J Byett 21-12; C Willcock, A Jones 23-11; R Horton, A King, K Herbison 15-15; C Lewis, C Andrews, D Harrison, B Huggett 15-19.

Congresbury Ladies 1, Clevedon Ladies 3 (Southey Cup): J Byett 7-21; A King, A Jones 19-20; R Horton, C Andrews, V Harding 13-17; C Lewis, W Manning, P Baker, B Huggett 15-11.

Congratulations to Julie Ratcliffe, Val Peckham and Cynthia Burgess, winners of the Clevedon Prom Ladies’ open triples day.

West Backwell 49, Portishead RBL 50 (Wedmore Plate): G Brindle, J Hathway, A Robinson, J Couch 14-18; B Baker, R Hinton, R Spragg, G Arnold 9-10; D Rycroft, P Sims, B Gammon, K Dodd 12-12; A Lovell, R Keightley, B Budd, A Knights 14-10.

West Backwell 97, Portishead RBL 69 (C&D Co-op Funeralcare Evening League): T Bone, J Cafferty, A Robinson, J Couch 23-7; B Baker, D Chadwick, R Spragg, J Hathway 14-16; T Lovell, I Wilson, D Rigg, G Arnold 23-12; M Windo, R Hinton, B Budd, A Knights 15-16; G Ellison, P Sims, B Gammon, K Dodd 22-18.

West Backwell 90, Portishead 101 (C&D Co-op Funeralcare Over-60s League): G Brindle, D Rigg, B Gammon 25-9; A Lovell, R Keightley, R Hinton 6-30; T Bone, B Gage, C Perry 15-12; D Morris, R Langford, A Robinson 19-15; B Baker, D Sloper, K Dodd 16-13; G Ellison, I Wilson, P Sims 9-22.

West Backwell Ladies 61, Clevedon Prom 48 (Fear Cup): V Ray, V Webley, J Ratcliffe, J Jackson 27-17; J Keightley, C Pugsley, V Peckham, C Burgess 19-16; J Sims, K Pugsley, M Vivian, P Kingston 15-15.

West Backwell Ladies 43, Clarence Park 32 (Weston District League): J Jones, S Arnold, J Sims 19-7; S Stagg, C Pugsley, M Vivian 13-12; M Warfield, C Lawrence, M Page 11-13.

West Backwell 46, Page Park 74 (mixed friendly): S Townsend, D Ratcliffe, M Warfield, A Knights 13-16; M Oliver, J Pope, J Ratcliffe, R Langford 11-15; M Boulton, C Langford, J Sims, B Gage 11-24; D Gage, E Pope, T Lovell, I Wilson 11-19.

It was an excellent day for a Clevedon four at the county semi-finals when Andy Mace, Dave Brightman, Alan Bradley and Pip Branfield (substituting for Gary Jay), won through to the men’s final and a place at the national finals next month.

The same four, with Pip Branfield substituting for Maurice Davis, also won a final place in the over-55s men’s fours.

Clevedon member Laura Holden together with Rebecca McMilan of St Andrews won the county junior ladies’ title

Clevedon 75, Bloomfield 49 (Somerset County League Premier 1): R Lord, W Smith, R Pitts, D Brightman 18-21; D Harding, M Payne, R Withers, N Westlake 36-5; A Mace, A Morgan, A Bradley, N Pearce 19-23.

Clevedon B 64, Clarence A 51 (Somerset County League North 1): D Iles, T Townsend, B Wrightson, M Langley 21-18; R Conybeare,C Bethune, G Tripp, J Brommage 17-22; B Davis, C Jarrett, E Kitchen, B Palmer 26-11.

Clevedon 118, Winscombe 77 (North Somerset KO Cup): K Bristow, C Bethune, K Frost, D Brightman 17-24; R Conybeare, M J Cole, A Bradley, R Pitts 21-17; R Lord, A Brooks, S Meyrick, M Langley 26-16; D Harding, W Smith, J Brommage, N Westlake 29-7; B Squire, V Perry, A Morgan, M Davis 25-13.

Clevedon 87, Chew Stoke 51 (C&D Evening League): D Harding, M J Cole, E Kitchen, A Bradley 12-1; K Bristow, A Brooks, S Meyrick, M Langley 30-8; R Lord, P Battram, C Jarrett, R Pitts 12-18; G Woods, R Conybeare, W Smith, J Brommage 33-10

Clevedon 63, Chew Stoke 46 (C&D Over-60s Triples League): M Cole, C Seward, J Brommage 18-15; M Sutton, E Kitchen 11-16; T Townsend, B Whittiker, B Palmer 16-6; D Iles, C Folland, P Evans 18-9.

Clevedon Ladies 44, Portishead RBL 69 (County Fear Cup): D Brown, M Foster, J Drewitt, J Branfield 16-16; T Nicholson, S George, S Short, S Branfield 19-20; P Hussey, G Townsend, A Ford, L Palmer 9-33.

Clevedon 3, Congresbury 1 (County Southey Trophy - four-wood singles: S Branfield 21-7; pairs: T Cuff, L Palmer 20-19; triples: P Hussey, M Foster, J Branfield 17-13; fours: S George, A Ford, J Drewitt, S Short 11-15.

Clevedon 117, Somerset Masonic 49 (mixed friendly): J Henderson, R Openshaw, J Drewitt, M Foster 14-13; T Nicholson, A Chambers, P Hussey, B Whittaker 28-7; H Austin, T Townsend, S George, M kew 18-12; B Palmer, P Cornish, G Townsend, G Woods 41-3; P Battram, D Lowdon, G Drewitt, C Jarrett 16-14.

Clevedon Promenade 75, Portishead RBL 68 (Four Dimensions): K Chaney 21-15; K Morris, A Young 12-23; P Bissett, D Demery, C Crees 23-8; R Cranshaw, K Low, A Pine, J Bartlett 19-22.

Clevedon Promenade 80, Bristol A 70 (Top Club): J Powell 5-15; D Everett 8-21; J Fuidge, K Chaney 12-13; S Fuidge, H Williams, C Crees 33-8; G Hancox, K Low, A Young, J Bartlett 22-13.

Clevedon Promenade A 57, Purnell A 64 (Somerset County League): R Cranshaw, J Powell, J Bartlett, D Everett 11-28; J Baker, K Morris, H Williams, C Crees 25-16; G Hancox, A Young, J Fuidge, K Chaney 21-18.

Clevedon Promenade B 40, St Andrews 82 (Somerset County League): J Grubb, A Derrick, D Hampton, R Soper 16-20; K Hill, N Pedder, D Higley, K Low 17-20; A Alvis, J Gover, P Fuidge, A Pine 7-42.

Clevedon Promenade C 45, Ashcombe C 73 (Somerset County League): A King, S Martin, M Sperring, B Davis 12-29; B Carpenter, J Barrow, P Pearce, D Loveridge 19-24; P Brown, T Schofield, R Dowsing, E Trace 14-20.

Clevedon Promenade 91, Nailsea 70 (C&D League): S Fuidge, D Hampton, K Morris, C Crees 19-11; J Baker, J Grubb, J Powell, D Everett 18-16; G Hancox, N Pedder, J Fuidge,K Chaney 22-15; A Elsy, K Low, A Pine, H Williams 22-12; R Cranshaw, D Higley, A Young, J Bartlett 10-16.

Clevedon Promenade 93, Congresbury 73 (C&D Over-60s Triples): D Hollier, D Higley, D Knowles 9-17; T Schofield, A Tinkling, A Elsy 15-11; J Baker, B Davis, R Soper 25-8; M Sperring, P Pearce, K Low 16-13, P Brown, P Kinsella, A Young 16-8; R Applegate, K Hill, C Crees 12-16.

Clevedon Promenade 82, Nailsea 96 (Weston Over-60s Triples): J Barrow, P Brown, J Grubb 12-14; K Hill, M Sperring, D Knowles 26-12; A Alvis. R Dowsing, K Low 10-21; D Hollier, J Johnstone, R Cranshaw 10-17; B Carpenter, T Derrick, A Young 9-16; K Ellis, J Gover, D Hampton 15-16.

Clevedon Promenade 93, Severn Vale 69 (mixed friendly): J Morris, L Fitzpatrick, N Pedder, P Fuidge 19-14; M King, S Martin, B Davis, S Walker 14-20; S Roach, C Fuidge, S Oliver, K Morris 17-12; L Welling, A King, S Davis, D Hampton 20-13; F Rawlings, L Pedder, A Alvis, P Bissett 23-10.

Clevedon Promenade Ladies 37, Long Ashton 56 (Doreen Ralph League): L Hardisty, M Wood, J Hill, S Pine 11-22; B Young, S Farnden, S Crombie, L Greeves 16-14; E Perham, C Pratten, L Jones, A Crees 10-20.

Clevedon Promenade Ladies 58, Portishead 29 (NS Triples): L Hardisty, E Rowley, L Greeves 16-7; S Oliver, S Farnden, S Sharp 24-8; C Drake, M Wood, M Dyer 18-14. Friendly rink J Hulin, L Fitz patrick, J Sperring 12-13.

Nailsea 70, Clevedon Prom 91 (C&D Co-operative Funeralcare Evening League): J Pritchard, P Miller, R Lloyd, B Holloway 11-19; A Billington, J Knight, D Flower, I Blatchford 16-18; D Hole, M Conway, J Davis, J Whitear 15-22; A Mansfield, M West, C Winter, M Rowsell 12-22; J Hall, D Nicholls, D Clark, R Griffiths 16-10.

Nailsea A 53, Wedmore A 69 (Somerset County League): J Prince, A Billington, D Flower, I Blatchford 13-24; J Pritchard, R Lloyd, J Whitear 25-16; D Hole, D Clark, R Griffiths, M Rowsell 15-29.

Nailsea 81-Isle of Wedmore 135 (C&D Over-60s Co-operative Funeralcare League): K Westcott J Gardner M Keats 16-26; R Cook A Avery D Hole 21-20; I Yuill T Dyer D Price 7-26, J Knight B Willis J Chivers 8-20; J Pritchard M Conway D Flower 13-25; A Mansfield D Nicholls J Whitear 16-18.

Nailsea 67, BAC 60 (friendly): I Yuill, J Chivers, S Avery, D Price 17-10; M Lewis, W Gillard, B Willis, A Avery 14-19; R Cook, S Brown, M Keates, P MacLaren 15-17; J Thompson, K Johnson, H Fryer, P Gillard 21-14.

Long Ashton 96, Portishead RBL 112 (C&D Over-60s Triples): G Gann, M Harding, J Marshall 15-25; C Holloway, H Loyd, T Baker 14-9; P Silva, K Bird, A Hall, 16-21; C Ramsden, R Thomas, B Brice 25-10; G Thomas, I Webb, J Burt 17-18; J Oakley, J Eaton, V Adams 9-27.

Long Ashton 64 (1), Congresbury 100 (9) (C&D League): J Eaton, A Lewis, K Vass, E Russell 16-19; G Thomas, C Randall, J Burt, T Baker 13-22; C Ramsden, B Brice, A Hall, M Taylor 10-27; TM Lynch, M Pemble, D Harper, M Givan 10-19; D Moore, D Anderson, M Harding, J Marshall 15-13.

Long Ashton 37 (4), Weston (Bath) 47 (6) (Bristol League): K Vass, E Russell, D Harper, M Givan 4-26; M Harding, M Pemble, T Baker, J Marshall 20-11; I Taylor, B Brice, A Hall, M Taylor 13-10.

Long Ashton Ladies 36, Ashcombe Park 45 (North Somerset Triples League): K Gough, T Ricketts, S Norman 17-14; D Brooks, C Marshall, S Hall 13-20; D Vass, L Taylor, C Bennett 6-11.

Long Ashton Ladies 56, Clevedon Prom 37 (DRT League): J Osborne, I Martin, T Ricketts, M Wilmott 22-11; D Vass, J Withey, G Wilcox, C Bennett 20-10 D Brooks, D Weekley, C Marshall, S Hall 14-16.

Long Ashton Ladies 52, Yatton 60 (Fear Cup): D Vass, S Taylor, L Taylor, C Bennett 21-16; T Ricketts. M Wilmott, S Norman, P Adams 15-25; D Brooks, T Hilton, C Marshall, S Hall 16-19.

Portishead RBL ladies enjoyed a good win against Clevedon in the Fear Cup, running out comfortable winners.

Portishead RBL Ladies 69, Clevedon 44: Birth, Calladine, Southey, Crawshaw 16-16; Gwynn, Naunton, Spencer, Hellens 20-19; Groves, Rogers, Davies, Pearce 33-9.

Portishead RBL Ladies 24, Port of Bristol 34 (Bristol Ladies B League): Perkins, Gardner, Wilkinson, Bridle 11-17; Dando, Vowles, Castleton, Strong 13-17.

Portishead RBL Ladies 32, Greenbank 26 (Bristol Ladies A League): Groves, Gwynn Crawshaw Davies 15-16; Birth, Rogers, Spencer, Hellens 17-10.

Portishead RBL Ladies 39, Arrow 25 (Bristol A League): Groves, Birth, Davies, Pearce 25-11; Gwynn, Crawshaw, Spencer, Hellens 14-14.

Portishead RBL Ladies 49, St Andrerws 58 (DRT League): Groves, Vowles, Wilkinson, Pearce 18-13; Dando, Gardner, Davies, Crawshaw 11-30; Bird, Castleton, Rogers, Southey 20-15.

Portishead RBL Ladies 58, Nailsea 43 (DRT League): Bird, Gardner, Rogers, Southey 12-18; Dando, Castleton, Calladine, Birth 22-14; Perkins, Wilkinson, Naunton, Bridle 24-11.

Portishead RBL Ladies 4, West Backwell 0 (Southey Trophy first round)-singles: Pearce 21-15; pairs: Gwynn, Hellens 18-8; triples: Naunton, Groves, Davies 22-7; fours: Birth, Southey, Bridle, Crawshaw 29-22.

Portishead RBL Ladies 74, Congresbury 31 (Fear Cup).

Portishead Ladies 67 Clevedon Prom 51 (Southey Cup)-singles: S Tassell 21-8; pairs: J Brown J White 25-10; Triples: D Lockett, M Cross, P Staniforth 15-15; fours: D Lewis, B Reed, S Daisley, M Withey 6-18.

Portishead Ladies 62, Long Ashton 47 (WDL): M Reader, D Lockett, R Pears 15-15; D Lewis, H Luffman, A Bridgen 20-16; S Tassell, J Brown, M Withey 27-16. Friendly rink: P Taylor, M Cross, S Daisley 19-17.

Portishead Ladies 51, Wedmore 29 (WDL): V Hounslow, D Lockett, R Pears 11-11; D Lewis, M Cross, S Daisley 17-8; S Tassell, J Brown, J White 23-10.

Yatton Ladies 50, St Andrews 47 (DRT League): J Hull, P Welham, A Batson, M Millard 21-12; J Richards, F McCormack, P Goddard, M Spalding 17-21; R Passingham, S Carr, P Allen, B Topham 12-14.

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