Neil is the new singles champion at Yatton

PUBLISHED: 14:17 03 September 2014

Marilyn Gonza and Ian Chapman.

Marilyn Gonza and Ian Chapman.


Neil Edmonds is the new singles champion at Yatton Bowling Club.

NEIL Edmonds won Yatton Bowling Club’s championship, defeating Bill Casey in the final of the men’s event.

Results – men’s championships: Neil Edmonds; Bill Casey. Men’s pairs: Dave Baker and Mike Withyman, James Moyes and Trevor Storm. Fixed Jack: Mike Withyman, Gary Smith; Handicap: Simon Pascoe, Brian Topham; Hazard: Bill Casey, Mike Withyman; Veterans: Trevor Storm, Brian Topham; Hibbs: Dave Lock, Rob Lewis; club open singles: Trevor Storm, Pravina Welham; George Broughton Triples: Neil Edmonds, Linda Edmonds, Gary Smith.

Ladies – championship: Betty Topham, Caryl Cheesewright; two-wood: Alison Storm, Caryl Cheesewright; fixed jack: Bev Parker, Pat Goddard; handicap: Pravina Welham, Chris Lewis; Berry Gilmour: Bev Parker, Pat Goddard.

Yatton 114, Portishead RBL 91 (Weston Triples League): J Knight, R Lewis, T Storm 29-7; N Jones, D Goddard, K Dodd 10-14; J Parker, G Price, B Topham 17-18; M Musgrove, B Hardwick, R Bish 13-22; E Reynolds, D Blundell, J Hook 23-15; A George, S Pascoe, B Foster 22-15.

Yatton 63, Long Ashton 64 (Friendly Triples Trophy): M Musgrove, B Hull, P Creber 6-19; J Knight, R Lewis, T Storm 26-7; A George, D Blundell, J Hook 18-18; S Pascoe, N Pedder B Foster 13-20.

FOLLOWING their convincing victory over Minehead in the Fear Cup semi-finals at Bridgwater, Clevedon ladies will now play Bristol in the county final at Ashcombe on September 21.

Clevedon Ladies 76, Minehead 56: J Henderson, M Davis, S Short, S Branfield 28-11; J Drewitt, J Brown, M Foster, L Palmer 34-19; T Cuff, J Priddle, A Ford, JM Branfield 14-26.

Clevedon A 49, Knowle A 78 (Somerset Premier League): A Mace, D Priddle, C Jarrett, D Brightman 24-20; D Watts, J Weeks, D Harding, A Morgan 14-39; G Woods, B Whittaker, D Greenslade, A Bradley 11-19.

Clevedon 84, Ashcombe Crusaders 124 (Weston Over-60s Triples League): B Davis, G Tripp, P Evans 11-23; R Palmer, C Jarrett, C Seward 13-20; A Brooks, C Cooper, R Williams 15-20; D Watts, D Harding, A Morgan 7-25; G Drewitt, B Wrightson, N Neath 20-19; M Cole, D Greenslade, J Brommage 18-17.

Clevedon 94, Congresbury 107 (Clevedon & District Over-60s Triples League): M Cole, B Davis, D Greenslade 19-20; C Bethune, G Tripp, C Jarrett 15-18; M Cordwell, B Wrightson, R Williams 12-19; T Incles, G Woods, J Brommage 13-19; R Openshaw, J Durston, P Evans 9-20; M Sutton, J Weeks, D Harding 26-11.

Clevedon 48, Banwell 88 (friendly): K Walton, R Openshaw, G Drewitt, B Wrightson 15-27; J Henderson, D Priddle, H Fry 7-22; E White, J Freeman, J Priddle, R Palmer 9-26; D Bowley, T Nicholson, M Foster, C Jarrett 17-13.

Clevedon Ladies 37, Congresbury 48 (friendly): M Cordwell, M Davis, T Cuff 9-18; L Wills, E White, M Rothwell 16-12; T Nicholson, J Henderson, M Foster 12-18.

CONGRATULATIONS go to John Couch on being West Backwell men’s singles champion of champions, beating David Brightwell 21-10.

West Backwell 56, Isle of Wedmore 70 (Somerset County League): A Lovell, B Budd, D Chadwick, G Arnold 13-27; J Ashmore, M Harding, D Rigg, P Coxell 26-22; R Spragg, M Windo, A Robinson, J Couch 17-21.

West Backwell 143 Long Ashton 71 (Clevedon & District Co-operative Funeralcare Over-60s League): D Morris, D Sloper, P Coxell 25-7; M Harding, R Edgerton, R Higgins 11-19; D Ratcliffe, B Baker, B Gammon 29-6; J Leggett, R Keightley, B Gage 21-8; I Wilson, B Budd, S Henderson 27-17; R Hinton, R Langford, C Perry 30-14.

West Backwell 65, Weston St Andrews 100 (friendly): M Naylor, T Bone, P Sims 15-15; T Dyer, I Wilson, S Henderson 13-23; D Ratcliffe, E Edgerton, R Higgins 13-22; B Baker, B Budd,B Gammon 14-20; R Morten, M Chinn, M Harding 10-20.

West Backwell Ladies 42, Nailsea 42 (Doreen Ralph Trophy): J Ratcliffe, M Vivian, S Griffiths, P Kingston 16-12; J Keightley, S Stagg, V Peckham, C Burgess 12-14; D Gage, M Page, E Lamb, S Meekcoms 14-16.

West Backwell Ladies 51, Portishead 51 (Weston & District League): M Vivian, D Gage, S Griffiths 27-14; J Keightley, M Page, S Meekcoms 14-19; S Gregory, J Ratcliffe, E Lamb 10-18.

West Backwell Ladies 36, Portishead RBL 66 (friendly): S Budd, D Gage, S Stagg 18-17; D Chadwick, C Lawrence, J Ratcliffe 11-21; J Keightley, B Ellison, V Baker 7-28.

West Backwell 66, Canford 92 (mixed friendly): S Budd, T Dyer, B Budd, R Higgins 26-16; D Jones, J Sims, A Edgerton, B Gage 19-21; S Townsend, L Lamb, P Sims, M Harding 10-31; A Griffiths, D Ratcliffe, D Gage, E Edgerton 11-24.

CLEVEDON Promenade 74, Wyrral Park 141: S Roach, P Fuidge, C Crees 17-17; P Pearce, K Ellis, J Fuidge 10-22; R Dowsing, R Jenkins, S Fuidge 15-20; A King, D Loveridge, D Hampton 12-30; G Giles, B Neal, B Davis 10-30; T Bergoine, D Kibbey, J Powell 10-22.

Clevedon Prom Ladies 75, Winscombe 39 (North Somerset League): E Perham, L Jones, S Sharp 23-9; P Soper, S Farnden, E Rowley 32-8; B Young, J Hill, L Greeves 20-22.

Clevedon Prom Ladies 64, Portishead RBL 83 (Southey Trophy semi-final): S Sharp 19-21; P Soper, L Greeves 18-16; A Johnstone, J Hill, A Crees 13-12; F Rawlings, E Perham, S Farnden, C Pratten 14-34.

Clevedon Prom Ladies 30, Yatton 56 (Doreen Ralph Trophy): P Soper, S Crombie, B Young, J Jeffrey 12-13; F Rawlings, J Barber, S Savage, E Rowley 9-29; A Johnstone, J Sperring, S Farnden, A Crees 9-14.

Clevedon Prom Ladies 47, St Andrews 53: D Symes, J Sperring, M Griffiths 13-24; L Baker, S Savage, S Walker 17-15; V Say, J Hill, S Sharp 17-14.

Clevedon Prom Ladies 47, Portishead RBL 50 (Doreen Ralph League): F Rawlings, S Crombie, C Pratten, L Greeves 16-14; E Perham, M Wood, J Hill 9-22; L Hardisty, S Farnden, J Jeffrey, A Crees 22-14.

Clevedon Prom 78, Portishead RBL 116 (Clevedon & District Cup): D Hollier, A Young, A Pine 15-13; R Cranshaw, H Jeffrey, B Jones 2-25; J Johnstone, D Knowles, C Crees 17-20; A Tinkling, J Gover, J Powell 16-20; N Arney, K Low, J Bartlett 18-12; A Elsy, K Morris, H Williams 9-26.

Clevedon Prom 55, Victoria 59 (Somerset County League): S Fuidge, P Bissett, A Pine, H Williams 16-23; R Cranshaw, D Kibbey, D Knowles, C Crees 18-18; J Powell, J Fuidge, J Bartlett, D Everett 21-18.

Clevedon Prom 50, Ashcombe 56 (Somerset County League): K Ellis, S Roach, T Derrick, R Jenkins 20-16; N Arney, A King, P Fuidge, D Hampton 11-29; K Hill, M Sperring, T Green, D Loveridge 19-11.

CONGRESBURY 92, Nailsea 87 (C&D Over-60s League): T Thomas, A Lewis, G Stenner 14-15; M Kimmings, J Churchward, D Gosling 22-12; D Folds, P Dawes, D Byett 11-18; A Edwards, B Baker, D Rivers 11-11; C Everett, G Wilcock, M Wear 16-14; P Wall, J Freemantle, R Kirkham 18-17.

Congresbury 107, Clevedon 94 (C&D Over-60s League): P Wall, B Baker, M Huggett 20-19; T Thomas, L Beck, R Kirkham 20-9; J Churchward, G Stenner, R Stewart 18-15; R Jones, I Morton, A Fisher 19-12; M Kimmings, C Edwards, D Gosling 19-13; P Dawes, J Freemantle, J Stone 11-26.

Congresbury Ladies 55, Nailsea 37 (Mendip League): E Archer, D Harrison, V Harding 25-7; A Mew, C Andrews, K Herbison 10-20; C Wilcock, W Manning, B Huggett 20-10. Friendly rink: L Storey, B Morton, A Jones 19-15.

Congresbury Ladies 48, Clevedon 37 (friendly): W Manning, M Hill, V Harding 18-9; S Dury, E Stenner, A Jones 12-16; P Baker, B Morton, C Lewis 18-12.

Congresbury Ladies 58, Knowle 48 (friendly): E Archer, D Whiskin, E Stenner, A Mew 17-21; C Wilcock, P Baker, W Manning, J Byett 18-15; W Williams, J Garrett, J Osbourne, C Andrews 23-12.

Congresbury A 79, Bristol C 24.5 (Somerset League): B Baker, F Horton, C Shipway, R Becker 24-11; M Kimmings, D Byett, A Fisher, M Wear 31-4.5; D Manning, P Reay, R Stewart, R Kirkham 24-9.

Congresbury B 67, Victoria D 44 (Somerset League): S Ash, J Freemantle, M Huggett, L Beck 32-11; D Folds, C Edwards, I Morton, R Archer 17-15; R Anniuk, J Churchward, G Stenner, J Stone 18-18.

NAILSEA B 60, Ashcombe A 56 (Somerset County League): P Miller, R Stanford, R Webber, C Winter 20-19; D Hole, M West, B Willis, R Jefferies 23-18; A Mansfield, A Young, D Clark, R Chappell 17-19.

Nailsea 49, Clevedon Promenade 74 (Co-operative Funeralcare Over-60s League): R Hill, P Miller, A Billington 11-8; H Willis, T Dyer, C Winter 10-9; A Mansfield, B Willis, J Chivers 9-11; M West, J Reed, D Price 6-14; W Shepheard, R Stanford, A Avery 10-18; J Cafferty, W Holland, R Lloyd 3-16.

Nailsea 98, Ashcombe Knights 84 (Weston Over-60s League): J Gardner, A Young, C Winter 20-8; S Brown, R Hill, R Webber 20-9; A Mansfield, J Reed, D Price 17-12; J Banham, T Dyer, J Chivers 14-15; K Gottschling, A Avery, A Billington 14-19; W Shepheard, R Stanford, M Keates 13-21.

PORTISHEAD RBL Ladies 78, Ashcombe 33 (Fear Cup semi-final): J Saunders, L Bridle, D Yeoman, M Southey 26-11; P Groves, J Gardner, I Hussey, R Hellens 19-13; J Birth, S Rogers, S Davies, C Pearce 33-9.

Portishead RBL Ladies 83, Clevedon Prom 64 (Southey Cup semi-final): R Hellens 21-19; P Groves, I Hussey 16-18; J Saunders, S Davies, C Pearce 12-13; J Birth, L Bridle, D Yeoman, M Southey 34-14.

Portishead RBl Ladies 66-Backwell 36 (friendly): H Naunton, J Saunders, R Hellens 28-7; V Read, K Strong, J Gardner 17-18; M Babington, S Phipps, D Yeoman 21-11

Portishead RBL Ladies 50, Clevedon Prom 47 (DRT League): J Saunders, S Rogers, L Bridle, C Pearce 22-9; P Groves, K Strong, D Yeoman, M Southey 14-16; D Gwynn, J Birth, J Gardner, S Davies 14-22.

PORTISHEAD 107, Isle of Wedmore 73: J Franklin, K Gaubert, M Berryman 22-8; J Lewis, R Price, D Robertson 20-12; C Skinner, G Lerway, P Howard 13-15; L Tassell, R Brake, F Allen 21-5; G Norris, J Scott, T Hounslow 16-18; J Herring, E Arnold, M Gardner 15-15.

Portishead 93, Winscombe 120: L Tassell, R Brake, G Morgan 19-19; G Pears, R Price, D Robertson 13-17; G Norris, J Scott, M Gardner 8-23; C Skinner, G Lerway, F Allen 20-21; M Conway, K Gaubert, B Staniforth 18-19; J Herring, J Franklin, M Berryman 15-21.

LONG Ashton 42, St Andrews 52 (Doreen Ralph Trophy): D Vass, D Weekly, B Hardcastle, S Hall 14-20; D Davies, M Shryane, M McGregor, D Brooks 12-15; C Marshall, J Lock, J Eaton, C Bennett 16-17.

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