Long Ashton ladies’ trio reach national finals

PUBLISHED: 17:38 11 July 2017 | UPDATED: 17:38 11 July 2017

Clevedon bowls.

Clevedon bowls.


A ladies trio from Long Ashton defeated a strong Bath side to reach the county final in Taunton and also qualified for the national finals in Leamington next month.

Long Ashton ladies Deb Vass, Liz Taylor and Carol Bennett overcame a strong Bath side to reach the county final in Taunton against City of Wells on September 10.

This also means they go to the finals day in Leamington on August 13.

Long Ashton 95, Clevedon 91.33 (C&D Over-60s League): P Brown, G Thomas, J Burt 13-15; C Ramsden, R Thomas, E Russell 10-20; C Holloway, J Eaton, T Baker 14-16; D Anderson, M Pemble, J Marshall 23-13; M Wring, M Harding, I Taylor 17-18; B Smedley, K Bird, A Hall 18-9.33.

Long Ashton 81 (11/2), Nailsea 93 (71/2) (C&D League): M Harding, M Pemble, P Smith, J Burt 14-22; C Hollaway, G Thomas, K Vass, J Marshall 14-22; C Ramsden, B Brice, A Hall, M Taylor 22-13; D Moore, J Gann, D Harper, E Russell 19-19; A Lewis, J Eaton, I Taylor, T Baker 12-17.

Long Ashton 46 (8), Avonvale 36 (2) (Bristol League): I Taylor, P Smith, A Hall, M Taylor 13-16; D Moore, E Russell, D Odey, J Marshall 17-8; M Harding, M Wilmott, K Vass, T Baker 16-12.

Long Ashton 64, Portishead RBL 107(Clarence Davey Trophy second round): D Moore, M Wilmott, B Brice, J Burt 13-30; I Taylor, P Silva, A Hall, M Taylor 15-33; C Ramsden, K Bird, K Vass, D Odey 15-25; M Harding, A Lewis, E Russell, T Baker 21-19.

Clevedon Bowling Club hosted a national inter-county Johns Trophy ladies’ match between Somerset and Devon with the home county winning by 120 shots to 102. Clevedon had two players in the Somerset team and one of the members, Laura Holden, can be seen directing the head.

In the Fear Cup, a county club knockout competition, the Clevedon ladies outplayed Portishead and won 69 to 44 shots and will meet Portishead RBL in the next round.

Further success for the ladies at the county semi-finals where Steph Branfield defeated Carol Jenner-Timms 21-5 and secured her place in the final and the national finals

The men have also won through another round of the national Top Club competition when they won a tight game 3-2 against Victoria, Weston, largely due to a rather fortunate bowl on the last end of the triples.

The men are through to the next round of the county Turnbull Cup by way of a walkover and will meet local rivals Clevedon Promenade in the next round.

Clevedon 3, Victoria 2 (National Top Club) two-wood singles: D Brightman 6-16; four-wood singles: N Pearce 12-21; pairs: P J Branfield, N Westlake 22-20; triples: K Bristow, R Pitts, R Withers 26-25; fours: F Ham, D Harding, M Payne, A Bradley 30-21.

Clevedon 69, Portishead RBL 37 (Somerset County League Premier 1): A Mace, F Ham, R Pitts, P J Branfield 23-13; K Bristow, A Bradley, A Morgan, R Withers 22-9; R Lord, W Smith, M Payne, D Brightman 24-15.

Clevedon B 55, Chew Stoke A 62 (Somerset County League North 1).

Clevedon 82, Backwell 74 (C&D Evening League): R Conybeare, M Sutton, A Bradley, A Morgan 17-15; M J Cole, C Bethune, E Kitchen, M Davis 12-20; H Austin, P Battram, K Bristow, M Langley 24-6; R Lord, A Brooks, C Jarrett, B Meyrick 12-19; A Mace, D Squire, G Woods, R Pitts 17-14.

Clevedon 64, Clarence Blues 100 (Weston Over-60s Triples League): A Brooks, G Woods, D Priddle 22-17; M Sutton, R Lord, J Brommage 5-34; R Gaunt, C Seward, B Wrightson 7-20; T Townsend, B Whittaker, M Langley 16-12; P Battram, C Bethune, N Cape 14-17.

Clevedon 91, Long Ashton 95 (C&D Over-60s Triples League): P Battram, B Davis, V Perry 15-13; T Townsend, D Priddle, P Evans 20-10; M Sutton, A Tripp, N Cape 16-14; R Gaunt, C Bethune, D Greenslade 13-23; D Lowden, G Drewitt, A Morgan 18-17; C Folland, C Seward 9-18.

Clevedon Ladies 69, Portishead 44 (Fear Cup): P Hussey, A Ford, T Cuff, L Palmer 21-14; J Drewitt, S George, S Short, S Branfield 29-14; D Brown, M Foster, J Branfield, L Holden 19-16.

Clevedon Ladies 46, Yatton 37 (friendly): L Wills, J Brown, M Gadd, J Branfield 10-15; G Townsend, J Priddle, J Drewitt, A Ford 18-12; J Henderson, M Sutton, M davis, M Foster 16-10.

Clevedon 99, Penarth 99 (mixed friendly): G Townsend, J Brown,M Davis, E Kitchen 22-17; G Drewitt, T Townsend, M Rothwell, A Ford 22-23; J Drewitt, R Brown, B Davis, M Kew 11-22; L Cox, T Gent, P Rees, E Coleman 14-26; D Brown, L Wills, B Whittaker, T Cuff 30-11.

Portishead 47, Ardagh 59 (mixed friendly reduced to 15 ends): M Collins, J Maslen, D Taylor, J Herring 11-15; D Girling, D Day, D Lewis, E Daisley 12-18; P Thompson, M Howard, M Henson-Matthews, K Smith 11-15; G Davies, R Buttress, R Taylor, B Reed 13-11.

Portishead 77, Isle of Wedmore 115 (C&D Over-60s League) D Clayton, R Taylor, J Herring 13-14; M Leach, A Reader, B Sexton 7-31; C Skinner, K Gaubert, J Franklin 11-23; G Norris, D Girling, E Daisley 16-18; M Howland, D Taylor, T Hounslow 14-16; L Tassell, A Holmes, M Lockett 16-13.

Portishead B 62, Winscombe B 71 (County League): M Howland, P Williams, M Sault, E Daisley 11-33; D Girling, D Wood, G Lawrence, M Henson-Matthews 22-23; P Thompson, E Ormston, D Taylor, A Holmes 19-15.

Portishead 98, Congresbury 100 (C&D Over-60s League): C Skinner, K Gaubert, E Daisley 15-20; D Day, G Comley, J Franklin 17-15; G Norris, A Reader, T Hounslow 17-23; R Buttress, D Taylor, R Brake 13-18; L Tassell, A Holmes, K Smith 14-11; R Piper, G Pears, M Berryman 22-13.

Portishead A 64, Bristol B 47 (County League): T Bennett, A Reader, R Brake, F Allen 19-20; G Norris, J Herring, J Franklin, T Hounslow 17-21; R Piper, L Tassell, K Smith, M Lockett 28-6.

Portishead 49, Yate 93 (C Davey round two): M Berryman, R Taylor, A Reader, F Allen 9-20; G Norris, E Daisley, J Franklin, T Hounslow 11-28; L Tassell, D Taylor, K Smith, M Lockett 10-23; G Pears, M Henson-Matthews, R Brake, B Staniforth 19-22.

Nailsea 57, Bristol 87 (Turnbull Cup): J Pritchard, N Edwards, J Mash, B Holloway 10-28; P Phippen, P Miller, R Chappell, J Davis 13-18; J Prince, M West, R Lloyd, J Whitear 16-24; D Hole, D Clark, D Flower, I Blatchford 18-17.

Nailsea 93, Long Ashton 81 (C&D Co-operative Funeralcare League): D Hole, M Conway, R Lloyd, J Whitear 17-12, J Pritchard, I Yuill, J Mash, R Griffiths 22-14, A Mansfield, J Knight, N Edwards, M Rowsell 13-22, J Hall, D Nicholls, D Clark, D Flower 19-19, P Miller, A Tonkin, A Billington, I Blatchford 22-14.

Nailsea A 54, Yeovil A 73 (Somerset County League): J Prince, P Phippen, D Flower, I Blatchford 20-19, D Hole, P Gillard, R Griffiths, M Rowsell 21-27, J Pritchard, R Hassell, R Lloyd, J Whitear 13-27.

Nailsea B 41, Bristol B 61 (Somerset County League): P Miller, P Onion, B Willis, J Chivers 12-27, A Mansfield, T Dyer, D Clark, R Chappell 11-25, J Edler, W Shepheard, C Winter, R Jefferies 18-34.

West Backwell 74, Clevedon 82 (C&D Co-operative Funeralcare Evening League): M Windo, D Chadwick, J Hathway, J Couch 19-12; T Bone, B Kelson, J Ashmore, R Webber 14-17; A Lovell, J Pope, B Budd, A Knights 6-24; B Baker, P Sims, A Robinson, G Arnold 20-12; D Rycroft, G Dodd, R Hinton, K Dodd 15-17.

West Backwell 96, Isle of Wedmore 114 (C&D Co-operative Funeralcare Over-60s League): B Kelson, D Rigg, B Budd 14-17; J Pope, A Lovell, K Dodd 16-17; D Morris, D Sloper, G Dodd 3-32; G Brindle, B Baker, A Robinson 21-13; T Bone, B Gage, R Langford 21-17; D Ratcliffe, R Keightley, R Hinton 21-18.

West Backwell Ladies 0, Portishead RBL 4 (Southey Trophy) - singles: J Ratcliffe 15-21; pairs: M Warfield, P Kingston 8-18; triples: S Budd, M Vivian, J Sims 7-22; fours: S Stagg, C Lawrence, J Jackson, C Burgess 22-29.

West Backwell 47, Winscombe A 53 (County League): A Lovell, M Windo, A Robinson, J Couch 16-17; R Spragg, P Sims, G Arnold, A Knights 14-15; B Baker, B Budd, J Hathway, K Dodd 17-21.

Portishead Ladies 59, Bristol 60 (friendly): P Taylor, M Howard, V Bougnague, S Daisley 20-27; D Franklin, M Ringrose, H Luffman, A Bridgen 20-17; C Norris, P Rennie, B Reed, M Kellett 19-16.

Portishead Ladies 46, Weston St Andrews 33 (friendly): P Taylor, V Bougnague, P Staniforth, S Daisley 10-18; D Franklin, A Ward, M Withey, M Cross 21-6; C Norris, M Reader, M Williams, A Bridgen 15-9.

Portishead Ladies 56, Burnham (WDL) 37: D Lockett, S Daisley, P Staniforth 19-13; D Lewis, B Reed, A Bridgen 13-13 S Tassell, J Brown, J White 24-11.

Yatton Ladies 45, Clevedon Prom 45 (DRT League): A Storm, B Parker, A Batson, S Parsons 23-8; S Carr, M Mills, P Allen, B Topham 11-15; J Richards, F McCormack, C Cheesewright, M Spalding 11-22.

Yatton Ladies 47, Clevedon 34 (friendly): A Storm, B Hayward, R Passingham, P Allen 12-8; J Humphreys, M Mills, P Welham, P Goddard 10-16; S Carr, J Richards, C Lewis, C Cheesewright 15-10.

Clevedon Promenade 39, Bath B 41 (National Two Rinks): S Fuidge, P Bissett, D Demery, C Crees 19-24; J Powell, J Fuidge, K Chaney, D Everett 20-17.

Clevedon Promenade A 50, Ilminster A 58 (Somerset County League): J Powell, P Bissett, J Bartlett, D Everett 11-22; R Cranshaw, J Fuidge, H Williams, K Chaney 22-18; S Fuidge, A Pine, D Demery, C Crees 17-18.

Clevedon Promenade B 55, Yatton A 47 (Somerset County League): J Baker, J Gover, D Kibbey, P Fuidge 21-13; K Hill, A Derrick, D Higley, K Low 18-16; A Elsy, J Grubb, D Hampton, R Soper 16-18.

Clevedon Promenade C 47, Portishead RBL C 60 (Somerset County League): A Alvis, P Pearce, E Trace, P Kinsella 20-22; A King, H Jeffrey, M Sperring, N Pedder 14-17; P Brown, R Applegate, R Dowsing, D Loveridge 13-21.

Clevedon Promenade 122, Clarence Gold 78 (C&D Over-60s League): A Alvis, N Pedder, K Low 35-10; B Carpenter, B Davis, D Knowles 25-12; K Hill, R Dowsing, J Powell 18-9; K Ellis, T Derrick, R Cranshaw 14-16; T Schofield, D Hampton, J Gover 8-20; P Brown, P Pearce, A Young 22-11.

Clevedon Promenade 69, Chew Stoke 60 (C&D League); K Hill, D Higley, P Fuidge, A Young 16-15; J Grubb, D Hampton, P Bissett, H Williams 13-16; J Baker, J Gover, J Bartlett, K Chaney 24-11; S Fuidge, R Cranshaw, J Powell, C Crees 16-18.

Clevedon Promenade 114, Bradley Stoke 101 (mixed friendly): B Carpenter, S Davis, J Williams, J Fuidge 27-12; S Roach, M Gough, N Pedder, D Hampton 23-14; K Ellis, J Hollier, S Oliver, H Williams 16-19; C Drake, A Alvis, J Jeffrey, B Davis 16-21; J Morris, L Pedder, P Pearce, P Kinsella 14-21; F Rawlings, H Jeffrey, M Griffiths, A Elsy 18-14.

Clevedon Promenade Ladies 77, Nailsea 56 (friendly): L Welling, J Sperring, S Sharp 21-14; D Cranshaw, M Sheppard, S Walker 23-9; F Rawlings, S Oliver, L Hardisty 19-17; M Gough, L Pedder, E Rowley 14-16.

Clevedon Promenade Ladies 45, Yatton 45 (Doreen Ralph League): B Young, J Chaney, J Hill, C Pratten 15-11; M Wood, S Farnden, E Perham, A Crees 8-23; C Drake, P Soper, J Jeffrey, S Pine 22-11.

Clevedon Promenade Ladies 49, North Petherton 73 (Wessex League): L Welling, L Fitzpatrick, P Soper, J Jeffrey 24-19; C Drake, J Sperring, S Oliver, B Young 12-32; M Gough, M Wood, S Davis, E Rowley 13-22.

Clevedon Promenade Ladies 59, Nailsea 35 (Doreen Ralph League): L Welling, J Chaney, E Rowley, S Sharp 14-16; C Drake, S Davis, E Perham, A Crees 20-12; L Hardisty, J Sperring, S Farnden, L Greeves 25-7.

Clevedon Promenade Ladies 49, Long Ashton 37 (NS Triples); M Sheppard, S Farnden, S Pine 13-12; B Young, J Jeffrey, L Greeves 17-12; M Gough, E Rowley, A Crees 19-13.

Congresbury 73, Portishead RBL 102 (Co-operative Funeralcare Evening League): G Wilcock, P Reay, T Lewis, C Shipway 15-26; R Jones, G Stenner, R Archer, R Kirkham 11-22; B Baker, R Anniuk, D Byett, R Birmingham 12-25; R King, M Hopkins, R Becker, B Herbison 17-7; D Manning, A Fisher, M Wear, L Beck 18-22.

Congresbury 100, Portishead 98 (C&D Over-60s League): R Stewart, D Gosling, R Archer 15-17; G Andrews, J Freemantle, F Horton 11-14; B Blakley, G Stenner, D Byett 23-17; D Manning, C Edwards, A Fisher 13-22; I Beveridge, K Cole, T Lewis 20-15; D Folds, R Anniuk, P Reay 18-13.

Congresbury Ladies 50, Wessex 43 (Weston & District League): H Tranmer, E Stenner, B Huggett 12-20; J Byett, R Horton, A King 18-12; C Wilcock, C Lewis, P Baker 20-11.

Congresbury Ladies 32, Fosseway 57 (Mendip League): C Wilcock, C Lewis, A Jones 14-15; H Tranmer, E Stenner, P Baker 12-16; R Horton, W Manning, D Harrison 6-26.

Congresbury Ladies 31, Portishead 74 (Fear Cup): C Lewis, P Baker, C Andrews, A Jones 12-32; J Byett, R Horton, D Harrison, B Huggett 7-25; C Wilcock, E Stenner, A King, K Herbison 12-17.

Congresbury Ladies 46, Clarence 47 (Weston & District League): C Wilcock, C Lewis, C Andrews 21-9; J Byett, A Purnell, P Baker 15-16; W Manning, R Horton, A Jones 10-22.

Congresbury A 53, Clarence A 55 (County League): B Baker, P Reay, R Becker, B Herbison 17-20; D Manning, G Stenner, T Lewis, C Shipway 17-16; M Kimmings, M Hopkins, M Wear, L Beck 19-19.

Congresbury B 40, Wilmott Park 72 (County League): R Stewart, C Edwards, F Horton, R Archer 15-25; A Lewis, G Andrews, R Jones, R Kirkham 13-23; D Folds, R Anniuk, J Freemantle, A Fisher 12-24.

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