Congresbury bowler beaten in Clevedon Tournament men’s final

PUBLISHED: 16:57 14 August 2018 | UPDATED: 16:57 14 August 2018

Madeira bowls. Ref exsp 6936-21-15SH. Picture: Simon Horn

Madeira bowls. Ref exsp 6936-21-15SH. Picture: Simon Horn


Congresbury bowler Clive Shipway was defeated in the men’s singles final of the ninth annual Clevedon Tournament.

The ninth annual Clevedon Tournament saw David MacCallum from Camberley defeat Congresbury’s Clive Shipway in the men’s singles final.

In the ladies’ competition, Jo Woolf from Camberley enjoyed an excellent tournament, winning the singles, pairs and triples events.

Other results – ladies’ singles: Jo Woolf (Camberley) bt Maureen Edwards (Rugby Thornfield); men’s pairs: Colin Gazzard & Mike Cooper (Victoria) bt Andy Young & John Powell (Clevedon Prom); ladies’ pairs: Jo Woolf & Carolyn Lythgoe (Camberley) bt Pauline Worrall & Terri Newbold (Camberley); mixed pairs: Barry Forse & Ann Campbell (St Andrews) bt Clive Shipway & Dawn Harrison (Congresbury).

Men’s triples: Keith Bristow, Ray Pitts & Maurice Davis (Clevedon) bt Gerry Woods, Mark Woods & Peter Evans (Clevedon); ladies’ triples: Jo Woolf, Terri Newbold & Carolyn Lythgoe (Camberley) bt Cath Fuidge (Prom), Sara George (Clevedon) & Sheena Walker (Prom); Clevedon Cup: Jack Fuidge (Prom); Good Neighbours Trophy: David Byett (Congresbury).

Clevedon Promenade defeated Portishead RBL to reach their second final, both being played on August 26 at Nailsea Bowling Club.

At 10am, it is the Four Dimensions final versus Clevedon and at 2pm, it is the North Somerset KO Cup final against Victoria.

Clevedon Promenade has already won the C&D Evening League this season, so the hope is to build on that success at Nailsea.

Clevedon Promenade 71, Portishead RBL 64 (Four Dimensions semi-final): S Fuidge (singles) 21-13; J Fuidge, K Chaney (pairs) 17-20; A Pine, D Demery, C Crees (triples) 14-10; J Powell, A Young, A Smith, J Bartlett 19-21.

Portishead RBL 124, Chew Stoke 67 (Britannia Windows C&D Over-60s): K Lane, D Crawshaw, D Gregory 18-15; D Vowles, J Nichols, J Bridle 13-16; M Roberts, R Wilkinson, D Groves 24-7; B Scruby, M Bryant, I Gough 26-5; D Welsh, A Spencer, A Strong 24-8; B Norman, P Kelly, N Rogers 19-16.

Portishead RBL 96, Weston St Andrews 97 (Weston Over-60s): D Vowles, A Grey, D Gregory 14-19; R Stevens, T Smith, K Lane 14-20; M Balsiger, N Castleton, F Allen 23-9; A Britton, J Nichols, B Daly 18-12; A Longdon, M Bryant, B Norman 18-18; P Higgs, G Chidzey, A Gwynn 9-19.

Portishead RBL 95, Winscombe 116 (Weston Over-60s): B Venn, K Lane, D Gregory 13-24; J McCarthy, P Kelly, D Groves 22-19; M Roberts, N Rogers, J Bridle 12-23; B Scruby, L Slatter, F Allen 15-20; P Higgs, M Bryant, B Norman 17-11; D Welsh, A Gwynn, I Gough 16-19.

Portishead RBL 74, Long Ashton 74 (Britannia Windows C&D Evening League): A Spencer, P Higgs, N Rogers, B Daly 21-10; M Roberts,P Kelly, A Strong, D Gregory 15-19; B Major, T Eden, T Birth, D Groves 10-12; A Longdon, B Excell, I Gough, T Winmill 11-19; D Iles, A Gwynn, J Bridle, S Secker 17-14.

Portishead RBL C 43, Mark Moor 55 (Somerset North 2): M Balsiger, C Wring, K Hoyles, A Strong 13-15; B Scruby, P Higgs, A Gwynn, B Norman 17-16; J Davies, T Eden, G Chidzey, R Wilkinson 13-21.

West Backwell Ladies 27, Weston St Andrews 64 (Doreen Ralph Trophy): J Keightley, S Budd, C Lawrence, V Webley 10-20; K Pugsley, S Townsend, M Warfield, J Sims 5-21; L Bloom, M Vivian, P Kingston 12-23.

West Backwell 60 Ardagh 65 (mixed friendly): S Stagg, D Ratcliffe, R Shorland, J Ratcliffe 15-14; D Gage, S Gregory, J Cafferty, B Gammon 16-10; R Morten, S Townsend, M Warfield, B Gage 12-19; G Dodd, L Bloom, G Brindle, P Sims 17-22.

Portishead RBL Ladies 48, PBA 35 (friendly): M Babington, A Venn, S Castleton, S Rogers 11-17; J Kelly, C Roberts, L Bridle 23-6; P Smith, M Excell, P Wilkinson 14-12.

Portishead RBL Ladies 61, Chew Stoke 39 (DRT): J Birth, I Hussey, H Naunton, L Bridle 23-13; T Gentle, J Gardner, P Groves, S Davies 9-18; J Saunders, N Wells, J Calladine, M Gozna 29-8.

Portishead RBL Ladies 24, Yate 24 (BLLB): M Excell, T Gentle, H Naunton, L Bridle 13-10; J Kelly, S Castleton, K Strong, M Southey 14-11.

Congresbury Bowls Club maintained their high standard in the Clevedon Tournament.

Clive Shipway was the losing finalist in the men’s singles, and he, together with Dawn Harrison reached the final of the mixed pairs competition, only losing on an extra end.

Three Congresbury ladies, Chris Wilcock, Jenny Byett and Angela Jones, reached the semi-final of the triples, while Dave Byett won the Good Neighbourhood Cup. A notable achievement all round.

Somerset Unbadged men’s singles quarter-final: K Vass (LA) 21, P Simms (WBL) 15.

Long Ashton 74 (5), Portishead RBL 74 (4) (C&D League): K Vass, V Adams, M Taylor, E Russell 19-11; P Connock, M Wilmott, A Hall, J Marshall 19-15; C Ramsden, M Pemble, I Taylor, T Baker 14-17; C Randall, J Eaton, E Rockey, D Odey 12-10; C Norman, D Moore, B Brice, P Smith 10-21.

Long Ashton 46 (2), GB Britton 56 (8) (Bristol League): K Vass,V Adams, M Taylor, E Russell 18-15; C Ramsden, I Taylor, A Hall, J Marshall 15-19; D Moore, P Smith, M Givan, D Odey 13-22.

Long Ashton Ladies 28 (0), Yatton 49 (10) (DRT League): J Eaton, K Gough, P Adams, S Hall 8-15; K Ramsden, I Martin, C Marshall, L Taylor 8-19; D Vass, M Wilmott, T Rockey, C Bennett 12-15.

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