Clevedon reach last 16 in national top club competition

PUBLISHED: 14:10 08 August 2017 | UPDATED: 14:10 08 August 2017

Long Ashton Bowls Club.

Long Ashton Bowls Club.


Clevedon Bowls Club men are just one game away from the national quarter-finals of the Top Club competition.

Clevedon men continue their progress in the National Top Club competition by beating Bristol in a close match and are now one game away from the quarter-finals.

Their next opponents are Kings, Torquay, who won the competition last year.

The ladies also reached the quarter-final of the county Southey Trophy by overwhelming Portishead RBL 4-0 and now meet Portishead.

Clevedon 3, Bristol 2 (National Top Club)-four-wood singles N Pearce 21-14; two-wood singles D Brightman 10-15; pairs P J Branfield, N Westlake 9-24; triples A Mace, R Withers, G Jay 15-14; fours F Ham, R Pitts, A Bradley, M Davis 19-14.

Clevedon 65, Watchet 53 (Somerset County League Premier 1): F Ham, D Harding, P J Branfield 27-17; A Mace, W Smith, A Bradley, G Jay 14-18; R Lord, M Payne, R Pitts, D Brightman 24-17.

Clevedon 90, Portishead RBL 71 (C&D Evening League): R Lord, D Iles, B Palmer, R Pitts 13-14; B Whittaker, M Payne, C Jarrett, M Langley 15-20; B Squire, G Tripp, P Evans, J Brommage 20-18; A Mace, M J Cole, S Meyrick, A Bradley 18-9; R Contbeare, P Battram, K Pearce, M Davis 24-10.

Clevedon 71, Clevedon Prom 112 (C&D Over-60s Triples League): M Sutton, K Frost, D Harding 15-29; R Openshaw, B Palmer, P J Branfield 14-15; D Iles, P Battram, C Jarrett 16-28; T Townsend, R Brown, P Evans 14-14; M Cole, B Whittaker, C Seward 12-16.

Clevedon 91, St Andrews 107 (Weston Over-60s Triples League): R Gaunt, D Priddle, P Evans 16-10; T Townsend, M Payne, B Palmer 12-28; M Sutton, C Folland, D Greenslade 18-18; N Meredith, C Seward, D Harding 15-14; M Cole, V Perry, M Langley 20-18; B Squire, M Short, C Jarrett 10-19.

Clevedon Ladies 4, Portishead RBL 0 (Southey Trophy)-four-wood singles: S Branfield 21-7; pairs T Cuff, L Palmer 26-12; triples M Foster, J Branfield, L Holden 17-15; fours P Hussey, A Ford, J Drewitt, S Short 19-15.

Clevedon Ladies 55, Olveston 49 (friendly): H Sutton, J Henderson, A Ford 16-15; T Nicholson, J Priddle, L Palmer 19-18; L Cox, J Brown, M Foster 20-16.

Congratulations to Congresbury Bowls Club on winning the men’s Co-operative Funeralcare Evening League Championship.

This is the first time they have won this trophy in the 60-year history of the competition. It was achieved at a tense last match away to Chew Stoke, winning on three of the four rinks, giving an overall victory by four shots.

Congresbury 68, Isle of Wedmore 130 (C&D Over-60s League): D Manning, R Jones, F Horton 8-26; D Folds, J Freemantle, D Byett 7-20; G Andrews, G Stenner, A Fisher 12-27; P Dawes, M Kimmings, R Archer 12-18; R Stewart, R Anniuk, M Huggett 19-9; A Collins, C Edwards, R Kirkham 10-30.

Congresbury 64, Chew Stoke 60 (Co-operative Funeralcare Evening League): B Baker, R Anniuk, R Becker, D Byett 16-14; G Wilcock, T Lewis, S Eastment, C Shipway 22-10; M Kimmings, R Archer, M Wear, L Beck 17-13; J Freemantle, G Stenner, R Kirkham, B Herbison 9-23.

CongresburyA 68, St Andrews 40 (SBA Division 1 North): B Baker, M Wear, D Byett, R Birmingham 22-16; D Manning, R King, R Becker, B Herbison 26-9; M Kimmings, T Lewis, S Eastment, C Shipway 20-15.

Congresbury B 78, Banwell B 39 (SBA Division 2 North): R Stewart, J Freemantle, I Morton, A Fisher 18-10; R Jones, R Anniuk, F Horton, R Kirkham 34-9; D Norman, M Hopkins, M Huggett, R Archer 26-20.

West Backwell hosted the annual triangular match Long Ashton and Chew Stoke. All matches were played in a friendly spirit, and as usual it was a most enjoyable day. Results: Long Ashton10 pts; Chew Stoke 8; West Backwell 6.

C Pugsley, B Kelson, M Vivian, B Gage 17-23 (LA); E Pope, S Stagg, B Gammon, K Dodd 18-26 (LA); S Wright, B Baker, M Windo, M Page 26-7 (CS); S Arnold, D Gage, D Chadwick, G Arnold 17-25 (CS); C Langford, D Smart, J Ratcliffe, P Sims 25-10 (LA); D Ratcliffe, B Watson, M Warfield, J Ashmore 16-19 (LA); S Townsend, T Bone, B Ellison, B Budd 19-15 (CS); M Naylor, S Budd, G Brindle, J Sims 10-20 (CS).

West Backwell 56, Yatton A 53 (Somerset County League): B Baker, B Budd, J Ashmore, J Couch 17-12; G Brindle, P Sims, J Hathway, G Arnold 19-27; R Spragg, B Gammon, D Rycroft, K Dodd 20-14.

West Backwell 68, Nailsea 81 (C&D Co-op Funeralcare Evening League): R Spragg, J Leggett, B Gammon, K Dodd 17-10; J Cafferty, I Wilson, A Robinson, J Hathway 10-22; M Chinn, D Chadwick, D Rigg, G Arnold 13-21; B Baker, M Windo, J Ashmore, B Budd 14-16; T Bone, B Kelson, R Hinton, A Knights 14-12.

West Backwell 111, Nailsea 93 (C&D Co-op Funeralcare Over-60s League): D Morris, D Chadwick, R Langford 11-16; T Bone, R Keightley, R Hinton 14-18; M Chinn, D Rigg, B Gammon 27-9; G Brindle, B Budd, A Robinson 20-15; B Baker, I Wilson, K Dodd 21-21; B Kelson, D Sloper, P Sims 18-14.

West Backwell Ladies 47, Chew Stoke 50 (Doreen Ralph Trophy): S Stagg, C Lawrence, M Vivian, C Burgess 25-7; S Budd, S Arnold, J Sims, V Webley 12-15; S Townsend, B Watson, J Ratcliffe, M Page 10-28.

Nailsea B 59, Victoria C 53 (Somerset County League): S Brown, J Hall, M West, D Clark 17-14; A Mansfield, T Dyer, A Avery, R Jefferies 18-18; P Miller, P Onion, B Willis, D Price 24-21.

Nailsea 81, Backwell 68 (C&D Evening Co-operative Funeralcare League): D Hole, M West, J Mash, J Whitear 10-17; P Miller, A Billington, D Flower, I Blatchford 21-13; J Hall, J Knight, D Clark, R Jefferies 16-14; A Mansfield, N Edwards, C Winter, M Rowsell 12-14; J Pritchard, I Yuill, R Lloyd, R Griffiths 22-10.

Nailsea 70, Long Ashton 91: J Pritchard, P Miller, C Winter, B Holloway 19-15; J Edler, I Yuill, R Chappell, I Blatchford 12-24; J Hall, R Hassell, D Clark, J Davis 9-14; D Hole, A Tokin, R Lloyd, J Whitear 10-18; A Mansfield, A Billington, R Griffiths, M Rowell 20-22.

Nailsea 93, Backwell 110 (C&D Over-60s Co-operative Funeralcare League): R Hassell, P Miller, B Holloway 21-21; A Tonkin, P Harley, J Gardner 9-26; P Onion, P North, A Avery 16-11; G White, D Clark, D Hole 15-20; I Yuill, J Knight, M Keates 1-14; J Hall, T Dyer, D Flower 14-18.

Portishead B 57, Bristol C 45 (Division 3): M Leach, T Mather, G Lawrence, D Taylor 15-17; J Lewis, P Williams, M Sault, E Daisley 18-15; T Bennett, J Maslen, G Davies, M Henson-Matthews 24-12.

Portishead 109, Long Ashton 90 (C&D Over-60s League): E Ormston, M Sault, B Sexton 18-14; D Poulston, J Herring, J Franklin 21-11; L Tassell, A Reader, E Daisley 15-17; J Holland, K Gaubert, B Staniforth 15-21; M Berryman, D Taylor, M Lockett 26-9; G Norris, P Williams, T Hounslow 14-18.

Portishead 106, Victoria Vikings 94 (Weston Over-60s League): E Ormston, G Norris, T Hounslow 10-24; D Taylor, A Reader, B Sexton 20-15; M Leach, A Holmes, B Staniforth 10-24; L Tassell, K Gaubert, D Robertson 21-8; R Piper, M Sault, R Brake 16-17; M Berryman, J Herring, J Franklin 29-6.

Portishead RBL Ladies 48, Winscombe 46 (NSL): Roberts, Lewins, Crawshaw 15-13; Bird, Saunders, Hussey 17-10; Eden, Gwynn, Strong 16-23.

Portishead RBL Ladies 22, Page 30 (Bristol A League): Gwynn, Gozna, Spencer, Hellens 12-13; Groves, Birth, Davies, Pearce 10-17.

Portishead RBL Ladies 61, Yatton 28 (DRT): Gwynn, Southey, Hussey Crawshaw 15-12; Birth, Dando, Hellens, Gozna 18-9; Groves, Saunders, Rogers, Davies 28-7.

Portishead RBL Ladies 40, Canford 22 (Bristol B League): Naunton, Castleton, Gardner, Bridle 20-12; Dando, Wilkinson, Rogers, Southey 20-10.

Portishead RBL 71, Clevedon 90 (C&D Evening League): T Birth, T Eden, D Crawshaw, C Pearce 14-13; A Wellings, N Castleton, D Groves, D Gregory 20-15; K Martin, A Strong, B Daly, S Secker 18-20; P Bradshaw, B Scruby, I Gough, J Bridle 9-18; J Nichols, T Barnes, N Rogers, R Withey 10-24.

Portishead RBL 70, Yatton 75 (Wedmore Plate): A Wellings, N Rogers, D Groves, D Gregory 18-21; T Birth, I Gough, J Bridle, S Secker 12-19; J Nichols, B Daly, R Withey, T Winmill 22-20; K Martin, A Strong, D Crawshaw, C Pearce 18-15.

Portishead RBL B 51, Winscombe 81 (Somerset North 1): D Vowles, A Strong, T Barnes, R Withey 25-24; M Roberts, J Davies, A Gray, N Rogers 14-30; D Welsh, M Balsinger, K Hoyles, J Nichols 12-27.

Portishead RBL C 64, Portishead 56 (Somerset North 3): J McCarthey, N Castleton, P Bradshaw, B Norman 20-13; T Staniland, T Eden, G Chidzey, K Lane 28-17; B White, A Longdon, A Gwynn, R Wilkinson 16-26.

Portishead Ladies 48, Clarence 58 (NSTL): D Franklin, H Luffman, M Williams 16-17; C Norris, J Brown, G Berryman 16-19; P Taylor, S Sealy, B Reed 16-22. Friendly rink: V Buttress, N Ward, S Tassell 24-12.

Portishead Ladies 76, Keynsham 71 (Southey Cup): S Tassell 21-9; J Brown, J White 22-10; B Reed, M Withey, P Staniforth 15-37; H Luffman, M Williams, S Daisley, R Pears 18-15.

Portishead Ladies 59, Long Ashton 43 (friendly): P Taylor, J Clark, H Luffman, P Staniforth 28-9; D Franklin, N Ward, V Hounslow, M Williams 11-21; M Collins, S Ross, S Pile, G Berryman 20-13.

Portishead Ladies 61, Nailsea 59 (Fear Plate): S Tassell, V Hounslow, J Brown, J White 24-20; H Luffman, M Williams, M Withey, P Staniforth 21-19; D Lockett, B Reed, S Daisley, G Berryman 16-20.

Yatton 66, Long Ashton 50 (mixed friendly): J Richards, E Reynolds, A Storm, T Storm 26-13; B King, F Jones, D Goddard, B Parker 9-18; J Humphreys, J Hull, M Musgrove, N Jones 15-10; A Richards, M Mills, B Hull, P Allen 16-9.

Yatton 75, Portishead RBL 70 (Turnbull/Wedmore Plate): A Richards, B Hardwick, N Edmonds, T Storm 21-18; D Hunt, J Moyse, L Howe, M Withyman 19-12; M Musgrove, J Knight, S Pascoe, R Bish 20-22; B Hull, T Passingham, D Blundell,

C Parsons 15-18.

Yatton A 53, West Backwell 56 (Somerset County League): B Hull, J Moyse, S Pascoe, R Bish 27-19; D Hunt, J Knight, L Howe, T Storm 14-20; M Musgrove, N Edmonds, G Smith, M Withyman 12-17.

Yatton B 56, Bristol C 49 (Somerset County League): A George, D Goddard, E Reynolds, D Blundell 14-18; A Richards, P Lomas, N Jones, C Parsons 22-13; T Viney, J Stacey, R Lewis, P Creber 20-18.

Yatton Ladies 2, Portishead 2 (Southey Cup): R Passingham, F McCormack, A Batson, S Parsons 20-16; P Welham, C Cheesewright, P Allen 17-15; M Millard, B Topham 11-18; P Goddard 12-22.

Yatton Ladies 28, Portishead RBL 61 (DRT League): R Passingham, P Welham, A Batson, S Parsons 7-28; C Lewis, B Parker, B Topham, P Allen 9-18; A Storm, C Cheesewright, M Millard, P Goddard 12-15.

Thirty-two players from Long Ashton competed in the annual Don Radford Triangular Cup match at West Backwell.

Long Ashton won the match, scoring 164 points after an enjoyable day with stiff competition from Chew Stoke and West Backwell, with six games being played in the morning and six in the afternoon.

Long Ashton will host the match in 2018.

Long Ashton Ladies 50, Portishead 57 (Fear Plate quarter-finals): D Vass, S Taylor, L Taylor, C Bennett 25-12; T Ricketts, M Wilmott, P Adams, S Norman 13-14; K Gough, I Martin, C Marshall, T Hilton 12-31.

Long Ashton Ladies 57, Winscombe 46 (North Somerset Triples League): S Taylor, I Martin, S Norman 18-11; K Ramsden, C Marshall, S Hall 15-21;D Vass, L Taylor, C Bennett 24-14.

Long Ashton Ladies 78, Nailsea 42 (DRT League): S Taylor, K Ramsden, M Wilmott, P Adams 22-14; D Vass, J Eaton, L Taylor, C Bennett 28-12; K Gough, C Marshall, I Martin, S Hall 28-16.

Long Ashton 93 (8), Nailsea 70 (1) (C&D League): D Moore, J Gann, M Harding, J Marshall 22-20; T M Lynch, M Pemble, K Vass, D Odey 15-19; C Ramsden, B Smedley, A Hall, M Taylor 14-9; M Wilmott, B Brice, I Taylor, T Baker 18-10; J Eaton, V Adams, P Smith, E Russell 24-12.

Long Ashton 80 (21/2), Clevedon Prom 83 (61/2) (C&D League): G Thomas, J Eaton, M Harding, J Marshall 13-20; C Randall, M Wilmott, K Vass, D Odey 15-15; D Moore, V Adams, P Smith, E Russell 20-15; C Ramsden, B Brice, A Hall, M Taylor 20-11; C Hollaway, A Lewis, I Taylor, T Baker 12-22.

Long Ashton 90, Portishead 109 (C&D Over-60s League): T M Lynch, M Pemble, M Harding 14-18; J Carlier, I Taylor, T Baker 11-21; B Smedley, J Eaton, A Hall 17-15; M Wring, C Ramsden, E Russell 21-15; M Wilmott, H Lloyd, J Marshall 9-26; C Randall, A Lewis,V Adams 18-1.

Long Ashton 45 (8), Knowle B 39 (2) (Bristol League): D Moore, M Givan, D Odey, J Marshall 12-14; K Vass, M Pemble, E Russell, T Baker 16-11; M Harding, V Adams, A Hall, M Taylor 17-14.

Clevedon Promenade 70, Willmot Park 78 (Turnbull Cup): R Cranshaw, R Soper, A Young, H Williams 12-27; P Bissett, K Morris, D Demery, C Crees 12-21; G Hancox, K Low, J Fuidge, K Chaney 25-15; J Powell, P Fuidge, J Bartlett, D Everett 21-15.

Clevedon Promenade C 38, Burnham B 60 (Somerset County League): A Alvis, R Dowsing, A Derrick, P Kinsella 14-16; A Tinkling, D Hollier, D Kibbey, D Knowles 9-25; B Carpenter, J Johnstone, D Loveridge, N Pedder 15-19.

Clevedon Promenade B 56, Chew Stoke A 49 (Somerset County League): K Hill, N Pedder, A Pine, K Low 20-12; A Tinkling, D Higley, P Fuidge, A Young 9-28; J Grubb, D Hampton, K Morris, R Soper 27-9.

Clevedon Promenade C 43, Mark Moor 61 (Somerset County League): A Alvis, P Kinsella, T Derrick, D Knowles 17-16; P Pearce, R Dowsing, M Sperring, D Loveridge 12-26; G Hickman, B Neal, D Kibbey, B Davis 14-19.

Clevedon Promenade 83, Long Ashton 80 (C&D League); J Baker, D Hollier, J Powell, J Bartlett 22-12; K Hill, J Gover, K Low, J Fuidge 20-13; S Fuidge, D Hampton, D Demery, C Crees 15-20; J Grubb, D Higley, P Fuidge, A Young 15-15; A Tinkling, R Dowsing, A Pine, K Chaney 11-20.

Clevedon Promenade 98, Portishead RBL 117 (C&D Over-60s League); T Derrick, R Cranshaw, A Young 29-12; B Davis, M Sperring, K Low 11-19; K Hill, J Gover, K Chaney 19-20; B Neal, D Hampton, R Soper 11-20; D Hollier, P Kinsella, D Everett 14-26; A Tinkling, D Knowles, C Crees 17-20.

Clevedon Promenade 102, Clevedon 71 (C&D Over-60s League); A Tinkling, D Hampton, C Crees 29-15; A Elsy, J Gover, E Furze 14-14; J Baker, M Sperring, R Cranshaw 15-14; A Alvis, B Neal, R Soper 16-12; D Higley, B Davis, A Young 28-16.

Clevedon Promenade 120, Mark Moor 106 (Weston Over-60s League): A Tinkling, J Johnstone, A Elsy 11-22; C Pompey, B Neal, R Cranshaw 26-10; T Schofield, J Grubb, J Gover 24-16; A Alvis, B Davis, D Hampton 18-23; R Applegate, P Kinsella, T Derrick 15-20; K Hill, M Sperring, A Young 26-15.

Clevedon Promenade Ladies 49, West Backwell 32 (Doreen Ralph League): E Perham, C Drake, C Pratten, M Dyer 13-12; A Johnstone, P Soper, S Farnden, A Crees 19-7; L Hardisty, M Wood, S Crombie, L Greeves 17-13.

Clevedon Promenade Ladies 29, Congresbury 43 (friendly): F Rawlings, J Sperring, M Sheppard 10-17; L Fitzpatrick, C Drake, S Oliver 12-6; N Malone, M Gough, A Johnstone 7-20,

Clevedon Promenade 72, Winscombe 55 (mixed friendly): F Rawlings, A Alvis, M Griffiths, R Soper 21-11; S Martin, L Fitzpatrick, J Morris, A Young 17-9; R Dowsing, G Rushton, B Davis, S Walker 12-21; C Fuidge, S Davis, D Kibby, K Morris 22-14.

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