Clevedon enjoy successful county finals day

PUBLISHED: 14:43 09 September 2015 | UPDATED: 14:43 09 September 2015

Clevedon Bowls Club pairs winners.

Clevedon Bowls Club pairs winners.


Clevedon bowlers enjoyed a successful county finals day at Ilminster, winning three titles.

It was a triumphant day for Clevedon at the county finals at Ilminster, winning three titles.

The ladies’ fours championship was won for the fourth year in succession, and the third year for this particular team of Sheila Short, Jacqui Branfield, Laura Holden and Stef Branfield, who beat Bath 22-19.

Richard Withers and Nick Pearce won the pairs title, 24-16, against the pair from Taunton who, only two weeks ago, had won the English national title at Leamington Spa.

This is the 12th time that a Clevedon pair has won this county title, more than any other club.

Nick Pearce triumphed again in the triples, alongside Pip Branfield and Neil Westlake, when they beat Ilminster 19-17. This is the 10th time the club has been champions, the last time in 2011.

There were also three runners-up - Laura Holden was beaten in the ladies’ Under-25 singles final, the mixed pair of Sheila Short and Richard Withers lost 18-19 to Street and the men’s four lost 10-27 to Bath.

Clevedon 1, Shaldon (Devon) 4 (Top Club regional final) – two-wood singles: R Withers 12-13; four-wood singles: J Hick 11-21; pairs: N Westlake, N Pearce 21-24; triples: A Mace, S Withers, G Jay 9-13; fours: A Bradley, G Aldridge, D Brightman, M Davis 14-13.

Clevedon 94, Nailsea 91 (Clevedon & District Over-60s Triples League): M Archer, R Williams, M Payne 8-15; H Austen, PA Branfield, K Bristow 23-14; M Hussey, B Davis, C Seward 11-19; R Cuff, B Whittaker, D Harding 20-11; C Bethune, D Priddle, G Woods 11-18; B Wrightson, G Tripp, C Jarrett 21- 14.

Clevedon Ladies 41, Clarence 60 (North Somerset League): T Nicholson, J Henderson, L Palmer 16-21; P Hussey, M Davis, T Cuff 13-21; E White, J Brown, JM Branfield 12-18.

Clevedon Ladies 48, Portishead RBL 53: P Hussey, M Rothwell, T Cuff 19-20; J Henderson, J Priddle, JM Branfield 11-18; D Brown, J Brown, L Palmer 18-13.

Clevedon 117, Datchworth 82 (friendly): M Archer, K Walton, B Palmer, D Brightman 22-16; T Nicholson, P Hayter, B Davis, M Payne 13-17; J Henderson, D Watts, B Whittaker, R Pitts 33-12; R Cuff, L Wills, C Folland, G Woods 21-20; M Cole, D Wills, M Davis, C Jarrett 28-17.

Portishead RBL Ladies secured top spot in the North Somerset Triples League with victory over Winscombe.

Portishead RBL Ladies 61, Winscombe 39: J Saunders, L Bridle, S Davies 21-13; J Birth, R Broad, P Crawshaw 10-21; P Groves, A Lewins, C Pearce 30-5.

Portishead RBL Ladies 33, Long Ashton 49: S Dando, P Spencer, J Gardner 7-17; S Castleton, N Wells, D Yeoman 12-20; H Naunton, S Rogers, L Bridle 14-12.

Portishead RBL Ladies 51, Clevedon 48: S Rogers, R Broad, D Yeoman 20-19; B Vowles, J Gardner, S Davies 18-11; S Castleton, K Strong, L Bridle 13-18.

The Poppies held their finals at the weekend. Congratulations go to all finalists who took part.

Results-Championship: M Gozna 21, C Pearce 18; two-wood: M Gozna 17, J Birth 9; novices: Kay Welsh 5, S Dando 22; fixed jack: L Bridle 57, S Davies 103; four-wood handicap: P Groves 26, J Gardner 10; pairs: S Rogers, S Davis 16, D Gwynn, R Hellens 33.

West Backwell held their finals day, with J Ratcliffe winning the ladies’ title and P Sims the men’s.

Results - ladies’ singles champion: J Ratcliffe; runner-up: S Claxton. Myf Davis: J Ratcliffe; B Ellison. Ivy James: W Farrier; M Warfield. Fixed Jack: J Ratcliffe; J Keightley. Pairs: J Ratcliffe & V Ray; S Arnold & J Jackson.

Men’s singles champion: P Sims; P Tracey. Two-wood: J Ashmore; B Gammon. Veterans: K Dodd; J Couch. Bill Ridley: R Keightley; M Windo. Handicap: J Ashmore; P Sims. Pairs: S Henderson & J Ashmore; G Ellison & P Tracey. Triples: M Naylor, B Gage, M Harding; J Leggett, R Keightley, D Rigg.

Mixed pairs: D Gage & B Gammon; J Sims & P Sims. Two-wood mixed triples: D Gage, J Jackson, C Perry; S Budd, J Leggett, B Gammon. Frank Harvey mixed fours: G Brindle, J Sims, I Wilson, C Perry; T Bone, S Stagg, M Harding, B Budd. Umbrella Cup: P Lamb.

West Backwell 101 Chew Stoke 106 (C&D Co-operative Funeralcare Over-60s League): G Brindle, M Harding, S Henderson 26-17; D Morris, R Langford, R Hinton 18-14; T Bone, B Gage, B Gammon 15-28; J Leggett, B Budd, P Sims 9-17; R Stevens, D Sloper, A Robinson 22-11; T Lovell, B Kelson, D Rigg 11-19.

West Backwell Ladies 41, Bristol 60 (floodlit friendly): S Townsend, S Gregory, S Arnold, C Burgess 16-17; S Budd, C Lawrence, M Warfield, S Stagg 18-19; C Pugsley, C Cree, M Vivian, E Lamb 7-24.

Finalists in the ladies’ pairs at West Backwell (left to right): Joan Jackson, Sheila Arnold, Julie Ratcliffe and Val Ray.

Nailsea 91, Clevedon 94 (Clevedon & District Co-operative Funeralcare Over-60s League): J Edler, J Gardner, M Keates 15-8; I Yuill, W Holland, J Davis 14-23; W Shepheard, A Mansfield, R Webber 19-11; G White, R Hill, J Hathway 11-20; P Miller, J Knight, D Price 18-11; H Willis, J Banham, A Dyer 14-21.

Nailsea 71, Isle of Wedmore 98 (Weston and District Over-60s Triples League): I Yuill, J Banham, A Dyer 10-21; S Brown, A Young, J Hathway 14-11; P Miller,R Cook, A Billington 11-18; R Webber, R Stanford, M Keates 20-13; K Gottschling, P North, J Prince 5-24; W Shepheard, A Mansfield, C Winter 11-11.

Nailsea 55, Bristol 86 (friendly): P Miller, A Mansfield, R Stanford, C Winter 9-19; A Young, K Westcott, B Willis, D Price 20-15; J Edler, W Holland, M Keates, J Hathway 10-27; P Gillard, K Harris, J Prince, R Webber 16-25.

Nailsea Ladies 41, Clevedon Prom 50 (Doreen Ralph Trophy League): A Willis, B Shepheard, P Hill, T Billington 15-14; M Hole, S Avery, J Willis, P MacLaren 14-18; B Steed, J Clarke, M Lewis, R Holloway 12-18.

Nailsea Ladies 37, Fosseway 53 (Mendip League): A Ditzel, J Allen, P Hill, 11-23; M Hole, B Shepheard, J Clarke 16-12; W Gillard, S Avery, T Billington 10-18.

Clevedon Promenade 115, Long Ashton 92 (Co-operative Funeralcare League): T Derrick, B Jones, D Knowles 10-16; A Tinkling, A Elsy, C Crees 26-11; M Sperring, H Jeffrey, A Young 21-21; J Johnstone, R Cranshaw, E Furze 18-14; P Pearce, K Low, H Williams 21-13; P Brown, J Gover, K Chaney 19-17.

Clevedon Prom Ladies 50, Nailsea 41 (Doreen Ralph League): A Johnstone, S Crombie, E Rowley, S Miller 18-14; J Chaney, S Davis, S Farnden, S Pine 14-15; F Rawlings, J Morris, J Jeffrey, A Crees 18-12.

Yatton Ladies 59, Clevedon Prom 38 (DRT League): M Millard, M Hubbard, P Allen, P Goddard 13-19; A Storm, S Carr, B Topham, M Spalding 29-9; C Cheesewright, L Manning, A Keating, S Parsons 17-10.

Yatton Ladies 53, Long Ashton 73 (Southey Cup): P Welham 3-21; C Cheesewright, P Goddard 17-22; M Millard, B Topham, M Spalding 15-13; A Keating, B Parker, P Allen, S Parsons 18-17.

Yatton Ladies 59, Winscombe 44: R Passingham, A Storm, M Millard, P Allen 23-14; L Pedder, B Hayward, F McCormack, C Cheesewright 20-17; M Mills, J Richards, S Carson, P Laver 16-13.

Yatton Ladies 41, Wessex 43 (friendly): R Passingham, W Williams, B Parker, P Allen 11-20; J Humphreys, B Hayward, F McCormack, P Goddard 12-17; J Hull, F Jones, A Storm, C Cheesewright 18-6.

Yatton Ladies 61, Chew Stoke 32 (DRT League): M Millard, C Cheesewright, P Goddard, P Allen 19-10; C Lewis, L Manning, A Batson, S Parsons 27-7; P Laver, B Parker, B Topham, M Spalding 15-15.

Portishead 93, Portishead RBL 97 (C&D Over-60s League): D Moncrieffe, R Brake, F Allen 11-12; C Skinner, G Lerway, B Staniforth 6-19; L Tassell, K Gaubert, S Woodley 12-25; B Sexton, B Wilson, M Lockett 13-13; G Norris, J Franklin, M Gardner 32-10; J Herring, J Scott, M Berryman 19-18.

Portishead 101, Kingwood Park Vets 78: B Scruby, G Davies, L Cobb, B Staniforth 20-15; M Collins, A Reader, E Daisley, J Franklin 23-19; C Norris, M Matthews, B Sexton, R Price 23-8; A Holmes, J Maslen, G Norris, P Staniforth 16-20; D Howells, K Grey, H Luffman, J Herring 19-16.

Portishead 91, Wotton-under-Edge 96: D Franklin, M Matthews, R Taylor, P Staniforth 14-20; D Lewis, K Grey, B Sexton, D Robertson 18-19; M Leach, M Collins, H Luffman, J Franklin 6-32; J Lewis, L Byford, P Taylor, S Daisley 25-13; C Norris, B Thompson, E Daisley, B Staniforth 28-12.

Portishead 103, Ashcombe Crusaders 119 (Weston Over-60s League): B Scruby, J Franklin, M Lockett 8-19; J Lewis, J Herring, F Allen 21-11; A Holmes, R Brake, S Woodley 12-26; L Tassell, G Lerway, D Robertson 8-28; R Piper, B Wilson, M Berryman 43-7; C Skinner, D Taylor, B Staniforth 11-28.

Congresbury Ladies 33, Clarence 41 (friendly): D Davis, H Tranmer, M Hill 9-14; J Garrett, C Lewis, A Mew 6-22; C Wilcock, S Dury, V Harding 18-5.

Congresbury Ladies 53, Victoria 55 (Mendip League): W Manning, P Sharps, C Lewis 8-23; C Wilcock, V Harding, B Huggett 31-10; W Williams, J Byett, A Mew 14-22.

Congresbury 117, Cardiff Bus 79 (mixed friendly): D Davi, G Stenner, A Purnell, R Kirkham 27-13; P Baker, I Morton, R Horton, R Becker 13-15; K Cole, E Archer, F Horton, D Harrison 20-14; C Lewis, P Reay, E Stenner, D Byett 25-7; B Baker, J Byett, M Huggett, B Huggett 16-16; A Harding, B Morton, L Beck, V Harding 16-14.

Congresbury 91, Portishead RBL 99 (Cooperative Funeralcare Over-60s League): M Kimmings, M Huggett, R Archer 15-11; R Jones, M Wear, T Yearsley 15-21; J Churchward, D Rivers, R Kirkham 11-22; G Wilcock, R Stewart, F Horton 20-12; J Freemantle, A Lewis, D Byett 17-17; K Cole, G Stenner, A Fisher 13-16.

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