Clevedon bowlers well represented at national championships

PUBLISHED: 17:53 07 August 2018 | UPDATED: 17:53 07 August 2018

Yatton Bowls Club 90th birthday.

Yatton Bowls Club 90th birthday.


Clevedon Bowls Club members have started their challenge at the National Championships at Leamington Spa.

The National Championships have started at Leamington Spa with Clevedon well represented by-Stef Branfield (Champions of Champions, Nick Pearce (men’s singles), Neil Westlake, James Branfield and Pearce) men’s triples, Sheila Short, Jacqui Branfield, Laura Holden and Stef Branfield (ladies’ fours), Holden and Pearce (mixed pairs).

In the Walker Cup, two club members have been selected by Somerset as part of the

county ladies team-Laura Holden and Stef Branfield.

Clevedon 63, Bristol 78 (Turnbull Cup): K Bristow, J Brommage, R Pitts, N Pearce 16-24; R Conybeare, P Evans, J P Branfield, M Davis 16-13; R Lord, W Smith, A Bradley, D Brightman 15-28; F Ham, G Woods, M Payne, P J Branfield 16-13.

Clevedon A 67, Clevedon Promenad A 39 (County League Premier 1): K Bristow, D Harding, R Pitts, D Brightman 21-16; R Conybeare, A Bradley, J P Branfield, M Davis 21-13; F Ham, M Payne, P J Branfield, N Pearce 25-10.

Clevedon 103, Long Ashton 84 (C&D Britannia Windows Evening League): K Bristow, M Cole, S Meyrick, J Brommage 17-14; S Lewis, D Greenslade, D Hurst, D Brightman 21-18; B Scuire, W Smith, R Pitts, A Bradley 11-15; R Conybeare, M J Cole, C Jarrett, M Langley 20-21; R Lord, C Folland, P Evans, M Davis 34-16.

Clevedon 84, Chew Stoke 58 (North Somerset Four Dimensions Cup)-singles: D Brightman 14-21; pairs: F Ham, K Bristow 14-16; triples: G Woods, D Harding, R Pitts 24- 8; fours: R Conybeare, C Jarrett, A Bradley, M Davis 32-3.

Clevedon 70, Victoria 126 (North Somerset KO Cup: R Conybeare, W Smith, M Payne, P Evans 17-25; C Folland, T Townsend, D Harding, R Pitts 9-21; F Ham, G Tripp, C Jarrett, A Bradley 19-28; P Batrtram, C Bethune, K Bristow, D Brightman 6-22; M Cole, R Day, G Woods, M Langley 19-30.

Clevedon 78, Winscombe 104 (Weston Over-60s League): D Lowden, G Tripp, C Jarrett 27-10; M Sutton, C Seward, M Langley 12-15; R Gaunt, B Davis, D Harding 9-34; M Cole, D Hurst, P Evans 12-22; C Folland, R Day, J Brommage 18-13.

Clevedon Ladies 42, Clarence 52 (North Somerset League): C Neal, A Ford, J Branfield 9-22; D Brown, J Helliker, T Cuff 17-15; G Townsend, S Short, M Foster 16-15.

Clevedon Ladies 37, Clevedon Promenade 62 (Wessex League): T Nicholson, S Knight, M Davis, M Foster 0-23; D Brown, V Fletcher, J Helliker, J Branfield 12-23; L Wills, C Neal, S George, J Drewitt 16-15.

Long Ashton retained the Don Radford Cup for another year after coming out on top in the three-way event with West Backwell and Chew Stoke.

The home side finished top with 10 points (142 pts), followed by Chew Stoke 8 (123) and West Backwell 6 (115). Next year the event will be held at Chew Stoke.

Morning results: LA 16, WB 15 (K Ramsden, K Bird, S Hall, J Marshall); LA 14, CS 17 (J Moore, K Gough, C Ramsden, E Russell); LA 29, CS 7 (L Taylor, M McGregor, D Moore, A Hall); LA 14, WB 17 (J Bird, J Lambert, I Taylor, D Odey).

Afternoon results: LA 22, CS 13 (D Vass, Mike Wilmott, V Adams, C Bennett); LA 19, CS 9 (D Brooks, M Wilmott, John Eaton, M Taylor); LA 18, WB 15 (T Hilton, S Taylor, M Pemble, K Vass); LA 10, WB 14 (M Harding, Judy Eaton, P Adams, B Brice).

Long Ashton Ladies 41 (2), Nailsea 45 (8) (DRT League): K Ramsden, K Gough, T Rockey, S Norman 12-19; D Vass, J Eaton, L Taylor, C Bennett 18-10; D Brooks, S Taylor, P Adams, S Hall 11-16.

Long Ashton 79 (3), Portishead 98 (7) (C&D Over 60s Triples League): C Hollaway, A Hall, E Rockey 12-10; M Wring, P Connock, D Odey 12-21; M Harding, MN Wise, J Burt 12-11; TM Lynch, I Taylor, E Russell 12-11; C Norman, J Eaton, T Baker 22-16; R Thomas, P Silva, B Brice 10-15.

Long Ashton 87 (2), Clevedon 103 (7) (C&D League): K Vass, V Adams, M Taylor, E Russell 14-17; P Connock, D Odey, E Rockey, J Marshall 18-21; C Hollaway, C Ramsden, I Taylor, T Baker 18-11; J Eaton, M Wise, B Brice, P Smith 21-20; C Norman, M Harding, D Harper, A Hall 16-34.

Long Ashton 32 (0), Weston (Bath) 60 (10) (Bristol League): K Vass, V Adams, M Taylor, E Russell 10-21; M Harding, I Taylor, A Hall, J Marshall 15-21; D Moore, M Pemble, P Smith, D Odey 7-18.

Nailsea A 69, Victoria A 59 (Somerset County League): J Pritchard, G White, R Lloyd, J Whitear 22-20; J Prince, M West, D Flower, I Blatchford 19-20; D Hole, J Chivers, R Griffiths, M Rowsell 28-19.

Nailsea B 53, Clevedon C 69 (Somerset County League): M Cordwell, B Willis, D Coffin, D Clark 21 -17; A Mansfield, N Dale, T Dyer, C Winter 15-26; P Miller, R Cook, M Conway, J Edler 17-16.

Nailsea 65, Severn Vale 48 (mixed friendly): R Cook, P Onion, D Coffin, M Keates 16-10; M Cordwell, J Harvey, N Dale, J Prince 16-14; J Wilson, P Onion, S Avery, A Avery 15-16; B Shepherd, P Gillard, J Chivers, D Price 18-8.

Nailsea 107, Clevedon Prom 114 (Weston Over-60s League): J Gardner, M Cordwell, B Holloway 19-27; P Miller, T Dyer, C Winter 13-15; P North, P Gillard, J Chivers 14-21; I Yuill, J Edler, D Flower 14-14; A Mansfield, P Onion, A Avery 1-22; M Conway, B Powell, M Keates 15-15.

Nailsea 89, Backwell 90 (C&D Britannia Windows Over-60s League): J Edler, M Cordwell, C Winter 13-18; J Hall, T Dyer, D Flower 16-12; P Miller, P Onion, D Hole 12-15; B Powell, P Gillard, B Holloway 21-9; M Conway, M Keates, J Chivers 12-17; A Mansfield, J Knight, A Avery 15-17.

Nailsea 92, Portishead 96: A Mansfield, J Knight, D Price 15-16; G White, D Clark, A Avery 15-18; P North, B Willis, J Whitear 19-13; K Harris, J Kendrick, J Chivers 17-18; N Dale, P Onion, D Flower 8-19; R Hassell, C Hughs, B Holloway 18-12;

Nailsea 78, Clevedon 110 (Weston Knockout Cup): P Harley, P Gillard, B Holloway 15-14; N Dale, P Onion, C Winter 12-14; M Conway, T Dyer, A Avery 17-19; R Hassell, D Clark, D Price 7-22; M Keates, T Billington, J Chivers 14-13; P Miller, P North, D Flower 13-28.

Congresbury Ladies 58, Winscombe 29 (friendly): G Lee, C Lewis, P Baker 23-3; D Davis, H Tranmer, V Harding 20-10; L Storey, C Wilcock, D Harrison 15-16.

Congresbury Ladies 48, Keynsham 37 (Mendip League): J Craig, C Lewis, D Harrison 15-19; C Wilcock, H Tranmer, C Andrews 17-7; D Davis, V Harding, A King 16-11.

Congresbury Ladies 60, Portishead 41(WDLL): J Blagden, C Andrews, K Herbison 19-15; C Lewis, V Harding, B Huggett 18-18; C Wilcock, P Baker, D Harrison 23-8.

Congresbury 79, Isle of Wedmore 111 (C&D Over 60s League): I Beveridge, R Anniuk, R Birmingham 17-10; D Manning, G Stenner, M Huggett 12-13; J Freemantle, D Gosling, A Fisher 15-27; G Andrews, A Collins, T Yearsley 7-31 K Cole, D Norman, D Byett10-14; R Stewart, B Baker, R Archer18-16.

Congresbury 81, Clevedon Prom 85 (Britannia Windows Evening League): A Fisher, D Norman, M Wear, L Beck 6-29; B Baker, R Anniuk, B Herbison, R Birmingham 21-14; I Morton, G Stenner, T Lewis, C Shipway 18-8; P Reay, G Wilcock, R Archer, R Kirkham 15-20; J Freemantle, R King, R Becker, D Byett 21-14.

Congresbury 127, Nailsea 45 (Britannia Windows Evening League): J Freemantle, D Norman, M Wear, L Beck 26-5; P Reay, G Wilcock, R Archer, R Kirkham 22-16; M Hopkins, R king, R Becker, D Byett 22-8; B Baker, R Anniuk, B Herbison, R Birmingham 34-8; I Morton, T Lewis, S Eastment, C Shipway 23-8.

Congresbury 87, Long Ashton 108 (C&D Over-60s League): C Nunn, I Beveridge, T Lewis 9-30; J Freemantle, D Folds, D Byett 19-14; A Lewis, M Hopkins, R Kirkham 25-12; M Kimmings, G Stenner, R Jones 11-21; R Stewart, C Edwards, F Horton 19-15; B Baker, R Anniuk, R Birmingham 14-16.

Congresbury A 50, Bridgwater A 55 (SBA Premier 2): I Morton, P Reay, T Lewis, C Shipway 16-23; M Hopkins, R King, R Becker, M Wear 22-9; B Baker, R Anniuk, B Herbison, R Birmingham 12-23.

Congresbury B 34, Winscombe A 74 (SBA Division 1 North): R Stewart, D Folds, M Huggett, R Archer 18-17; A Fisher, A Collins, D Norman, T Yearsley 7-26; M Kimmings, J Freemantle, G Stenner, R Kirkham 9-31.

Clevedon Promenade A 39, Clevedon A 67 (Somerset County League): G Hanxox. M Davis, J Fuidge, K Chaney 16-21; J Powell, A Pine, A Smith, J Bartlett 10-25; S Fuidge, K Morris, D Demery,C Crees 13-21.

Clevedon Promenade B 44, Chewstoke A 83 (Somerset County League): B Neal, D Perham, P Fuidge, A Elsy 11-29; M Sperring, D Kibbey, D Higgley, P Bissett 13-30; A Tinkling, J Gover, J Grubb, R Soper 20-24.

Clevedon Promenade C 69, Nailsea B 53 (Somerset County League): I Ford, D Knowles, R Dowsing, B Davis 26-17; S Martin, H Williams, P Pearce, N Pedder 26-15; A Alvis, D O’Connor, A Derrick, D Hampton 17-21.

Clevedon Promenade 114, Nailsea 93 (Weston Over-60s Triples): G Hickman, M Sperring, R Soper 14-14; S Martin, B Neal, A Young 21-14; A Tinkling, T Derrick, D Hampton 27-19; R Applegate, D Perham, M Davis 15-13; P Brown, J Gover, N Pedder 22-18; J Johnstone, A Elsy, J Grubb 15-15.

Clevedon Promenade 119, Long Ashton 56 (C&D Evening League): R Cranshaw, M Davis, A Smith, J Bartlett 20-7; J Powell, A Pine, P Bissett, D Everett 31-16; G Hancox, K Low, J Fuidge, K Chaney 27-9; A Tinkling, R Soper, A Young, D Demery 24-11; S Fuidge, D Higley, K Morris, C Crees 17-13.

Clevedon Promenade 98, West Backwell 62 (C&D Evening League): D Higley, P Fuidge, A Smith, J Bartlett 14-15; B Neal, R Soper, P Bissett, D Demery 17-17; R Dowsing, D Kibbey, M Davis, J Powell 32-6; D Hampton, A Pine, K Morris, C Crees 18-13; M Sperring, K Low, J Fuidge, K Chaney 17-11.

Clevedon Promenade 103, Banwell 102 (North Somerset Cup): D Hollier, A Elsy, J Fuidge, K Chaney 33-17; K Hill, B Neal, M Davis, J Powell 14-22; A Tinkling, A Pine, R Soper, D Everett 16-22; G Hancox, A Young, A Smith, J Bartlett 19-24; S Fuidge, K Morris, D Demery, C Crees 21-17.

Clevedon Promenade 85, Congresbury 81 (C&D Evening League): A Elsy, P Fuidge, A Smith, J Bartlett 29-6; D Higley, A Pine, K Morris, C Crees 20-15; R Dowsing, D Knowles, M Davis, J Powell 14-21; D Hollier, R Soper, J Fuidge, K Chaney 14-21; A Tinkling, B Neal, P Bissett, D Demery 8-18.

Clevedon Promenade Ladies 44, Isle of Wedmore 49 (Wessex League): F Rawlings, S Oliver, S Crombie, E Rowley 18-12; C Drake, J Sperring, S Davis, M Dyer 10-15; J Hulin, N Malone, L Hardisty, S Sharp 16-22.

Clevedon Promenade Ladies 79, Knowle 47 (Fear Plate): A Johnstone, S Farnden, S Sharp, A Crees 28-6; L Hardisty, C Pratten, L Jones, S Pine 20-26; B Young, S Crombie, E Rowley, M Dyer 31-15.

Clevedon Promenade Ladies 55, Wessex 65 (Wessex League): P Soper, M Wood, J Hill, E Rowley 21-18; L Fitzpatrick, J Sperring, L Pedder, M Dyer 14-29; M Gough, N Malone, E Perham, S Sharp 20-18.

Clevedon Promenade Ladies 62, Clevedon 37 (Wessex League): F Rawlings, R Ward, S Crombie, M Dyer 23-12; J Hulin, N Malone, S Davis, E Rowley 16-16; L Fitzpatrick, S Oliver, E Perham, S Pine 23-9.

Clevedon Promenade Ladies 58, Long Ashton 34 (Fear Plate quarter-final): A Johnstone, S Farnden, S Sharp, A Crees 21-9; P Soper, M Griffiths, L Jones, S Pine 22-7; E Perham, S Crombie, E Rowley, M Dyer 15-18.

Portishead B 53, Burnham B 58 (SBA Division 3 North): M Leach, R Hawkins, G Lawrence, J Herring 21-21; D Poulston, T Mather, J Cross, D Taylor 18-17; N Morrissey, P J Williams, A Reader, A Holmes 19-15.

Portishead A 69, Clevedon B 49 (SBA Division 2 North): M Berryman, L Tassell, D Robertson, B Sexton 24-17; J Lewis, D Girling, K Smith, M Lockett 21-16; G Norris, R Taylor, J Franklin, T Hounslow 24-16.

Portishead 82, Isle of Wedmore 78 (Weston Over-60s League): C Olivier, D Day, J Franklin 12-14; L Tassell, G Pears, D Robertson 14-11; C Skinner, D Taylor, M Lockett 15-9; G Norris, K Gaubert, T Hounslow 14-11; J Lewis, K Smith, B Sexton 14-16; M Leach, A Holmes, B Staniforth 13-17.

Portishead 98,Long Ashton 79 (C&D Over-60s League): G Comley, D Girling, J Franklin 10-12; G Norris, P J Williams, T Hounslow 21-12; R Hill, D Taylor, M Lockett 25-11; S Calderwood, A Reader, B Staniforth 11-12; P Robson, D Clayton, D Robertson 16-22; M Berryman, R Taylor, J Herring 15-10.

Portishead A 62, Ashcombe B 60 (SBA Division 2 North): C Olivier, D Girling, K Smith, J Franklin 17-27; G Norris, E Ormston, R Taylor, T Hounslow 24-18; M Berryman, L Tassel, A Reader, J Herring 21-15.

Portishead B 64, Isle of Wedmore C 46 (SBA Division 3 North): J Holland, D Clayton, P J Williams, A Holmes 24-16; N Morrissey, S Calderwood, G Pinder, D Taylor 27-9; D Poulston, T Mather, M Leach, G Lawrence 13-21.

A mixed eight-rink competition in memory of Don Radford has been played for about 25 years by the three clubs with which he was associated.

The result was: West Backwell six, Chew Stoke eight and the winners Long Ashton 10 points.

West Backwell 75, Yatton 82 (Wedmore Plate): J Ashmore, M Windo, R Webber, J Couch 17-17; B Baker, A Lovell, D Rigg, J Hathway 32-16; M Chinn, A Robinson, B Gammon, K Dodd 8-35; P Sims, B Budd, D Rycroft, A Knights 18-14.

West Backwell 51, Yatton A 60 (Somerset County League): P Sims, B Budd, D Rycroft, A Knights 21-20; B Baker, R Price, D Rigg, J Hathway 9-19; J Ashmore, R Webber, K Dodd, J Couch 21-21.

West Backwell 62, Clevedon Promenade 98 (C&D Britannia Windows Evening League): B Baker, M Windo, R Webber, J Couch 15-14; B Kelson, P Tracey, A Robinson, K Dodd 17-17; J Ashmore, I Wilson, D Rycroft, A Knights 11-17; B Gammon, R Hinton, D Rigg, J Hathway 13-18; T Bone, D Chadwick, B Budd, P Sims 6-32.

West Backwell 89 Nailsea 89 (C&D Britannia Windows Over-60s League): G Brindle, B Gage, R Langford 9-21; J Leggett, R Hinton, R Price 12-16; R Morten, D Rigg, B Gammon 18-15; D Ratcliffe, B Baker, A Robinson 15-12; A Lovell, I Wilson, K Dodd 17-12; B Kelson, B Budd, R Webber 18-13.

West Backwell Ladies 37, Chew Stoke 32 (Doreen Ralph Trophy): S Stagg, J Sims, J Ratcliffe, S Griffiths 14-7; M Warfield, S Townsend, M Vivian, P Kingston 14-11; J Keightley, S Budd, V Peckham, C Burgess 9-14.

West Backwell Ladies 47, Burnham 61 (Weston & District League): J Sims, J Ratcliffe, C Burgess 16-15; L Bloom, M Vivian, P Kingston 21-23; C Langford, V Webley, S Griffiths 10-23.

Portishead RBL Ladies 63, Winscombe 46 (NSL): B Vowles, J Gardner, P Groves 20-22; C Roberts, S Castleton, P Spencer 21-10; T Gentle, I Hussey, L Bridle 22-14.

Portishead RBL Ladies 30, Bristol Arrow 34 (BLLA): P Groves, J Calladine, P Spencer, M Gozna 20-11; J Birth, I Hussey, L Bridle, S Davies 10-23.

Portishead RBL Ladies 28, Yate 36 (BLLB): S Dando, J Kelly, S Castleton, M Southey 16-19; K Welsh, A Perkins, H Naunton, N Wells 12-17.

Yatton 97, Victoria Vikings 112 (Weston Triples League): I Young, T Passingham, J Knight 14-26; D Wesson, B King, P Creber 9-29; T Vowles, C Parsons, N Jones 16-14; M Musgrove, B Foster, T Storm 25-7; A Mackay, D Hunt, R Bish 18-17; P Craig, B Hardwick, B Hull 15-19.

Yatton A 41, Willmott Park 68 (Somerset County League): A Wesson, B Hardwick, C Parsons, M Withyman 18-15; M Musgrove, B Hull, L Howe, W Casey 13-19; D Hunt, B Foster, J Knight, R Bish 10-34.

Yatton B 63, Ashcombe C 77 (Somerset County League): B King, P Lomas, A Richards, N Jones 34-16; T Vowles, D Wesson, T Viney, T Passingham 19-26; I Young, A Mackay, D Goddard, P Creber 10-35.


Yatton 82, West Backwell 75 (Wedmore Plate): L Howe, B Hull, T Storm, W Casey 17-17; T Vowles, M Musgrove, A Richards, C Parsons 16-32; T Viney, T Passingham, N Jones, R Bish 14-18; D Hunt, A Wesson, J Knight, M Withyman 35-8.

Yatton 73, Avonmouth 62 (mixed friendly): M Millard, A George, B Parker, B Foster 17-14; J Hull, D Goddard, B Hull, P Goddard 12-20; S Carr, W King, A Storm, T Storm 27-12; R Passingham, S Thorley, T Passingham, P Allen 17-16.

Yatton A 60, West Backwell 51 (Somerset County League): D Hunt, A Wesson, J Knight, R Bish 21-21; L Howe, B Hull, P Osborne, T Storm 19-9; N Edmonds, M Musgrove, M Withyman, G Smith 20-21.

Yatton Ladies 35, Chew Stoke 48 (DRT League): A Storm, F McCormack, B Parker, P Goddard 12-14; M Millard, J Richards, C Lewis, M Spalding 16-9; R Passingham, S Carr, J Hull, P Allen 7-25.

Yatton Ladies, 30, Portishead RBL 59 (Fear Cup): M Millard, J Richards, C Lewis, M Spalding 7-21; R Passingham, S Carr, J Hull, P Allen 15-9; A Storm, P Welham, B Parker, P Goddard 8-29.

Portishead RBL 110, Chew Stoke 73 (Britannia Windows C&D Evening League): M Roberts, B Hobbs, D Groves, D Gregory 16-18; T Eden, D Perry, T Birth, S Secker 27-7; A Britton, A Longdon, N Rogers, J Bridle 20-14; B Major, A Strong, J Nichols, B Daly 20-13; D Iles, P Kelly, K Martin, I Gough 27-21.

Portishead RBL A 54, Bristol A 61 (Somerset Premier 1): M Roberts, I Gough, D Groves, D Gregory 18-18; P Davies, A Spencer, T Winmill 12-23; T Birth, D Perry, J Bridle, S Secker 24-20.

Portishead RBL B 65, Mark Moor 40 (Somerset North 2): D Vowles, B Scruby, R Wilkinson, J Nichols 27-8; J McCarthy, D Iles, B Daly 11-21; D Welsh, P Kelly, K Lane, N Rogers 27-11.

Portishead RBL C 67, Banwell B 52 (Somerset North 2): T Staniland, P Higgs, N Castleton, B Norman 19-23; J Davies, C Wring, T Smith, K Martin 24-7; B White, B Hobbs, M Balsiger, A Gwynn 24-22.

Portishead RBL A 48, Street A 67 (Somerset Premier 1): T Birth, D Perry, J Bridle, S Secker 16-30; I Gough, D Iles, D Groves, D Gregory 15-20; P Davies, B Excell, T Winmill, F Allen 17-17.

Portishead RBL B 110, Winscombe B 41 (Somerset North 2): B Major, J McCarthy, J Dumble, N Rogers 28-21; M Roberts, D Vowles, L Slatter, B Daly 38-17; D Welsh, A Longdon, D Crawshaw, J Nichols 44-3.

Portishead RBL 64 (2), Clevedon Prom 71 (2) (North Somerset Four Dimensional) – singles: S Secker 13-21; pairs: D Groves, D Gregory 20-17; triples: A Spencer, I Gough, T Winmill 10-14; fours: T Birth, N Rogers, J Bridle, F Allen 21-19.

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