Backwell Swimming Club set up Crowdfunder to support club through pandemic

Backwell Swimming Club doing Yoga outside

Backwell Swimming Club have set a target of £10,000 to help the club through the pandemic. - Credit: Backwell Swimming Club

Lockdown has forced Backwell Swimming Club to shut their swimming pool until spring 2021 after maintenance issues have prevented it re-opening.

As a result, their coaches and swimmers are permanently on the road, as they battle to secure pool-time elsewhere.

Unlike other clubs, Backwell have been hit with increased hire costs, having to train at more distant pools and reduced swimmer numbers per session as a result of social distancing.

In order to ensure the club's survival Backwell have launched a Crowdfunder campaign, with the target of raising over £10,000.

Backwell Swimming Club set up Crowdfunder video to help club get through pandemic

It’s been three weeks now and the Crowdfunding campaign has got off to a great start.

During the last three weeks the club have been humbled by the love and support shown by both their swimming and local communities.

They received support donations, lovely comments and offers of reward donations from local businesses.

A high point of this week has been the news that Sport England pledged to provide support their campaign.

However, their support is not without a catch, unless they reach their campaign target, the club will not receive their support funding.

And with the last lap almost in sight, the club are now releasing their improved reward offerings, following on from some wonderful new offers of support from local businesses.

An example of this is their swimming partner, the Portishead LIDO, who have offered to host their 2021 Swimming Party and tickets are now on sale via the Crowdfunder website.

"We understand the vital role that clubs like ours play in developing the swimming teachers, coaches, officials and lifeguards of the future," said a statement published by the club.

"Our wider community benefits from that and we feel so proud when we see our swimmers go on to work and volunteer at other clubs and pools. We want to keep doing this, now and after the impact of Covid has passed.

"Most importantly however, we’d like to thank all those who have supported us so far. We very appreciate the support and hope we will be able to continue to serve our community."

For more information on how to help the club, here is a link to the Crowdfunding page -

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