The revival of women's cricket at Dial Hill over the past five or so years has been impressive to see as more and more players get involved at the club.

Clevedon Cricket Club has given women in the community a chance to play the sport and for captain Laura Payne, it has meant a lot.

Speaking on the impact Clevedon CC has had on her, she said: "The club have really got behind women's cricket in the last couple of years which led us to win the league in 2022 and we've secured an overseas player to coach us too.

"Our coaching hasn't been consistent for the last couple of years so training has been less structured, but now I feel like this is going to be a massive selling point for new players, and to encourage the women who have been playing the last couple of years to develop their skills."

But it wasn't always her first choice, as she explains.

"My family have always been mad into cricket, my brother, dad, grandad, uncles - and l have always tried to boycott it!

"I used to go and watch my brother when we were younger, but more just to have something to do on the weekend. Years went by and after covid, I thought, what can I do with my weekends now?

"My brothers girlfriend said why don't we join the women's cricket team up at Clevedon!"

From that point, Payne hasn't looked back and Clevedon Cricket Club continues to be a good example of promoting women's cricket in the area.

Clevedon Women play in the T20 Softball & are welcoming new players so why don't you give it a go this season?