Portishead Town had their match in the Toolstation Western Leagues postponed at the weekend due to a waterlogged pitch.

The week off will be good for the players to rest up as they look to push on for the rest of the season.

The break also gave time for first team captain Mitch Osmond to sit down with Hugo Richards and discuss the season so far.

Osmond re-joined Posset in the Summer ahead of this season and has said his time with the club this season has been very different.

"It's been massively different, they offered for me to come back at the start of last season but I knew the old Portishead ways and that made my decision," he said.

"However, this season when they offered, I saw the changes in the club with the staff and clubhouse for example and it just felt right to come back. Its not just on-the pitch though, obviously you see the results but the work behind the scenes that people don't see has been amazing and the whole feel around the club has just been better."

Manager Kye Mountford brought in Osmond, Feltham and Eastwood, in from Clevedon Town this season.

"We've played together for about 4 seasons now so I know how they all play," Osmond said.

"On the pitch me and Ethan have a really good connection and I kind of don't have to look where he is since I know where he's going to be.

"And having two of my best mates in the changing room we're almost the heart in the changing room which kind of spreads to the rest of the team."

Portishead enjoyed a great run in 2023, but the 21 league game unbeaten run ended on boxing day, despite a valiant performance.

Osmond said: "The lads were very disappointed, we felt like we didn't do the day justice with the memorial for Ollie and with so many postponed games since it's a game that is still on our minds but we've been training extremely hard and are motivated to bounce back and put the loss behind us."

But that run has put them in a great position for the remainder of the season and promotion is still on the cards.

That brings some added pressure said Osmond, but the team is prepared for it.

"It does bring some pressure with teams coming to us knowing we're the team to beat so they'll end up putting in an extra 10% but if you want to win the league you always want to be first, with the extra confidence knowing you're the best team and we'd always rather be first with games in hand than having to chase teams above you. In essence, it's all in our hands."