Three football clubs based in North Somerset have proven this season that they are teams to be reckoned with in the Toolstation Western League.

Currently, Clevedon Town sit atop the Premier Division table while Nailsea & Tickenham are competing well, sat in 12th place.

Then in Division One, Portishead Town are currently flying high at the top of the table.

However, when the Football Association restructured the National League System in 2021, many believed that teams from Devon and Cornwall would dominate the Western League for years to come.

The success of Tavistock, Exmouth and Mousehole has enhanced that belief, but the success of Clevedon Town this season serves as a reminder as to just how competitive teams from other parts of the League remain.

The success of Portishead is all the more remarkable, given that this season they are competing with many former Premier Division sides based on their doorstep.

Ian Nockolds, host of the Toolstation Western League podcast said: "What makes Clevedon Town and Portishead extra special is the way they have structured themselves off the field.

"Their success is built on their volunteers and their commitment to both being community Clubs. They are an example for every Club across the Western League, no matter where you are located."

And speaking on Nailsea and Tickenham, Nockolds said they are the great Cinderella story of the Western League.

"Their promotion from the Somerset County League, followed by a second from the Western League First Division, left many wondering if they could sustain Premier Division Football," he said.

"But they have proved time and time again this season that they simply can’t be underestimated. They are a competitive side who aspire to progress both on and off the field.

"Again, their success is born on the back of a committed group of volunteers, another shining example of how to run a non league football club, even when it feels like all the odds are stacked against you."

Nokcolds finished by saying these three clubs have found the right people on and off the pitch to keep them moving forward.

"The success enjoyed by Clubs like Clevedon Town, Portishead and Nailsea and Tickenham has been hard won. There are no simple solutions, certainly not mortgaging your tomorrow to enjoy success today.

"Clubs must be realistic above all things, but being well organised and understanding what roles need filling and by whom will certainly help Clubs grow in the longer term."