Clevedon Town manager Alex White said he did not know just how good his side were and that "this group has such potential."

The Seasiders are unbeaten so far in the Tooolstation Western Premier League, sitting in second behind leaders Bridgwater United, are through to their first Somerset Premier Cup quarter-final since the 2018/19 season and in the third round of the FA Vase for the fourth successive campaign.

Town have also won their last eight games, scoring five goals in their previous four, for the first time since their championship winning season of 1992/93 and return to action this afternoon (Saturday) against Wellington.

And White said his side have defined expectations so far this term and has left him surprised.

"I knew it was a good group, but I didn't know what they were capable of, and I think we're starting to see now what they are capable off. I have been a bit surprised," he said.

"You can tell from pre-season from the first two sessions really that we had a good team, I just didn't know how good we were, and I think we're seeing it at the moment that this group has such potential.

White said the lads recognise how much of a "special group" it is and there will be sometime in the future when his side will have a "little wobble”, but it is about how they react to it and until then they have to keep going and get wins on the board.

"There's interest in a few of them, but they're just batting that away because they just like where they are at the moment and I think the boys recognise it's a special group and we've look we can't get too ahead of ourselves and we've got to take each game as it comes," he added.

"It's such a cliche, but the moment we take our foot off the gas we'll have a wobble at some point that's going to happen. So, we have got to make sure when that comes, it's just a little wobble, but until then we've got to keep winning games and the group has settled.

"It is such a settled group, and you know we're not looking to actively recruit either because we're happy with what we've got.

"We bought Tyler (Ashmead) in this week, which is a big signing for us. He is going to give us a lot of legs when he is fit, something a little bit different. But the moment if he was fit, he'd be struggling to get in the team because those boys out wide are doing phenomenal jobs at the moment."