Clevedon Promenade Bowling Club hosted their annual contest for new members recently. 

After many weeks of learning the skills to play lawn green bowls, the competition comprised of four short singles games playing against each other.

There was some good bowling from all the players, with Viv Edwards crowned the eventual winner.

Edwards was presented with the Newcomers Cup by the Club presidents Pam Soper and Martin Davis.

Clevedon Promenade have fully participated in local leagues and national competitions achieving sixth, 11th and ninth positions in the County leagues.

Turning to other leagues in the over-55s competitions, Prom were third and fourth respectively in the Clevedon & District and Weston Leagues. However, there are still league games to be played and could affect final placements.

In the Four Dimensions Clevedon Prom have achieved significant success as runners-up after reaching the Area Final of National Top Club.

C&D over-55s:

Prom 82 Chew Stoke 73

I Harding, J Gover, P Pearce 19-32; A Tinkling, E Kitchen, D Evans 21-17; S Anslow, K Hill, A Young 18-12; N Stuckey, N Pedder 11-16; P Tottle, A Alvis, D Higley 13-16.

Prom 69 Portishead 94

P Tottle, R Dowsing, D Evans 18-18; C Roberts, E Kitchen, D Demery 16-11; M Tudor, A Pine, A Young 10-24; S Anslow, K Hill, G Warren 14-21; T Schofield, J Gover, D Hampton 11-20.

Prom 91 Clevedon 93

B Harris, A Alvis, A Young 15-14; J Day, D Perham, P Pearce 12-14; T Partridge, C Jarrett, D Demery 19-8; J Grubb, M Cornwell, D Hampton 11-20; N Stuckey, S Anslow, D Higley 22-18; C Roberts, D Evans, G Warren 12-19.

County League

Premier 1

Prom A 66 Ilminster B 53

J Powell, P Fuidge, A May, J Bartlett 22-11; S Fuidge, K Morris, D Demery, C Crees 23-24; G Hancox, I Harding, P Bissett, J Fridge 21-18.

Prom B 59 Weston St Andrews A 57

C Roberts, D Evans, K Low, A Young 14-21; T Partridge, A Alvis, D Higley, C Jarrett 26-18; K Hill, A Pine, N Pedder, M Davis 19-18.

Prom C 67 Winscombe B 39

K Woodley, J Reynolds, B Quantrill, R Dowsing 19-14; D Hollier, 
B Davis, D Hampton 30-14; J Grubb, T Schofield, N Stuckey,  P Pearce 18-11

Mixed Friendlies

Prom 76 Page Park 62

K Woodley, S Davis, A Tinkling, A Young 14-13; J Morris, M Cordwell, P Pearce, L Fitzpatrick 14-10; J Coles, E Schofield, B Harris, C Roberts 15-16; G Wheadon, C Drake, R Dowsing, P Fuidge 17-10; C Fuidge, T Schofield, L Pedder, C Jarrett 16-15.

Prom 82 Tewkesbury 103

G Wheadon, C Drake, S Anslow, K Morris15-14; J Morris, N Stuckey, L Pedder, K Low; T Schofield, M Griffith's, B Quantrill, E Kitchen 17-14; C Roberts, M Kitchen, R Dowsing, S Crombie 16-17; K Woodey, S Martin, V Hollier, J Gover; A Johnstone, L Fitzpatrick, A Elsy, C Jarrett 7-20;

Prom 78 Severn Vale 71

J Coles, M Coldwell, N Stuckey, C Roberts 10-19; C Fuidge, B Quantrill, K Morris 16-12; J Morris, M Griffith's, R Dowsing, P Fuidge; G Wheadon, T Schofield, J Reynolds, D Evans 11-19; E Schofield, P Tottle, L Fitzpatrick, A Elsy 22-14.
Mens Friendlies

Prom 48 Eastover 76
A Tinkling, C Roberts, K Low 6-28; T Schofield, P Tottle, R Dowsing 11-21; K Woodey, A Elsy, E Kitchen 14-16; R Hulme, S Anslow, J Gover 17-11.

Weston over-55s
Prom 99 Ashcombe 103

J Baker, J Reynolds, N Pedder 24-13; P Tottle, K Hill, D Evans 19-10; B Harris, M Cordwell, A Alvis 20-12; T Partridge, S Martin, G Warren 11-30; A Elsy, S Anslow, I Harding 10-18; C Roberts, R Cranshaw, P Pearce 15-20.

Prom 98 Weston Victoria Saxons 104

J Baker, G Warren, C Crees 14-18; C Roberts, K Hill, P Pearce 9-19; I Harding, A Pine, C Jarrett 31-9; A Tinkling, D Hampton, A Young 15-25; E Kitchen, N Pedder, M Davis 16-15; T Partridge, A Alvis, D Higley 13-18.

Prom Ladies

Wessex League

Prom 50 Winscombe 43

A Johnstone, B Young, S Farnden, A Crees 20-12; M Kitchen, G Wheadon, J Henderson, L Welling 17-18; T Neal, V Edwards, J Hulin, S Sharp 13-13.

Prom 57 Weston Victoria 56

C Fuidge, G Wheadon,  J Hulin, S Sharp 29-10; L Pedder, J Hancox, L Fitzpatrick, V Hollier 10-25; T Neal, A Johnstone,S Farnden, S Crombie 18-21. So

North Somerset Triples

Prom 44 Portishead RBL 41

L Manning, S Davis, S Crombie 12-12; L Pedder, L Fitzpatrick, S Farnden 13-14; G Wheadon, J Hulin, S Sharp 19--15