A total of eight players gathered for the Nailsea Association Croquet Advanced Weekend recently.

People gathered from around the region to take home one of the four prizes on offer.

The format was all-play-all block with no time limits, but this led to some late play, past 7pm in the evening. Many games were hard fought, with some superb shots showing the range of skills of these players.

The winner of the main event was David Goacher from Bristol with six wins from seven games. Marcus Evans, from Nailsea, finished in second. Bristol’s Dominic Aarvold took the prize for best performance by a non-minus handicap player.

The play was of a very high standard as exemplified by Evans completing a rare sextuple peel, and that, along with a couple of triple peels, giving him the Peeling Prize.

Meanwhile Nailsea took on Worcester Norton in the South West Croquet Federation Short Croquet League (Open). This also saw some close play. Paul Arbos won all his games for Nailsea, but at the end of the day it was a 8-8 draw.

Visitors are always welcomed if anyone wishes to pop over to the lawns and watch. For location visit the club website: https://www.nailsea-croquet.org.uk/.