West Backwell Bowling Club and the Royal Household came together to celebrate a couple of milestones in a rearranged match between the two sides recently.

The game was supposed to be played in 2020, the year when West Backwell celebrated reaching their 90th Anniversary and the Royal Household Bowling Club marked their centenary.

However, due to the Coronavirus pandemic the game was delayed until earlier this month.

A total of six mixed teams travelled by coach to the grounds of Windsor Castle for the encounter.

In what was a cracking game of bowls it was West Backwell who dug deep to stun the hosts and managed to come away victorious by four rinks to two to claim a well-deserved 93-79 win against the Royal Household club who don’t usually lose.

West Backwell proudly wore their new shirts, which have been provided by their Sponsors, Parker’s Estate Agents, during the match in Berkshire.

Somerset County League West Backwell 56 Taunton Deane ‘A’ 65: T Bone, B Baker, A Robinson, B Gammon 22-17; T Lovell, P Coombs, B Budd, J Couch 14-36; G Ogden, P Sims, B Bees, A Knights 20-12 

Mixed Friendly: West Backwell Mixed 93 Royal Household, Windsor 79: 

J Ratcliffe, S Lewis, G Higgins, B Gammon 17-14; G Brindle, J Sims, F Ogden, B Budd 13-17; S Budd, D Mercer, L Pearson, A Knights 15-9; E Price, I Wilson, P Sims, A Shaw 17-15; V Price, M Vivian, B Baker, B Bees 19-9; A Thomas, G Ogden, S Matley, A Robinson 12-15 

Over-55s League: West Backwell 63 Clevedon Prom 113:

D Morris, A Shaw, J Couch 19-12; T Bone, R Higgins, B Budd 8-24; G Brindle, I Wilson, R Langford 9-21; T Lovell, B Bees, A Robinson 14-33; D Mercer, K Dodd, B Baker 13-23 

West Backwell 89 Congresbury 90:

R Langford, B Keightley, J Couch 19-22; T Lovell, B Budd, B Baker 13-23;K Dodd, A Shaw, I Kennedy 23-14; D Mercer, B Bees, A Robinson 13-17; T Bone, D Rigg, B Gammon 21-14 

Weston & District League: West Backwell Ladies 66 Victoria Weston Ladies 49: 

J Sims, L Pearson, S Claxton 25-12; J Ratcliffe, M Vivian, S Matley 20-16; J Keightley, G Higgins, H Fryer 21-21