Nailsea's Premier League Golf Croquet team continued their quest to become South West champions by winning comfortably 14-6 against Cheltenham at home.

Captain Ryan Cabble had all of Nailsea's top international players to call upon so he decided to take full advantage of this along with the McCausland brothers, Brian and Graham, and the club’s Chairman Steve Durston.

Having gained victory over arch rivals Bristol the previous weekend, Nailsea's momentum showed from the get go. 

With both doubles matches going in favour of the hosts, Marcus Evans dispatched Cheltenham's Richard Zhao 7-4 to give Nailsea a perfect start. 

Nailsea's fine form continued throughout the day. In singles, Evans, Cabble and Brian were triumphant in all their matches. 

Going into the afternoon, Nailsea just had the upper hand over Cheltenham and sailed to victory with a round to spare.

Cheltenham put up a very good fight but with internationals James Galpin, Marcus Evans, Cabble and Kris Chambers in the team, Nailsea's strength was in full force! 

Next up for Nailsea's Premier side is a trip over the bridge to face Glamorgan on Saturday July 15.