Clevedon Promenade Bowls Club continued their good form in the Clevedon & District Evening League after they returned to winning ways against Chew Stoke recently.

Having lost for the first time against Clevedon BC this season, Clevedon Prom thrashed Chew Stoke 128-53.

The Prom have now recorded four wins from their first five games after opening the season with victories against Nailsea, Long Ashton and West Backwell. M

C&D Evening League:

Prom 128 Chew Stoke 53

A Alvis, A Pine, A Smith, J Fuidge 22-13; I Harding, D Evans, K Morris, C Crees 21-9; C Roberts, S Anslow, G Warren, A Young 29-9; K Hill, P Pearce, P Bissett, D Demery 29-4; T Partridge, D Higley, J Powell, J Bartlett 17-18.

Mens Friendly:

Prom 60 Llansawell 77:

T Schofield, S Martin, R Dowsing, K Morris 12-13; A, Tinkling, P Tottle, A, Elsy, D Evans 13-13; D O'connor, R Lowman, M Cordwell, J Gover 10-23; K Ellis, K Hucker, B Harris, P Kinsella 14-1

2; G Rhodes, N Stuckey, D Perham, I Harding 11-16.

Prom 93 West Backwell 65:

A Tinkling, M Cordwell, P Pearce 23-15; I Harding, C Roberts, A, Young 12-19; K Ellis, D Evans, S, Anslow 13-14; J Baker, A Alvis, R Soper 21-9; D Hollier, K Low, H Williams 23-8.

County League Premier One:

P Bissett, I  Harding, D Demery, C Crees 13-19; S Fuidge, P Fuidge, A May, J Bartlett 33-23; G Hancox, J Powell, A Smith, J Fuidge 17-15.

Prom Ladies:

Prom 48 Chew Stoke 43:

L Pedder, S Lowman, L Fitzpatrick, S Miller 11-17; L Manning, M Gough, V Hollier, S Crombie 11-20; J Stuckey, S Farnden, J Hulin, S Sharp 26-6.