West Backwell were out knocked out in both the Top Club and Southey Trophy recently.

The ladies lost in very close matches to Portishead RBL, in the Top Club, and to Clevedon Ladies, in the Southey Trophy.

However, West Backwell did beat Yatton Ladies 56-36 in the DRT League but in the over-55s the club went down 113-63 against Clevedon Promenade. 

Top Club: West Backwell Ladies 1(58) Portishead RBL Ladies 3 (61)

Singles: J Ratcliffe 21- 7

Pairs: E Price, S Claxton 15-20

Triples: J Keightley, G Higgins, C Burgess 10-18

Fours: L Pearson, S Bucknell, M Vivian, S Matley 12-16

Southey Trophy: West Backwell Ladies 2 (55) Clevedon Ladies 2 (63)

Singles: J Ratcliffe 11-21

Pairs: E Price, S Claxton 10-15

Triples: J Keightley, G Higgins, C Burgess 16-13

Fours: S Budd, M Vivian, S Matley, V Webley 18:14

DRT League West: Backwell Ladies 56 Yatton Ladies 36

S Budd, J Sims, J Ratcliffe, V Webley 22-12; E Price, S Bucknell, M Vivian, P Kingston 15-10; J Keightley, S Matley, G Higgins, C Burgess 19-14

Over-55s League:

West Backwell 63 Clevedon Prom 113 : D Morris, A Shaw, J Couch 19-12; T Bone, R Higgins, B Budd 8-24; T Lovell, B Bees, A Robinson 14-33; G Brindle, I Wilson, R Langford 9-21; D Mercer, K Dodd, B Baker 13-23