Both West Backwell Ladies and Men won their Top Club matches recently.

The Ladies beat Victoria 3-1 while the Men edged Willmott Park 3-2.

In the league there were mixed results across the board as West Backwell fell just short in their clash with local rivals Nailsea after the North Somerset based side came out 91-90 winners.

However, the over-55s league West Backwell went one better after beating Nailsea 104-74 and the Ladies beat Isle of Wedmore 55-32 in the Weston & District League

But in the North Somerset Mixed League West Backwell were once again beaten by Nallsea by a 40-16 scoreline.

West Backwell Ladies 3 Victoria Weston Ladies 1

Singles: J Ratcliffe 20-21

Pairs: E Price, S Claxton 16-12

Triples: G Higgins, M Vivian, C Burgess 15-13

Fours: S Budd, L Pearson, S Matley, V Webley 18-13

Top Club West Backwell 3 Willmott Park 2

Singles: A Knights 21-18

2 wood Singles: B Gammon 16-5

Pairs: A Shaw, P Sims 14-22

Triples: B Baker, B Budd, J Couch 25-13

Fours: K Dodd, V Price, B Bees, A Robinson

BRW League: West Backwell 90 Nailsea 91: P Baynton, I Wilson, D Rigg, B Gammon 10-22; T Bone, G Brindle, B Baker, A Robinson 12-23; T Lovell, D Mercer, P Sims, P Tracey 13-24; G Ogden, A Shaw, B Bees, A Knights 27-13; V Price, P Coombs, B Budd, J Couch 28-9

Over-55s League: West Backwell 104 Nailsea 74: T Bone, D Rigg, B Gammon 14-16; D Morris, R Langford, P Tracey 16-15; D Mercer, B Budd, B Baker 26-18; G Ogden, R Bees, A Robinson 22-17; A Webber, R Keightley, I Kennedy 26-8

Weston & District League: West Backwell Ladies 55 Isle of Wedmore 32: D Gage, M Vivian, V Webley 17-12; J Sims, S Matley, E Price 23-7; J Keightley, G Higgins, J Ratcliffe 15-13

North Somerset Mixed League: West Backwell 16 Nailsea 40: S Lewis, D Mercer, S Bucknell, S Matley 6-22; A Webber 8-12; D Higgins, J Stephens, G Higgins, V Price 10-18