Long Ashton Ladies entered the Bristol Evening League this season looking to provide an opportunity for those that wanted to play in the evening and who wanted to challenge themselves against clubs in Bristol and further afield.  

These games are in addition to all the usual daytime fixtures against their traditional North Somerset rivals.  

The Ladies have joined in Division Three and have made a good start by winning their first six matches.  Since winning a close match away at Bradley Stoke by 33–31, the team has recorded victories against Olveston by 54-17 and at Page Park by 33-25.

C&D Over-55s League: Long Ashton 62 (1) Clevedon Prom 104 (8): P Marr, M Wise, A Bowry 12-23; TM Lynch, B Day, A Hall 16-11; M Wring, P Silva, I Moore, 10-36; M Harding, J Gann, K Bird 12-18; T Latham, G Thomas, B Brice 12-16.

C&D League: Long Ashton 71 (1) Portishead RBL: 113 (8): C Warren, T Latham, B Brice, D Odey 11-26; M Harding, P Silva, A Bowry, A Hall 13-30; P Brewer, J Gann, P Wakely, E Russell 11-29; M Wring, TM Lynch, C Ramsden, M Givan 13-14; I Moore, V Adams, B Day, K Vass 23-14.

Bristol League: Long Ashton 40 (8) Keynsham 39 (2): C Ramsden, D Moore, M Pemble, M Givan 10-15; P Wakely, B Brice, A Hall, K Vass 6-18; I Moore, D Odey, M Taylor, E Russell 19-11.

Ladies DRT League: Long Ashton 59 Clevedon Prom 29: T Ricketts, M Wilmott, D Vass, C Bennett 10-17; J Osborne, P Hodges, L Taylor, K Gough 23-8; U Eaton, A Pemble, A Moore, S Hall 26-4

Mixed Friendly: Long Ashton 58 Severn Vale 68: P Brewer, H Harding, J Peck, C Bennett 15-22; U Eaton, R Searle, B Day, M Wilmott 13-13; C Searle, J Gann, P Hodges, B Brice 14-17; P Marr, S Jenkins, M Harding, K Gough 16-16.