Clevedon Promenade Bowling Club hosted a successful Open Day recently with 60 potential new bowlers signed up. 

Support and guidance was provided by qualified coaches and experienced club members throughout the day, helped by the wonderful weather on show.

Some of the players have already returned for group coaching sessions and potentially club membership.

Clevedon Prom experienced mixed results for both their ladies and men. The successful games were offset by the losses suffered at the hands of our local rivals in Clevedon in their two games.

Prom 58 Clevedon B C 87:

S Fuidge, K Morris, D Demery, C Crees 10-22; T Partridge, D Evans, P Fuidge, A May 15-17; C Roberts, A Alvis, J Powell, J Fuidge 8-17; K Hill, E Kitchen, G Warren, M Davis 10-21; G Hancox, A Pine, P Bissett, A Young 15-10.

C&D Over-55s Triples, Prom 104 Long Ashton 62:

P Tottle, J Reynolds, A Young 23-12; T Partridge, G Warren, Demery 36-10; C Roberts, D Higley, H Williams 18-12; J Grubb, E Kitchen, N Pedder 16-12; J Baker, P Kinsella, D Hampton 11-16.

Prom Ladies, North Somerset Triples, Prom 69 Portishead 34:

L Welling, J Henderson, S Lowman 19-13; M Dyer, L Fitzpatrick, S Sharp 19-15; L Manning, J Hulin, V Hollier 31-6.

North Somerset Triples, Prom 32 Clevedon B C 60:

J Morris, L Fitzpatrick, M Dyer 13-17; J Hancox, V Hollier, S Lowman 11-25; L Welling, J Hulin, S Crombie 8-18.