Clevedon Promenade Bowling Club had mixed success in their latest round of results last week.

The Prom beat local rivals West Backwell in the Clevedon & District Evening League but fell to successive successive defeats in the Weston Over-55s Triples League against Wedmore and Nailsea.

Clevedon & District Evening League:

Prom 79 West Backwell 69

T Partridge, A Pine, J Powell, J Bartlett 11-21; S Fuidge, R Dowsing, K Morris, A Smith 15-17; I Harding, G Warren,  A Young, M Davis 18-5; S Anslow, R Guest, E Kitchen, J Fuidge 19-12; K Hill, A Alvis, P Fuidge, D Demery 16-14.

Weston Over-55s Triples League

Prom 86 Wedmore 132

I Harding, A Alvis, G Warren 18-13; D Perham, P Kinsella, P Pearce 19-15; N Stuckey, J Gover, A Young 16-31; B Quantrill, N Pedder, D Evans 8-30; J Reynolds, A Derrick, D Hampton 14-19; J Day, K Hill, D Demery 11-24.
C&D Over 55s K O Cup

Prom 96 Nailsea 116

J Barrow, N Pedder, M Davis 24-10; R Lowman, D Hampton, K Morris 11-33; R Soper, I Harding, G Warren 13-20; R Cranshaw, A Alvis, S Anslow 5-23; J Baker, K Hill, D Evans 23-16; J Grubb, A Pine, A Young 20-14.

Both Prom B and A sides were beaten in Somerset League North 1 and Somerset Premier 1 against Burnham and Bloomfield A respectively.

Somerset League North 1

Prom B 46 Burnham 70

K Hill, A Alvis, N Pedder, M Davis 21-21; C Roberts, J Reynolds, G Warren, A Young 17-21; T Partridge,D Evans, A Pine, H Williams 8-20.

Somerset Premier 1

Prom A 50 Bloomfield A 58

G Hancox, J Powell, A Smith, J Fuidge  14-19; I Harding, K Morris, P Bissett, D Demery 14-21; S Fuidge, P Fuidge, A May, J Bartlett 22-18.

The Promenade Ladies came second best in their North Somerset Triples clash with Clevedon but beat Congresbury in the Wessex League.

North Somerset Triples

Prom 36 Clevedon 60

A Johnstone, J Henderson, A Crees 10-19; V Hollier, S Farnden, S Lowman 9-23; L Fitzpatrick, J Hulin, S Sharp 17-18.

Wessex League

Prom 57 Congresbury 46

A Johnstone, V Ranson, V Hollier, E Perham 4-24; J Morris, N Malone, L Fitzpatrick, P Soper 16-16; C Fuidge, B Young, M Dyer, S Sharp 37-6.