West Backwell Ladies had a successful start winning their first round in both the Top Club and Southey Trophy competitions recently.

The Ladies first beat Clevedon Ladies 61-55 before overcoming Yatton Ladies 3-1.

Top Club West Backwell Ladies 2 (61) Clevedon Ladies 2 (55)

Singles: J Ratcliffe 12-21

Pairs: J Keightley, E Price 12-17

Triples: S Bucknell, G Higgins, C Burgess 20-8

Fours: S Budd, J Finnegan, S Matley, V Webley 17-9

Southey Trophy West Backwell Ladies 3 Yatton Ladies 1

Singles: J Ratcliffe 21-6

Pairs: J Keightley, E Price 19-18

Triples: S Budd, S Matley, G Higgins 11-20

Fours: A Thomas, J Finnegan, F Ogden, V Webley 21-15

West Backwell men also claimed victory in the Top Club with a 4-1 win over Weston St Andrews.

Top Club West Backwell 4 Weston St Andrews 1

Singles: A Knights 21-18

2 wood Singles: B Gammon 17-10

Pairs: A Shaw, P Sims 12-23

Triples: B Baker, B Budd, J Couch 15-12

Fours: K Dodd, V Price, B Bees, A Robinson 22-8

BRW League: West Backwell 69 Clevedon Prom 79: R Keightley, G Ogden, B Bees, A Knights 14-16; J Pope, T Lovell, A Shaw, P Tracey 5-18; G Brindle, B Baker, P Sims, B Budd 17-15; D Higgins, D Mercer, K Dodd, B Gammon 12-19; V Price, T Bone, A Robinson, J Couch 21-11

West Backwell 99 Long Ashton 67: P Baynton, B Keightley, P Sims, B Budd 20-15; G Brindle, B Baker, A Shaw, I Kennedy 29-9; V Price, P Coombs, A Robinson, J Couch 19-10; T Bone, K Dodd, D Rigg, B Gammon 15-14; G Ogden, D Mercer, B Bees, A Knights 16-19

Over-55s League West Backwell 77 Portishead 89; G Brindle, B Bees, A Robinson 7-28; T Bone, B Budd, B Gammon 16-14; D Mercer, A Shaw, I Kennedy 19-18; G Ogden, R Keightley, B Baker 14-14 ; J Cafferty, P Sims, P Tracey 21-15

West Backwell 80 Portishead RBL 102: A Webber, R Bees, A Robinson 10-23; G Brindle, P Sims, B Baker 18-18; T Bone, Digg, B Gammon 11-19; R Higgins, K Dodd, B Budd 11-28; D Mercer, A Shaw, J Couch 30-14

Doreen Ralph League West Backwell Ladies 53 Clevedon Prom Ladies 39: J Sims, F Ogden, S Bucknell, P Kingston 16-13; L Pearson, S Matley, H Fryer, S Claxton 22-9; J Keightley, G Higgins, V Webley, C Burgess 15-17

West Backwell Ladies 35 Portishead RBL Ladies 58: L Bloom, J Stephens, M Vivian, P: Kingston 12-12; S Budd, F Ogden, S Matley, H Fryer 11-20; D Gage, J Sims, G Higgins, E Price 12-26

Weston & District League West Backwell Ladies 41 Portishead Ladies 70; S Budd, G Higgins, P Bell 16-16; S Bucknell, J Sims, E Price 10-26; S Matlcy, J Keightley, J Ratcliffe 15-28

North Somerset Mixed League West Backwell 15 Banwell 25: D Mercer, J Stephens, S Matley, A Webber 8-12; A Thomas, J Finnegan, J Pope, V Price 7-13

Friendly Mixed West Backwell Mixed over-60 Greenbank Mixed 27: L Pearson, B Gage, B Gammon 26-8; D Gage, A Thomas, B Bees 18-6; J Finnegan, A Webber, J Sims 16-13