A local village club is inviting everyone to experience the sport of Kings and Queens past by hosting a Right Royal Tea Party with a Right Royal Heritage tio mark the Coronation of King Charles III.

A sport enjoyed by the nobility, from King James I, Anne Boleyn to Queen Victoria they’ve all allegedly enjoyed a bit of bowling with the late Queen Elizabeth II a Patron of Bowls England.

The Coronation event at West Backwell Bowling Club, however, sees everyone is invited with free refreshments fit for the King and some fun bowling activities too. on Monday May 8 between 2-5pm.

“Given the noble heritage of bowls it seems only fitting that West Backwell Bowling Club is the perfect venue for a Coronation celebration” said chairperson Grace Higgins. 

“Unlike King Henry III’s bowling events, in Backwell the club is always open for the enjoyment of all. Everyone is welcome!  You can have a go at bowls, eat cake, enjoy a drink on the terrace or do all three!  What you will definitely get is a Right Royal welcome!”

“A big thank you must go to St Monica’s Trust Charitable Impact programme who have provided some funding to help us make this event even more special.” 

West Backwell offer Try Bowls every Tuesday starting on May 9.