Clevedon Promenade Bowling Club began the start of the new season with a bang. 

There were several games which involved both the clubs mens and ladies in friendly matches. 

Also a higher level inter club competition was also played with a success for The Prom moving them into the next round.

Mens President 145 Ladies President 83:

S Martin, N Stuckey, P Fuidge, J Powell 26 - N Malone, M Wood, C Pratten/ A Tinkling, S Crombie 9; D Demery 31 - M Gough/J Baker, M Griffiths, J Stuckey, S Miller 8; C Crees/A Young 34 - P Soper 12; J Fuidge 19- E Perham 19-15; M Davis 18- S Sharp 17; R Cranshaw,  K Ellis, D Evans, A Smith 17 - T Neal, S Davis, B Young, S Lowman 17-22.

Mens Friendly, Prom 95 Eastover 117:

C Roberts, I Harding, D Hampton 27-16, A Tinkling, D Hollier, C Crees 8-27; K Ellis, B Davis, G Warren 21-14; T Partridge, J Reynolds, A Young 19-11; D O'Connor, D Higley, D Evans 6-27; P Tottle, B Quantrill, A Alvis 14-22.

Ladies Friendly, Prom 83 Page Park 32:

J Hancox, S Crombie,S Lowman 33-3; L Coombs, J Hulin, S Miller 19-7; M Kitchen, S Farnden, S Sharp 20-9; C Drake, A Johnstone, P Soper 11-13.

Mixed Friendly, Prom 69 Congresbury 106:

C Roberts, M Gough, M Cordwell, E Kitchen 10-32; M Kitchen, N Stuckey, J Hancox, N Pedder 11-19; L Pedder, S Martin, V Hollier, J Gover 14-21; J Stuckey, A Tinkling, J Reynolds, J Henderson 15-19; J Barrow, R Dowsing, L Welling, A Alvis 19-15.

Top Club, Prom 87 Weston Victoria 62:

Two Wood Singles G Hancox 12-11; 4 Wood Singles S Fuidge 21-11; Pairs A Smith, J Fuidge 17-14; Triples J Baker, D Demery, C Crees 18-13 ; T Partridge, P Fuidge, J Powell, J Bartlett 19-13.

Mixed Friendly, Prom 19 Isle of Wedmore 20:

C Fuidge, A Tinkling, J Hulin, J Fuidge 2-5; K Ellis, A Johnstone, N Pedder, S Lowman 6-8; T Neal, L Pedder, D Perham, J Gover 3-3;  N Stuckey, C Drake/C Roberts, L Fitzpatrick, P Fuidge 4-3; J Stuckey, J Hancox, R Lowman, D Hampton 4-3.