The class of 2022, along with an enthusiastic audience of more experienced players, met at Nailsea & District Croquet Club for the end of season Beginners’ Competition recently.

The Final saw Peter Bell and Roger Baddeley involved in a closely matched contest. Baddeley quickly took the black to peg, followed by Bell doing the same with red.

In a risky move, Bell then tried to peg out Baddeley's black, but missed the peg by a centimetre, and unfortunately, he left it nicely for him to set up his next break. 

Baddeley steadily took blue through the remaining hoops and rover, and then easily pegged out both his balls to win the Neuralogica Shield.

In the runners-up match, which followed, Bell took on Chris Briggs. In a game which went to and fro, both struggled to set up a break, but it was Bell who took the match by three hoops to claim the Jubilee Plate.